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What Makes Canada Great? Why Canadians Are So Nice?

What Makes Canada Great?

What makes Canada is so great?

Canada received its own flag in 1965 almost 100 years after it became a separate country in 1867 people in Nanaimo British Columbia are fans of a very exciting kind of sport since 1967 they've been organizing and participating in bathtub racing these unusual competitions take place every year and involve bathtub boats and a lot of fun. in 2017 Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary on 1 of July, this day is also known as Canada Day.

Canada is officially the most educated country in the world with 56% of its population having some kind of post-high school education degree, Ottawa the capital of Canada isn't the largest city in the country with a population of about 1 million people it comes second to Toronto the capital of the Ontario province almost 3 million people live in that city,

Approximately 90 per cent of Canada's land area is isolated even though it's bigger than the US it has only 11% of America's population, at 4860 miles the trans-Canada highway is almost the longest national highway in the world beat only by Australia's highway 1 also when you travel,

Along the trans-Canada highway and reaches, Quebec province pays attention and you may see the most cheerful town in the world st. Louis do ha! ha! yep just like that with 2 Haws and 2 exclamation marks the town even has a Guinness World Record for most exclamation marks in a town name,

What nation holds annual bathtub races and has a prepared landing pod for UFOs also it has a place where there are so many snakes that they look like spaghetti on your plate still no idea hey okay I'll give you a huge hint this country produces more than 70% of all maple syrup in the world yep, you nailed it this awesome country is Canada and Do you know what makes Canada is soo great?

Canadians are famous for saying sorry all the time even when the other person is clearly in the wrong in fact they apologize so much that an apology Act was passed in 2009, it allows saying sorry in court without being afraid that it'll sound like admitting your guilt in Canada the average quality of life expectancy of 80 for males and 84 for females according to the study of 2019.

It's illegal for polar bears in Canada to break into houses and steal food so if you see one rummaging around in your fridge call the cops you can laugh all you want but there's even a polar bear jail in Churchill Manitoba bear troublemakers stay there until they get relocated

Several of the most popular superheroes such as Wolverine and Superman were created by Canadians thank you so many guys the most dramatic weather change happened in Canada On January 10th 1962 the temperature in Pincher Creek one of the windiest places in the country jumped from minus two point two degrees to seventy one point six degrees Fahrenheit within a couple of hours

Canadians love ice hockey as they say these people breathe eat and live hockey but despite their passion for the game Canada's national sport is lacrosse, one area in the Hudson Bay region has less gravity than any other region on the planet so if you want to jump higher and weigh less that's the place to be one creature on Mars was named gander after a town in the Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada to honour its space research efforts

how about this one Santa Claus is Canadian that's what Canada's immigration Minister announced in 2012 so maybe that's why his famous outfit is made up of mostly two colours red and white which are the national colours of Canada, now even though the Stanley Cup which is the National Hockey League trophy has its own bodyguard hockey champions still managed to put all kinds of things in it I mean they drink chocolate milk from the poor thing

In 1930 Canada's hockey team did so well that they were put straight through to the final game they didn't even have to take part in knockout rounds and in the end, they won gold Canada's territory occupies a whopping three thousand eight hundred fifty-five million square miles which makes it the second-largest country in the world after Russia for comparison Canada is bigger than the whole European Union and 15 times larger than France the biggest European country

Inst. Paul Alberta, they built the first landing pad for UFOs well I guess you can never be too prepared the platform weighs more than 130 tons and contains a time capsule which has to be opened in 2067 in a 2018 happiness report Canada was ranked number 7

I mean even despite all that cold the number of Canadian lakes is mind-blowing the country has more than 3 million lakes which are more than the rest of the world combined besides all these lay contain 20% of all the freshwater on earth

Okanagan Lake is supposedly the home of Ogopogo a mythical creature similar to the one that's said to dwell in Loch Ness Gauntlet forests cover more than 40% of Canada's land territory but New Brunswick province is especially for estate trees cover 85% of its territory walking in the forest without a compass doesn't sound like fun anymore Canada has the world's longest coastline

If you decided to walk along the Canadian coast without stops it would take you more than four and a half years no wonder since you'll have to cover about 150 1,000 miles in Quebec they produce 77% of all the maple leaf syrup in the world and Canadians do love this sweet pancake topping on the other hand who doesn't by the way rumour has it that somewhere in Canada there's a strategic maple syrup reserve

About ten per cent of Canadians reported are either vegetarians or vegans that means 2.3 million vegetarians and 850,000 vegans most of these people are under 35 the national animal of Canada is the beaver, by the way, it's Canada's largest and the world's second-largest rodent

The capital city of Canada Ottawa is at the top of the list of the world's coldest capitals Canada is home to the biggest number of polar bears in the world see for yourself out of approximately 25 thousand left on the planet fifteen thousand live in the Arctic regions of the country

Canada straddles not one or two but six-time zones they are Newfoundland time zone Atlantic Time Zone Eastern Time Central time zone rocky mountain time zone and the Pacific time zone hey timeout the lowest ever recorded temperature in Canada was minus eighty one point four degrees Fahrenheit whoo tap water in Canada is as good as bottled water 

what's more some people are sure that it even tastes better, while driving at Northwest Canada be prepared to see license plates shaped like a polar bear, by the way, 

there are so many bears in Canada that in some areas drivers leave their cars unlocked why you ask it's done to make sure that people have a chance to escape from the bears by hiding inside a car the largest mall in u.s. is the Mall of America but did you know that its owners are Canadian wait what.

If you're a fan of narwhals go to Canada where you can buy a coin with this unicorn whale, on the other hand, be ready to part with 300 bucks since the coin is made of gold or if you want to play big you can buy a Canadian 1 million dollar coin no kidding this largest coin on the market is made up of 220 pounds of 99% pure gold but hurry up there are only five such coins in the world and only one is for sale

Ever heard the word Loony yeah well in Canada this is, in fact, a form of currency loonie and Tunie as well the loonie is a $1.00 gold-coloured coin and the Tuni is as you might guess a $2.00 one Canadians love their famous interjection a, what's more, it's listed in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary as a real valid word

The first British Columbians used fish instead of candles kulagin also known as candlefish is so fatty that when you dry it and string on a wick it'll burn brightly in Canadian McDonald's you can buy the McLobster sold exclusively in this region 

now if your biggest fear is snakes never ever visit the narcissi snake dens in Manitoba there are more snakes in that place than in any other part of the world thousands of red-sided garter snakes are concentrated in that relatively small area

In Saskatchewan, you don't wear a hoodie you put on a bunny hug true every spring the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador witnesses a stunning iceberg parade when massive chunks of ice break off glaciers and make their way through iceberg Valley entrepreneurs harvest these mini icebergs to use them in the production of alcoholic drinks and skincare products

Wood Buffalo National Park created in 1922 to protect the largest herd of roaming wood bison in the world is larger than Switzerland one of the most popular dishes in Canada is poutine crispy fries covered with cheese curds and rich gravy Hey what's not to like Canadians eat more macaroni and cheese than any other nation in the world

you didn't see that coming did you by the way the Canadians have been crazy about this dish ever since 1845 Canadians are some of the friendliest people in the world you probably can't find a rude Canadian even if you try really hard lots of Canadians speak French as their first language and Montreal is the second-largest french-speaking city in the world after Paris of course.

Why Canadians Are So Nice?

It's really a vicious environment, the state, but not in the event that you visit Canada! In a material era where good men and women are infrequent, and most anyone will ever be considerate for you for some personal profit, it's difficult to encounter genuinely pleasant individuals.

Such a world creates Canadians to stand out as one infrequent state with generally good etiquette and helpful nature, making them known to their niceness and people courtesy. A survey done by The Canada Project saw 66 per cent of its own people to support that cliché, believing they're actually as fine as the planet deems them to be.

The reasons for this good attitude happen to be speculated and debated, together with lots of dismissing the thought as merely a stereotype. Needless to say, concluding a specific feature over a whole nation may make it obvious that it is intended for most, not absolutely all. There could be mean Canadians, however, the variety of fine ones overrules them!

How Nice Are They?

Juan Gavasa, a writer on panamericanworld.comgoes as far as saying, "Canada would be always to niceness as Saudi Arabia is to oil." Travellers into the nation are mostly left raving about the positivity of its natives, aside from a select few who claim to have had significantly less than ideal encounters.

Polite signboards and friendly sailors have made the'nice' image of Canada more accepted. Canadians also have interestingly been the butt of jokes as along time to be'too nice'. Even debates among Canadians are found to be polite than usual!

Such appreciative and motivational words could surely make someone's day. Moreover, these individuals are discovered to use significantly neutral language rather than coming in strong, with terms such as"could be" and"not bad". They are also profusely explaining; "Sorry" is a staple in Canadian language.

On the flip side, it's known that Americans usually use curse words along with negative words such as"hate" and"damn". This stink from the neighbours leaves the nation immediately stand out even more because of its politeness! A Happy, Well Away Nation

If you're well-fed and rich, then you may not have a problem being nice. Niceness arrives easy when you are one of those world's poorest states, as in this instance. This might possibly be described as a stereotype, 

but it's also true in most, if not all, cases. The united states, apart from its niceness, can be known for the maple syrup, Niagara Falls, very low crime rates, free health care system, amazing landscapes, Ryan Gosling and hockey, one of the other amazing things.

As stated by HuffPost, there are over 8,000 organizations in Canada accountable for producing 80% of the world's maple syrup. Moreover, three of its own cities Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver-- have already been declared that the most populous in the entire world, thanks to their own exceptional education, low unemployment rates and rich civilization.

For fans of winters, pancakes, sweetness and security, the country appears ideal. Who wouldn't want to act fine when surrounded by such advantages? Living in such cheerful conditions could potentially be a mood lifter, making you sound cheery and become considerate, even to random passersby.

The 'Fragment Theory'

Louis Hartz, an American Scholar, put on the Fragment Theory, which is an intriguing way of the source of Canadians' fine nature. The notion implies that since Canada has a historical past, it still retains'fragments' of European societies including their old world culture and values. This provides the state with a conservative series that could account for its courteous nature of its inhabitants.

Being a cold desert in itself, temperatures as low as -40 degrees are not unheard of in Canada. With these kinds of requirements outside, being nice and looking out for one another comes as a normal instinct for mutual success. If your vehicle breaks down from the winters at a snowy night, then you could be in big trouble if no one chose to simply help you.

Hence, Canadians could just have a deeprooted habit of helping one another rather than just dismissing any strugglers and proceeding, that could have originated as a survival mechanism. You may not last in the event that you are not nice. This view leaves Canadian niceness comes off as a prerequisite rather than a merely pleasant social attitude.

Neighbouring An over Bearing Country

The country is located just beside the planet's superpower, America. Pierre Elliott Trudeau, overdue former Canadian Prime Minister, once deemed living next to the US like"sleeping with an elephant" This means that you could get it to roll up and crush you some time!

It has led some individuals to feel that the mystery of Canada's largely unsolved niceness is due to a timid behaviour in reaction to its powerful neighbour, but this opinion has not gained much fame, especially one of the nationals. Nelson Wiseman, a Canadian Studies specialist, also brings to attention the reality that America values the individual more, thus making Americans being perceived as more egocentric.

The Canadians, being immediate neighbours, automatically look good in comparison, with their altruism and collective temperament. Yet another excellent distinction may be that the ownership of weapons. The Canadian government has zero tolerance for guns, as opposed to the liberal neighbour.

With all of the aforementioned, it's safe to presume that Canada might be described as a diverse nation with a blend of American, British and French cultures, however, niceness is 1 thing most Cannucks appear to own in common. It's still a topic of much disagreement whether they are now actually as nice as they are supposed to be, but if it's just a stereotype, it has to have a somewhat factual foundation.

The idea that there are still pleasant people left in the entire world is reassuring by itself, therefore it doesn't hurt to assume that the state has got some fantastic folks.

How Dangerous Is Canada?

Canada's military spending is extremely low by international standards. It has been nuclear-free since 1984 and is still a signatory of the non-proliferation treaty. Being a NATO member, the Canadian government spends just 1% of its GDP on military spending.

This is 1 / 2 NATO's suggested 2% target. It's got the planet's 47th largest army. Given the vast size of its landmass and people, this really is surprisingly low. But this might be because Canada isn't under military threat.

The 2016 International Peace Index reported that it had been the 2nd most peaceful country outside of Europe. Even though its forces have affirmed international allies in conflicts - from Korea to Kosovo - it's never sought war with a different nation. But that isn't to express the country is totally immune from danger.

In January 2017 a terror attack on Quebec City Mosque left six dead. Three years earlier in the day, the nation suffered two terror strikes by lone, religious extremists. This means it knowingly supports the avoidance of recruiting, organising, transporting and arming"foreign terrorist fighters" that seek to support violent extremist groups.

The threat level has remained at"medium" meaning that a violent terrorist attack could occur'. This suggests the terror threat is low to destabilise the societal and political situation in Canada. A 2014 report by the nation's Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated there were 63 national security cases connected to terrorism under open evaluation.

In comparison, at exactly the exact same calendar year, the FBI was studying at least 1,000 U.S. individuals with potential connections to Daesh alone. Back in 2017, The Economist's Democracy Index found that Canada has been the world's most demanding freest" full democracy" in the universe.

In 2016, the government's approval rating was at 44%. Impressively, this was higher than they had been if they came into power the previous year. Nevertheless, the very same government may be failing to suppress dangerous criminal actions. In 2015 the national crime rate rose by 3 per cent - its own initial year-on-year rise in 1-2 years.

This increase comprised homicide, sexual assault, attempted murder, firearms offences and robbery. But these gruesome developments might not be as painful since they appear. University of Ottawa Professor Irvin Waller states, "An uptick by itself may well not mean too much better.

on a per capita rate, it really is of course much, much less compared to the USA." Journalist Jim Bronskill implies that the increase may possibly be associated with an explosion in gang-related violence.

Based on the Canadian Authorities Survey on Youth Gangsthere are approximately 434 busy gangs from Canada, using a total of 7,000 members. What's more, the increase in violent offence isn't nationwide. It is concentrated in specific places. At the first four weeks of 20-16, Toronto saw a 200% increase in gun homicides in comparison to the same period in the preceding year.

Conversely, Montreal had a record low of 1 9 firearm murders at the whole of 2016. However, Canada also is affected by branches between"settlers" and its native communities, who have endured from greater social problems. Even a 2009 UNICEF report discovered that native kids are twice as likely to be hospitalised for clinical ailments than many other Canadian children.

Disturbingly, kids aren't the sole native groups in danger. In 2016 the federal government finally opened a question into an estimated 4,000 unsolved cases of"lost" indigenous women spanning decades. Indigenous women makeup only 2 per cent of the country's female population but account for 16 per cent of women murder victims.

They remain ostracised with a lot of the Canadian population. A 2013 Ipsos survey found that 60% of Canadians believe indigenous communities bring their problems individually. These homegrown divisions do not interpret to the worldwide arena, where Canada has ever held significant sway.

According to a study by the University of Southern California's Centre on Public Diplomacy," the preference to privilege diplomatic options has become the trademark of its own foreign policy since the ending of WWII." It doesn't have some adversaries on the world stage. Canada is exceptional for a leading international actor. It's impressive wealth, territory and people, it favours collaboration over military conflict.

In addition, it confronts several internal dangers of equality. Even mounting worldwide worries have failed to disturb the united states country. For the time being, at least, Canada isn't too dangerous either to those inside or outside its own boundaries.

I think that's maybe enough for this Great Nation because Canada is huge and beautiful I love Canadians, if you are a Canadian and read this article then please tell us about what you were thinking about Canada. 

Thank you soo much😊✌


  1. Canada accepted its own banner in 1965 just about 100 years after it turned into a different country in 1867 individuals in Nanaimo British Columbia are devotees of an extremely astonishing sort of game since 1967 they've been coordinating and taking part in bath hustling these
    uncommon rivalries happen each year and include bath boats and loads of fun. in 2017 Canada praised its 150th commemoration on 1 of July, this day is otherwise called Canada Day.

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