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A Living Witness An Essay Through The Eyes Of A Tree 100 Words


A Living Witness An Essay Through The Eyes Of A Tree 100 Words

I am a tree and am proud to be a tree. I have big beautiful sprawling branches with luscious leaves coming from them. I stand tall and am a huge component of my environment. I breathe in carbon dioxide and oxygen for all human beings to breathe. 

I give shelter and refuge to the forest creatures whether they be birds squirrels or chipmunks. These little animals crawl up into my domain and sit on my branches to enjoy the day, feel the breeze or hide from the effects of the sun.

I am a place where children will come to escape and play. Sometimes, they climb me using my branches as steps, they climb me and then sit and gloat that they were able to accomplish this. I enjoy this as I love little children. As they sit in my branches, I whisper to them with fleeting, moving leaves to tickle their faces.

Of course, not all is well at all times in life and sometimes things happen that we do not enjoy or want, but it is the way of the world. Sometimes, the winds will whip and the storms will come and that can cause breaks to my branches and limbs.

My leaves are pulled from my arms like an amputation, and thrown to the ground in a treacherous episode. But as I stand tall and am healthy and strong, I will grow new leaves to replace those that were lost and I will heal the places where my limbs were broken.

Once a year, as the seasons change, my leaves begin to turn beautiful colours of gold and orange and then they begin falling from my limbs, onto the ground. Over a month or so period, I am stripped bare and am left being just a towering statue of what my usual green, leafy state is.

I do not mind this yearly shedding of leaves, as for me, it is a rest, a time to rest and rekindle and think of my life. Almost like a polar bear who hibernates all winter, in the winter my life is much more calm and boring and I am not

used by my community like I am the rest of the year. By the time spring comes, I am ready again to be the pillar of the world. My leaves begin to grow back and I stretch my limbs toward the sun and begin my days in the eye of the community.

Since the formation of this beautiful world, I am an essential part of this Earth. This almighty gave me the task that I must secure and give life to human beings for their survival. Today also I am sincerely doing my given task, but you humans neglect it. If humans are killing us by cutting for their

personal resources like wood and others, then they are indirectly planning suicide. We are not here to harm you

but to become friends and live in peace. So, as I began my story, I am a tree and I love to be a tree, am proud of my heritage...

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