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What Makes America Great Essay

what makes america great essay

What Makes America Great Essay

In less than 200 years America developed from some of the colonies to become the greatest empire in history in a few hundred years America excelled nations that were many generations older.

what makes America a great example

The two main factors that make America great are our people and our independence our people have a can-do extinction is impossible spirit starting with the American Revolution 

we have always succeeded difficulty often in the face of remarkable odds we have more rights and freedoms than anywhere else in the world our freedoms are estimated permanent rights, not privileges awarded by government our freedoms are the envy of the world every item in the Bill of Rights is a valuable jewel meant to assure the continuance of our Liberty 

Our originators came from nations where government-controlled its residents they had a solid belief of the consequences of unchecked power our Constitution was crafted especially to narrow the expanse of government to prevent its infringing on private liberties 

Our Constitution is a glorious record packed with foresight and perception that has withstood the test of time the system is embedded in the Constitution are the reason for our greatness 

In America, each citizen can restrain his or her future without fear of resistance by the government or others our government was established to serve the people willingly than vice versa our government was invented to play a minimum role in people's lives our doors have always been open to people from wherever in the world who want to come here legally to work hard contribute and assimilate into our community. 

America's status as a melting pot is obtained from the fact that people from each step of life can work together to build an unstoppable organisation for good in America anything is possible 

America is great because America is a land of opportunities it allows its people limitless possibility to succeed by making their dreams to reality 

In America, achievement requires hard work determination and endurance, not permission we are constitutionally defended to restrain the government from devoting the results of our workers. 

America is a transformer for unparalleled productivity our economic system has been engaged for civilization transforming changes and discoveries no other country has even come close and various other schemes have failed miserably 

America has a huge heart whether in this country or elsewhere we help these who cannot support themselves Americans are first on the exhibition in the wake of real or civic emergencies we are there with food equipment pharmaceutical support and money our brave warriors travel the globe supporting those who can't defend themselves. 

In America, there are no obstacles that we can't solve any obstructions we may encounter do not taint our greatness it is our greatness that allows us to overcome adversity and become even stronger in the process every day be grateful that you live in America and benefit from all it has to give don't take for granted that which people in other countries can only fantasise about being satisfied to be an American

What are the Reasons to be Proud of The United States of America?

There is a lot of reasons to be proud of the USA

number 10: Benevolence

We are a wealthy nation, therefore it may be expected that we'd pony up, however, the total amount of aid currently additional countries, when compared to the rest of the industrialized world, is remarkable. 

Fully one per cent of America's budget proceeds to help other states and, while that could not seem all that far, that's over 26 billion dollars annually to countries in the world (and that amount doesn't contain past-due and low-interest loans).

Now granted, a significant chunk of the comes from the form of military assistance mostly to Israel and Egypt--but a lot of it belongs to helping countries' efforts at either rebuilding infrastructure, anti terrorism efforts, or even quitting widespread hunger or disorder.

What's truly remarkable is even send aid to states that are hostile towards us like Pakistan, Sudan and even North Korea!

What other countries supply billions of dollars of aid to countries which do not even like them?

Yes, some of it eventually ends up going into some foreign dictator's bank accounts, and the U.S.--such as most countries who provide assistance to other nations--will some times let political and tactical considerations determine who gets what and how much.

For the most part though, Americans are a generous lot who are among the first to come to the rescue when tragedy or famine strikes but maybe not just with taxpayer dollars, however with private relief efforts also.

9.creativity, Productivity, and Innovation 

The number of cutting edge creations and refinements of existing technologies that have come out of America in the last 2 century is staggering. Everything from the aeroplane (1903) and phonograph (1877), into the drinking straw (1888) and feather duster (1870), is the by-product of American creativity and resourcefulness.

In reality, it's hard to imagine any contemporary convenience or item of technology which does not have America's fingerprints all over it. How big of a fingerprint?

Consider that, as stated by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, of those over 4.5 million patents issued since 1790, the United States possesses over half of them, or almost 2.5 million!

Much of this image needs to be imputed to America's entrepreneurial spirit and the quest for comprehension, both elements necessary to getting things done.

Naturally, a lot of America's finest inventors came from different countries, but it does not detract from the simple fact that it was in America that they found the ideal mixture of freedom and financial resources to do amazing things.

8. Freedom of Religion

Sadly, history is awash with citizens suffering religious persecution and violence as a result of their government, as well as from other religious groups (and, some times, even in factions within their particular faith.)

This has rarely been the situation in the united states, however, where citizens are guaranteed the right to worship as they need --or maybe not worship whatsoever if that's their desire without any fear of getting arrested, persecuted, or shunned by the rest of society, as is so often true in some nations.

This does not mean that there haven't been religious based anxieties from time to time but, typically, the degree of religious tolerance in America, especially when in comparison to many countries, is outstanding.

Consider, by way of instance, in parts of the Middle East, one can actually be jobless, as well as implemented, for insulting Islam or making fun of the prophet Mohammad.

Actually, this really is the 1 country people can come to get the freedom to practice their religion denied them by their particular nation.

While a few find the preponderance of different beliefs, religious practices, and belief systems a drawback, it is really evidence of America's diversity and tolerance, and proof that in America, everybody is welcome to think as they need.

7. Entrepreneurial Spirit

The ability of one to initiate a company and eventually become wealthy in this region, compared to most other states, is one of the hallmarks of what America is all about.

The United States is replete with stories of immigrants who resigned the boat at Ellis Island, speaking no English and taking $10 in their pocket, and that went on to eventually become fabulously wealthy within just a couple years ago

Needless to say, there are no guarantees that everyone will succeed, as business failures and bankruptcies are a part of democracy, in America even when a person fails, they have the opportunity to dust themselves off and start over again if they want.

In contrast, most other countries are therefore over-regulated and heavily taxed, 

that it is all but impossible to begin a company from the ground up, that is the reason why we see many folks coming to this country to set up shop. In addition, it is America's industrial power that has done much to ensure peace over the previous century.

Certainly, it would be tricky to imagine the Allies winning two World Wars without the awesome commercial strength of the USA supporting them, it all a byproduct of the entrepreneurial spirit.

6. Compassion in War

America isn't a stranger to war and has endured nearly a dozen of them throughout its long history.

However, with a couple of debatable exceptions, even America has never started a war, nor has it engaged in wars of conquest, even when it had the opportunity to enlarge its frontiers significantly.

The Mexican American war of 1845 is just a good example of the; though the brief war ended in a Mexican rout, America not merely didn't annex the country but quickly vanished once hostilities ended.

How many countries might have done that? Further, with the exclusion of World War II--when, sadly, firebombing civilian populace centres were blindsided by either side --America generally makes every effort to limit civilian casualties and collateral damage if feasible, even at considerable cost to itself.

Some of its own great strengths are observed in its own humane treatment of POWs (which could explain why German soldiers, in the final days of World War II, preferred to surrender to the Americans instead of the Russians), along with its openness to assist its defeated enemies to rebuild after victory.

The most notable example of the was the Marshall Plan that rebuilt nearly all of Europe particularly war-ravaged Germany--at a cost of a $44.3 billion in grants and loans within a span of five years (nearly $400 billion in today's dollars).

Compare this to the way the Soviet Union treated its prior opponents; it demanded--and received reparations from the defeated states of Eastern Europe under its own controller, nearly equal to that given by the Marshall Plan. This not only farther crippled their already devastated economies but delayed their recovery by years.

5. Guardianship of Democracy

America's openness to defend democracy and prevent oppressive regimes from expanding their absolute rule around the world, often at great cost concerning lifestyles, funds, and money, is just one of the hallmarks of America.

Its openness to get the lead in protecting democracies any time they are endangered, as was true with Western Europe during the Cold War, as well as becoming involved in diplomatic efforts, even if they're not to our advantage to do so (such as in Somalia in 1992 or Kosovo in 1997), is legendary.

It will not necessarily end in success, needless to say (i.e. Vietnam and Somalia), but the willingness to stand up to tyranny and oppression is unique among nations throughout history, that have oftentimes been all-too-willing to show a blind eye to genocide and oppression when it wasn't in their strategic interest to join up.

Yes, we've been burnt once or twice in the procedure also, regrettably, have already been willing to prop up oppressive, anti communist regimes through the years, however, for the most part, America attempts to get it.

To have an idea of how valuable its contribution has been, imagine the 20thcentury without the USA taking an active role in world events. Scary, huh?

4. Skill to Right Beyond Wrongs when I wrote at the opening.

America is not just a perfect country. It's made mistakes in the past, and doubtlessly will in the future.

What causes it to be great, however, is its ability to admit as it really is in error, and modify the way it does things. It's not necessarily pretty, and it may take time to work through the procedure but, once it defines something about itself which has to be changed because of it slavery, segregation, racism, etc.

It eventually does exactly the ideal thing. It's also willing, albeit begrudgingly occasionally, to admit to past mistakes and attempt to fix those wrongs; as an instance, America has repeatedly acknowledged its oppression of Native Americans and has worked diligently to fix the situation.

By comparison, many countries for this day not only deny to make amends to those who suffered under their maintenance, in several cases even won't admit to their own sordid past at all, preferring instead to live in a state of denial.

3. Capacity to Meld Various Cultures

America's historic role as a melting pot of many different civilizations is unique among nations on Earth, who tend to generally segregate their inhabitants based on religion and race.

Consequently, people now, of numerous religious or ethnic backgrounds, proudly identify themselves as Americans. In some other countries, people still discriminate themselves based on their own civilization, language, religion, or ethnicity.

This method did not come easily or quickly, of course, because of its natural inclination of humans is to shun that out "the tribe", but as a result of the unique character of this nation, such branches proved to be impractical, and they eventually dropped by the wayside.

It was fortunate; belief what the real history of the country might have been like had it broken to numerous nation-states dependent on ethnicity, religion, and culture. 

Most likely that there wouldn't even be considered the United States now, however, many small and mid-sized nations substantially as we see in Europe, together with all the current strife such branches naturally manifest.

This melding has the advantage of making American society an original blend in which each spoonful culture attracts a bit of itself into the table, much in exactly the same manner that adding different spices to a dish creates a unique taste all its own.

2. Culture

The effects of American music, entertainment and literature on the cultures of different states cannot be undervalued.

When people turn on their tv collections in Abu Dhabi, South Korea or even Brasil, it is likely that they're watching a digital sitcom or drama that has been dubbed in their speech; when they turn in their radios or plug in their iPod, there is a pretty good chance they are listening into an American singer or artist; whenever they proceed to the movies, it's often an American film they are going to watch.

This has the effect of spreading Western concepts of freedom and individual freedom across the world, sparking democratic movements and making America a driving force for change especially among the young.

They are part of the reason that 80% of the states in the world are democracies or proto democracies; a sharp contrast to the beginning of the twentieth century, even once the planet's great democracies numbered fewer than several.

Despite lots of America bashing over the decades, apparently, people still enjoy what they view, which is precisely why so many are eager to risk deportation and, in some cases, actually imprisonment, ahead here.

1. Beauty

There are lots of places of breathtaking attractiveness across the globe, with each country lay claim to its own natural wonders and extraordinary scenery, but no 1 country possesses such a wide array of natural wonders as the USA.

Stretching from California from the West to New England in the East, the USA covers an area of 3.79 million square kilometres, Which Makes It the third-largest nation on Earth, by area.

In addition, the U.S. can be as diverse as it's huge, containing grand national parks and vibrant cities that are visited by foreign tourists, local people and business travellers alike.

Just in exactly what another country on Earth can you move from snow-capped mountain peaks to white sandy shores, and from the desert to forested mountains all within a few hours driving time of each other?

That's why America is among the greatest tourist attractions for foreigners; few of whom have anything just like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Everglades, or Pikes Peak straight back home. How hot are you?

As stated by the U.N.'s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), annually the U.S. always puts second among the list of the topmost visited countries (second just to -- who else -- France), with a whopping 60 million foreign people coming into our shores each year. Not harmful to a country everybody loves to hate.

Why makes America different?

There are lots of answers, but start with you might not have thought of. Most men and women think America is all about success. I thought it just a little differently.
I do believe America is about neglecting. A lot of people in the world don't possess the opportunity to neglect. But Americans take it for granted.

Only Americans state, "If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again" There's an academic study to demonstrate that this. According to a study by Harvard Business School professor Steven Rogers, most entrepreneurs fail four days until they succeed.

Success takes time, and work, some good luck and several other facets. However, to achieve the success you need to be given the chance to neglect -- and also you must accept responsibility in case you're doing.

I love that about Americans. In their best they do not blame the others; they know from their mistakes and do better another time. And in America, there is almost always the next time.

Talk to somebody that has tried to begin your small business in Germany or even Brazil and you'll find out exactly what I mean. And I'm not the only one. Only take a look at the CEOs of major Silicon Valley companies.

You will understand the titles of entrepreneurs from all around the world -- India, Pakistan, Russia, Israel -- you name the country. Because there's a great deal of money here?

Yes, of course, that's part of this. But there is a Great Deal of cash in London, and Berlin, and Tokyo, as well and, therefore, the very best chance in the world to succeed. And also the remainder of the world can thank their lucky stars for America's financial success.

Not only is America undoubtedly the world's biggest market, but it's also the world's largest consumer. And the planet's market is dependent on having the ability to sell to America. Additionally, it could also be absolutely natural for Americans to want to keep all of this wealth to themselves.

The three values that make America Great

Race and ethnicity have described each state on earth. Except for the United States. It is defined by values.

So, to understand America, you have to understand American values. 
They are:

1. “E Pluribus Unum”
2. “Liberty”
3. “In God We Trust.”

I call this “The American Trinity.” I made up the name, but I didn’t make up the values. They are on every American coin.

The first, E Pluribus Unum, is Latin, meaning, "From many ones" When first adopted as an American slogan shortly after the American founding in 1776, it referred to the American colonies becoming one state.

As time passes, but most Americans knew the motto to mean one folk from many backgrounds. To quote The E Pluribus Unum Project, financed by the National Endowment for the Humanities, "Over time, E Pluribus Unum has also served as a reminder of America's bold attempt to create one unified nation of folks from many different beliefs and backgrounds ."

Quite simply, America does not worry on your federal or ethnic origins. This explains why individuals who immigrate to America assimilate faster and much more fully than immigrants to any other nation.

Many of those who have immigrated to Europe, out of, for instance, Turkey -- since millions have -- are not considered fully German by fellow Germans or fully Swedish by fellow Swedes or fully Spanish by fellow Spaniards.

That is even true of their children and grandchildren of those immigrants. And, just as significant, few of those immigrants -- their children or grandchildren -- will ever feel fully German, Swedish, or Spanish.

But a Turk who immigrates to the United States is going to soon be regarded as fully American -- as American as any American -- that the moment she or he becomes a citizen. And so they and undoubtedly their kids -- will feel fully American. Of course, America hasn't lived up to the"e Pluribus Unum" ideal.

However, the best was always there. Also, it was implemented to virtually every immigrant to America. The second component of the American Trinity is freedom.

Now, you can ask, "did not the French Revolution also enshrine liberty as a central national value? The solution is yes.

The difference is this: The moment that you confirm equality, even whilst the French Revolution failed, you are going to shed freedom. It's a basic American value that most humans are created equal, and all need to be equal before the law. But end up equal -- that is a European and French price. And if you would like people to wind up equal, you have to deprive them of liberty.

That is what happened shortly after the French Revolution and also at every other society which forced equality its national aim. America gives people the liberty to find themselves where their abilities, work ethic, and fortune simply take them meaning.

For that reason, professional athletes can make more cash than teachers or doctors. That may be regrettable, but that's what liberty allows. If you want equality, you will tell people how much they could get and this means that the end of independence.

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