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Independence Day Speech For Students in English

Independence day speech for students of class 1 or 2 Good morning, honourable chief guest, principal, teachers and my friends. I wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day.  Today we are honoured to address him on the 72nd Independence Day. A day when we remember all the glory of our nation.  As we remember the struggles, rebellions of Indian freedom fighters and the efforts of our Indian freedom fighters.  In my view, freedom is a very precious gift of Indian freedom fighters.  I would like to thank you once again for your attention and for giving me the opportunity to speak before you. Jai Hind, Vande Mataram:-- Also read:  15 August Poem in English Independence day speech for students of class 1 or 2 Many congratulations to the honourable Chief Guest of the day, Respected Principal Sir, respected teachers, parents, and all my dear friends.  I wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day. Everyone present here knows the reason for coming together in such a

What would i have done for my nation essay

What would i have done for my nation essay

What would I have done for my nation essay

How much poverty is there in India we may never know the full answer there are three basic needs of a person food shelter and cloths 

Unfortunately, about 19coror  people in India sleep hungry every day and about 7 000 Indians die per day due to hunger 

We sleep peacefully at night as we have a home but everything about those people who don't have a home, there are about 1.77 million homeless people in India 

When i see those people in railway station bus stand and roadside area i can feel their pain I can realize that our small efforts can make big changes in the world, I have some ideas through which we can try to finish the poverty 

So, first of all, I will obvious all the people through social media to help these poor people by donating money to charity and by providing these people some food and clothes

We should organize shelter for these poor people then we can encourage them to do some handwork as they can earn their own food by this 

We can encourage the children to take education and we can encourage their parents to send them school properly

We can discuss how to maintain hygiene to prevent disease this 

"Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or compliance for yourself, it's what you do for others"

What would I have done for my nation essay

Whenever I am travelling and I look out of the window of the car or bus, I feel very sorry to see the poverty around me. What I would like to do is find some way to get rid of this poverty. 

I would like India to be a rich and developed nation like the U.S., and though it will take years for this to happen, I would like to help in some way!

My dream is to set up a large company in a backward area and provide employment to the unemployed and poor people there. These people should be able to live a happy and dignified life, and should not have to beg or suffer. 

They should not have to depend on others or the government for their needs. I would also start schools, colleges and hospitals in these areas. I do not know whether my dream will come true, but I am at the movement studying hard so that I can fulfil it.

What would I have done for my nation essay

The little contribution you can make our country better. Here are some simple things you can do to bring a change to our country. A change for betterment. As a student and young member of the country, my first contribution of mine will be understood and the concepts of swachchata. 

we should learn from the swatch Bharat campaign. There was a reason we need it in the first place. The India of my dream would be s country where there is freedom of equality to all and everyone can enjoy in their true sense. Furthermore, It would be a place where there is no discrimination of caste, gender, social or economic status and race. In addition, I see it as a place that sees an abundance of development and peace. 

What would I have done for my nation essay

Patriotism is a feeling of love for once's won country. It is a desire to serve it in all conditions. It brings the people of a country closer. it makes them have a common aim. 

I can really contribute towards my country. Being a citizen to a member of the society, os community or country need some duties to be performed duties of citizenship in the country in order provide bright future. A country is backwards, poor or developing everything depends on its citizens especially if a country is a democratic country.

I am lucky to be born in India, which is an independent country where women are safe and walk freely on road. Also, it will be a place where there is freedom of equality to all and everyone can enjoy it in their true sense

Duties towards the country bear the moral commitment and collective responsibilities of an individual or group. It must be understood by all the people of the country India is a country that beliefs in the principle of "unity in diversity" where people of more than one religion, caste, creed and language live together. 

These are countries which are famous all over the world due to their culture, tradition and historical heritage. however, due to the irresponsibility of its citizens, they are still counted as a developing country.

There are huge differences between rich and poor wealthy people who neither understand the digits nor perform their responsibilities towards them. 

They have forgotten their responsibility for the economic growth of the country which can be increased only by removing poverty from the country. everyone should help in the rise of backwards people in removing illness of social struggle, in ending corruption by shutting down dirty politics and in the prosperity of the country. 

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