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It is better to be born a genius than talented. Discuss.

It is better to be born a genius than talented

It is better to be born a genius than talented.

  • Introduction What is a genius and talent? 
  • Would like to be born a genius, as it is inborn while talent is acquired, examples. 
  • Genius can thrive in even an adverse environment.
  • They are rare born after centuries, leaving a legacy for posterity some examples. 
  • Conclusion - I would like To be born a genius.

A Genius is not born every day. They are as rare as the blue moon. The word genius implies very extraordinary or native powers, especially as displayed in original creations, discoveries and achievements.

They are inborn and are independent of instruction or training. Talent, on the other hand, is an ability with which we are blessed and can be acquired by learning or teaching. Thus while talent is a capacity to learn to do a thing well, genius is an inborn inspiration, that drives a man to do a thing with original excellence. Thus while a 'genius' does what it must, a talent does what it can. 

Given a choice, I would like to be born a genius, for imagine having to bestow something new and inspiring to mankind like Newton or William Shakespeare. They were indeed trailblazers in their respective fields and left behind a rich trail for others to dwell on. A talented person is also equally great but it is the originality that makes the difference. 

This is why we call the painting of Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci a work of genius. Though there have been equally good paintings by many talented painters, they do not command this distinction. Geniuses have been known to thrive in all circumstances. 

Their genius has sparked in the most unfavourable of environments. We have illustrious personalities like William Shakespeare, Mirza Ghalib, Tulsi Das and Munshi Premchand. They were born in acute poverty, but their genius raised them to the pinnacle of glory, making them immortal. 

They did not even have the privilege of a formal education, but the literary wealth that they bequeathed to us, makes even the so-called educated man blush with ignorance. Their language style and presentation are as original as during their times. 

So loaded are they with wisdom and truth, that they are as relevant today as they were then. A few of them like Mirza Ghalib, were even so unaware of their genius that had it not been for their patrons, who painstakingly compiled their collections, the world would have been that much poorer today. They are, therefore, God's gift to mankind and are born after centuries. 

They have illuminated our lives in varied fields, for example, we have Beethoven in Music, Albert Einstein in Science and Mahatma Gandhi in Social Welfare. They, left behind a legacy so rich and varied, that it continues to inspire generations. Their works are the benchmarks, against which we ordinary mortals set about acquiring talent, basking in their reflected glory.

Thus I would also like to make some innovative contribution to society, rather than be reduced to a mere copy of the works of a true genius. This is by no means derogatory of talented people, who are also great men. But when it comes to a choice then why choose a replica, when you can have the unique. 

So a genius I would be, leaving behind for posterity, a malady to cure mankind of the ills of materialism. Propagating a new trail in Social engineering. Where there is no rich, no poor and no suffering. 

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  2. I admire the passion for this topic that comes through in your writing.


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