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Essay on mobile addiction in English 250 words


Essay on mobile addiction in English 250 words

Essay on mobile addiction in English 250 words

Mobile Addiction has become a growing concern in our society nowadays. Mobile phone addiction is quite easy but it is difficult to recover from it. Many people around the world are addicted to mobile phones.

It gives us the freedom to quickly connect with anyone around the world. It also enables us to find all sorts of information that we need and is a great source of entertainment. While the mobile phone invention was done to empower us, it has now started dominating us.

Mobile addiction can become the main cause of many serious problems, such as headaches, weakening of eyesight, sleepiness, depression, social isolation, stress, aggressive behaviour, financial problems and less professional development.

They simply scroll through the app to check the information that is online and engage in other useless activities on their mobile phones. They are so addicted to their mobile phones that they do not hesitate to check them while driving and even during an important meeting.

Another sign of mobile addiction is loss of time. A person who is accustomed to mobile phones loses a complete understanding of time. He is often late to work and delays important tasks.

Getting rid of this habit can be difficult but not impossible. We can set a schedule for common mobile activities such as social media, texting, gaming or watching videos. We can also engage in other recreational activities like Painting, dancing, playing indoor or outdoor games.

With some effort, we can overcome this problem over time. Parents also need to avoid giving phones to their teenage children. It's time for them to focus on their studies and find out their interest in other useful activities.

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