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Essay on Homework should be banned

Essay on Homework should be banned

Essay on homework should be banned

Homework doesn't allow students to give their time and other activities in which they are interested. Yes, because after school students are already very tired and after that, they have to do a lot of homework at their home.

Yes. Really unfair. Right. so the first thing, that homework takes a lot of time for the students. So for an average student, spend one or two hours to complete their daily homework by its actual learning. Definitely not. 

So we learn more when we play outside when we observe the things around us that are called actual learning. But do you do homework? Almost all the students I just inclosed writing copies and reading books, so that is not actually done. 

And by the way, can you answer this, that what is the purpose of gaining a lot of knowledge? Yes, we gain knowledge from our schools and books and from anywhere, just for we can apply that knowledge in practical life to solve our problems. 

But what if we are not interacting with the outside world? Then what is the purpose of gaining the knowledge if we cannot apply that knowledge in the outside world?  So due to homework, the students are not interacting with their environment and nature.

So that is why homework should be banned. one more thing that at home, some parents are well educated while the others are not well educated. So some parents can have the student in doing their homework or completing their projects. 

But what about others? The other parents cannot do that. So, therefore, some students have an unfair advantage in school. Everyone is equal. You know, we all we are the same kind of uniform and also all the facilities, are some for the students in a school. 

But that's not the case at my home especially. That is why Homework is breaking one of the most important concepts, which is equality in the students. So that is why homework should be Band.

Disagree with that statement

The only thing they lack is proper time management because there are some students who also give their time to homework as well as they also go and play outside. They don't stop their creativity and curiosity to learn new things.

So the only thing we have to do is to teach students how to manage their time properly. So for this, we don't need to ban the homework. 

we do is that we don't know that homework is done by the student or done by anyone else because we are not sure. I still don't mind copying his or her homework on the Internet or he or she might have copied that homework from his or her friends because of the internet,

why do we have some apps like Google, Whatsapp so that we can share our knowledge or we can share anything? So that's what the students are doing here.

They are sharing their knowledge on the Internet or they are taking the other's knowledge and they are putting that in their homework 

So they can present their homework in a better way. So this should not be called cheating or copying the things and talking about parents so for this teachers should teach the patterns that how to handle their child. 

So this problem would also be solved because all parents want their children to be independent in their life. So if we ever give them proper teachings about how to handle their child, then this problem would easily be solved. 

Does homework really make an impact on these student's performance? 

Well, for this, we have a clear example of Finland, Finland is a country where they have no homework at all. And also the students only have to give one example when they come at the age of 16. 

So this was about finding that there is no homework. So now we have to just compare. The students are performing well or not. So far this has one organization that is monitoring the education system the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This organization basically evaluates the education system worldwide by making a test. 

They take a test from these students who are at the age of 15 and the subject is main mathematics and this test also has a name. PISA (Program for International Student Assessment). 

So they ranked the countries by the average performance of those students and in this exam. Finland country most of the time it stands at the top three or top-five positions. 

So from this, we can clearly see that homework does not make any impact on the student's performance. And if you want to know what the position of India don't waste your time google it because India never participates in that exam, I don't know why.

so Finland mostly comes in the top three or five in world wide But there are other countries which also coming five and three. So what about them? 

There is Homework, by the way, we should not really homework with the performance of students because the main purpose of giving the homework is that whatever that student has learned in the school to revise all that topic individually at his home.

So he will do the same study of that concept and understood that concept really well. So that is the main purpose of giving the homework. So we should not relay homework with the performance of a student.

The next thing, which is that students do their homework daily. But what do you think? Do they really want to do their homework? Wel

Should Students really do home with their happy minds?

I don't think so, because most of the students do their homework under fear. The fear of punishment, which the teacher will give them the next day, the students usually do their homework so the students don't want to do their homework, but they have to do it under the pressure of their patterns or features. So this is very, very, very unfair for these students.

This should not happen. So please ban homework, right? Most of the students continuously coming home values should be banned and they should listen to the problem that the students do

their homework under the pressure of their parents or under the fear of punishment. imagine that we completely ban homework in our country. Now, what do you think that all the problems will be solved?

I don't think so. If we will completely ban the homework and I don't agree that students will simply waste their time in playing the games or they will just pass out their time on mobile, on the social media addon.

They will not at all focus on their studies. They will forget about their careers and everything. Therefore, homework is really important for these students so that they will keep some focus on their studies.

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Essay on homework should be banned

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