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10 Lines on disadvantage of mobile phones


10 Lines on disadvantages of mobile phones

1. Mobile phones Cause isolation in people.

2. Excessive usage of mobile Causes Wastage of valuable time.

3. Addiction to mobile phones Causes distraction from work.

4. Wastage of too much money is also Caused due to mobile phones.

5. Mobile phones Cause Cyberbullying.

6. There are many Security issues in mobile Iphones that can leak private info and photos or videos on the phone.

7. People lose time for their studies due to overusing mobile phones

8. Distance from relatives and family members is one of the few negative impacts of mobile phones.

9. Mobile phones Cause various health problems and Sleeping issues.

10 Cell phones are one of the main reasons for road accidents.

5 Lines on disadvantages of mobile phones

1. Smartphones are a waste of time. Students waste their precious time by using smartphones. Either they play sports, watch movies or listen to music which wastes their precious time. 2. Excessive use of mobile phones is also harmful to health. Students do not rest properly, use mobiles late at night, cannot sleep, and become a victim of stress and depression. Due to mobile phones, many diseases like poor eyesight and sleeplessness are found among the students. 3. The new generation and youth have got used to using smartphones, using earplugs, and listening to loud music while driving on busy roads, which sometimes leads to accidents. 4. Students unnecessarily spend money on smartphones. Instead of using the money for their education, they spend huge amounts of money monthly to recharge the load and build internet packages. 5. Students indulge in unwanted things through mobile phones which destroy their moral values.

13 Lines on disadvantages of mobile phones

  1. Mobile phone addiction
  2. Cheat on cell phone
  3. Mobile phone crashes
  4. Sleep problems
  5. Distance from relatives due to mobile phone
  6. Mobile phone causes health problems
  7. Mobile phone waste of time
  8. Mobile phones cause isolation
  9. Mobile phone distraction
  10. Waste of money on mobile phone
  11. Mobile phone cyberbullying
  12. Mobile phone security issues
  13. Study loss due to excessive use of mobile phones.



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