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Importance Of English Language essay

Importance Of English Language essay

Short essay on Importance of English Language 

English is used all over the world by the speakers of any language because of its multiple uses and benefits in different human activities. therefore. it is important and beneficial in many aspects. English as an international language provides us with access to the vast store of knowledge, is used in internal programmes and helps in promoting our culture and identification.

English function as access to the varied stores of knowledge and wisdom, in the world. It is said that half of the world's important books on medicine, science, technology, mathematics, religion, politics. philosophy, economics etc are written in English.

If we read them, we can widen and deepen our knowledge, which ultimately enhances our culture, understanding and civilization. Similarly, English as an international language significantly helps us in international spheres. It is widely used as a medium of conversation. 

It functions as a tool to widen our culture and identification of the nation to different corners of the world. when we publish something about our culture and varied heritages in English, it will be read by many people in the world and they will be attracted by our culture and visit our country. So, we can say that everyone seems to be fond of learning English.

Importance Of English Language essay

Nobody can deny the importance of the English language in the current period as an international language. It's apparent that the English language has become more dominant around the world. In some countries, it's used as the mother tongues and in different nations, it's taught as a second language in their own schools. 

This makes English prevalent moreover, it's used for communication between people around the world, in addition to, its the language of modern times. On other hand, English is the language of communication between individuals from another culture.

It's also the language of computers that the aid to communicate with people around the world through Internet technology and email. Minus the English language, we can't do anything online.

We can share our thoughts, opinions with the whole world through the internet by means of the English language. In the sector of schooling, the English language also plays a significant role. 

Individuals who study overseas use the English language as a mean of communication and learning. The lack of English language ability makes everybody on the planet now unsuitable for education. English is the international language and is the principal language for higher-level studies.

At the worldwide level, all of the university interviews and demonstrations can also be done in the English language. Hence it's taught at the primary level in addition to conveys high significance from one's professional life. 

English is also the language of sports. All of the commentaries which are given in any significant sports event, Like football or cricket, are in English mainly. To appreciate these events, an individual has to know that language correctly.

English is a crucial language. Additionally, it is important to understand English and to understand it we have to know the fundamentals of English to reside in this global world without English nothing will be possible in the future so you have to learn how to know and understand English to reside in this world.

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