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Essay on Benefits of telecommunication

Essay on Benefits of telecommunication

Essay on Benefits of telecommunication

"why telecommuting a few days from home will increase productivity"

what exactly is telecommunication?

Telecommunication is the transmission of information using electromagnetic signals such as Telegraph's radios televisions and telephones of course today we will be talking about telecommunication in regards to telephones

how does telecommunication apply in a business setting Baton Rouge's area of commuter services provides a definition better suited to the task moving work to people instead of people to work

what can be improved through telecommunication?

Telecommunication can eliminate stress in the workplace make conditions ideal for personal needs and save time that can be used for work elimination of workplace stress offices can be stressful places full of loud noises idle chatter and the clacking of keyboards making it really hard to focus also some of our more interactive peers may stop to talk to you about things or ask you to run an errand and of course

when you're shifting your brain from one task to another it's hard to go back to where you were so you're losing time there too if you tella communicate from home there will be no workplace stress ideal conditions for personal needs

we all know a person who is always too cold or too hot they're never comfortable right and they're always complaining and they're always bickering with a person where they should set the thermostat

when you're at your house you don't have to do that because you can be comfortable in your own house change it as hot or as cold as you want of course another thing is familiarity

when you're at your own house you know where everything is you know how the phone works and you know wherever the paper and the pencils that you need are so when you're at work you don't have to worry about these things

you don't have to worry about where everything is and you won't become frustrated trying to figure things out that you might not know because you already know it all saving time

now we've all been there Zambian around in the morning on autopilot craving your first sip of coffee when you wake up meticulously shaving every hair you see and trying to paint a in the illusion your fresher than any other human being

who has ever lived the time spent primping is more time you can spend doing work and this is especially true for the ladies and we can take hours of course the time spent getting ready in the morning

it can pale in comparison to the time spent getting to work and getting to work on time having to leave earlier and earlier each day just to make sure you beat the traffic or just to even account for the fact that

there might be an accident and you might be there all morning as you can see this is why telecommunication will save productivity and will make the workplace which is in this case your home as stress feet free and it's pleasant as it can possibly be so

you don't have to shift your brain trying to work through things trying to focus on tasks you can focus on the most important task at hand which is your work also making the workplace fit the ideal needs of you on a personal level no more fighting with the co-worker

How hot it should be or who happens to get the most comfortable chair in the building

the last thing is the elimination of daily tasks to increase time spent working of course like I said this is the morning routine you know making sure you're shaven and you're clean and you're all primped up and making sure that you are getting to work on time every day no matter the conditions

so these are just some of the reasons why telecommunication will increase productivity of course there's benefits not only to the employee but also to the employer not only to the employer as well but also the customers can benefit a lot from telecommunication and that's why I think telecommuting from home would be a great idea.

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