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Essay on population

Essay on population

 Essay on population

Population explosion is the sudden growth of pollution over a short span of time, It is one of the major problems due to which the earth is losing its balance, it is increasing at an alarming rate in the country, India is the second country after china whose population rate is one thousand twenty-seven billion if it is not controlled the pollution growth by 2025.

Cause of population explosion

Lack of women's education and early age marriage is the main reason, the high rate of illiteracy of women also causes population growth, as they are unaware of the birth control methods.

The life expectancy of people has increased to around 75 to 80 years than earliest, developed medical facilities are increasing the life expectancy of people now a day. The unawareness of people and lack of family planning increases the birth rate rapidly, Moreover, the birth rate has increased more than the death rate.

Poverty is another main reason for this, poor people believe that the more the number of people in the family, the more will be the number of persons to ear bread, hence it contributes to the increase in pollution. Several families demand a male child that leads to an increase in the birth rate.

Effects of population explosion

Population explosion has badly affected the society and environment such as it has led to the problem of unemployment as a large number of people want to feed their large families but the resources are less so it has created chaos in the employment sector, it has also resulted in the food and water scarcity which has ultimately imposed pressure on the non-renewable energy resources. 

Also, population explosion is the major reason behind poverty in the under-developed countries more number of people means more requirements for food, clothing, and shelter, hence poverty is increasing as people are not able to feed their families properly, other than this rise in pollution has adversely affected the environment and its resources.

Prevention of population explosion

There are various methods by which we can prevent a population explosion, and the government can take initiatives to make awareness among people about the negative consequences of population growth.

Some campaigns should be planted to aware people of both control and family planning encouraging late marriages among people can reduce the birth, the population as well strict rules should be implemented like having only two children, some punishment to people for more children, and rewarding people who adopt family planning.


The population explosion is a threat to our national development, all efforts must be made to limit the size of the families for the success of the family planning programme the co-operation of people is very necessary.

Overpopulation essay


India faces a number of problems, the most pressing problem before our country presents is the problem of population, India's population is growing by leaps and bounds. China is first in population in the world next comes India, A the time of Independence our population was thirty crores, Now it is more than 100 crore.

Effects of overpopulation:-

The effects of overpopulation are felt everywhere, the trains are overcrowded, the land in villages is divided and further divided, the number of unemployed persons in increasing forests is disappearing, and the housing problem is growing serious day by day.

Cause of growth:- 

there are many problems naturally we have a high birth rate, due to better medical facilities death rate has fallen, our social customs are also responsible for making this problem serious, a childless person or an unmarried man is not respected anywhere. In villages, marriages are arranged at an early age a widower with children marriage again.

Steps to check the population growth:-

The government of India is very serious to check the ever-increasing population of the country, in our five-year plans the government of India allotted crores of rupees for this purpose, Family planning centers have been started all over the country, and birth control appliances are distributed free among the people.


The population explosion is a threat to our national development, and all efforts must be made to the size of the families.

Essay on population


The most pressing problem before India is the problem of population, It is increasing very rapidly, it is more than a hundred crores, and this tremendous rise in population is posing a serious threat to our economy, If we do not check it, our future will be dark.

Overpopulation causing other problems:

The increasing population has given birth to so many other problems. problems of food, housing, unemployment, and despair have come out of it, all these things owe their existence to this rising tide of population.

Causes of population explosion:

The masses are poor and illiterate, they have no means of recreation, people do not know much about family planning devices, and they regard children as the gift of gods, In our society, a male child is given greater importance. So, in the hope of getting a son, people go on giving birth to a daughter and the population goes on increasing.

Measures to control population:

Our government is trying to tackle this problem on a war footing,. Family planning program is being given wide publicity, family planning means keeping the number of children in the family under control, and family welfare programme is the need of the hour. we have to realize that by reducing the number of children.

We can make our future bright, happy and prosperous, a family can look after the children will if their number is small, and the government is giving many incentives to those who are adopting the 'small family ideal'. the marriageable age for boys and girls has also been increased.


The family welfare program is an endeavor to meet the challenges posed by the population explosion, the rising population had marred the prospect of better houses, better education, and better health facilities, If we do not curb and contr it, we can never get rid of hunger, diseases, and unemployment.

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