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Essay on how to overcome the fear of maths

Essay on how to overcome the fear of maths

Essay on how to overcome the fear of maths

"Just thinking of math gives you all the jitters do you get sweaty palms and faster heartbeat whenever you approach your math paper, you have joined I hate math club and have started to avoid the subject altogether"

If your answer to any of these questions is a yes then stay tuned till the end of this article as I share with you a few quick and simple steps to overcome the math phobia.

Now please note all these are very general tips that may benefit any math learner from any age group so now let's get started.

1. Acknowledge your fear 

This is the first check to concrete any fear accepted it is completely normal to be phobic of anything but what is important is to actually identify and acknowledge it once you've done that now let's take action on it with a positive mindset.

2. Don't be scared to learn the formula.

You even had to learn your ABC before you could make sense of the million words and sentences which you now understand then why are we so petrified when it comes to remembering the maths formula please note you can always create your formula card from the chapter which you are currently pursuing keep it very handy with you so that you can go through them anytime and anywhere.

3.Don't try to cram things

Now at the same time remembering your formulas or certain results is okay but trying to cram math in my opinion if you try to muck up the solutions then it's going to be a complete disaster so reason out try to understand the procedure and ask why is something being done and how is it being done.

4.Don't read math

I cannot stress on this more math is no novel so please do not sit with your textbooks or notebooks and start reading them you have to make notes and you have to try solving each and every question on your own and this leads to the next step.

5. Don't shy away from making mistakes

It's okay to make mistakes what is more important is to try to trust me you will never forget the solution or the procedure for a question where you make mistakes several times it would be deeply engraved in your mind.

6. Don't jump to the solution straight.

What's the hurry why not exert our gray cells and use our brains to the optimum when it comes to a question this is a major mistake when a child actually sees the question and keeps the solution ready next to it

 even if you are not able to solve the question to the end remember the experience you would clean out of it and once you solve it on your own the Eureka feeling that you get is beyond words.

7.Being with 20-30 minute every day 

You can try beginning with maybe just 20 minutes every day until you develop interest and it becomes a part of your routine try to take more complicated problems and break them into smaller and simpler parts and then practice this everyday consistency goes a long way remember slow and steady wins the race.

8.Seek Help

Once you have your lights you're not very comfortable with something then it's a great idea to take help it could be in the form of your teacher tutor online lessons or maybe some family member, in short, follow a mentor who can understand your problem area and guide you accordingly.

9. Try studying in a group

It's like filling a big bucket with a glass full of water from everyone try standing in a group of 3 or 4 sharing your own knowledge or taking help from your peer group may actually work wonders for you.

10.Celebrate your accomplishment by writing them

Whether you are 2 years of age or 18 years words of encouragement are welcomed by Owen try to maintain our diary which has two columns what I want to learn, what I have successfully learned it's an awesome feeling when you try to transfer a topic which you did not know at all to the column where you now know it.

11.Big deep into it

You want to develop an interest in the subjects then walk an extra mile you can go on the internet and try to research for the utility or the real-life connection of the topic which you're planning to do, It will break your myth that maths is a subject that is to be solved in the paper and actually has no real-life connection 

So these were the very quick tips from my side remember no one-size-fits-all so try to find out the points which actually help you. 

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