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Online Vs Offline Education Debate Points

Online Vs Offline Education Debate Points


I am supporting online studies and I would say online studies are efficient, affordable, and accessible in terms of time and place. Attendance would also be perfect when we are engaged in online studies. As she said, digitalization is important, and technology can affect your mental growth. It can also affect your eyes, and there are distractions that people face in online studies.

See, distractions are everywhere. If you are in offline studies, some students in the back or front benches might be distracted just because of their friends. Distractions are everywhere; it is up to you to manage them. If you are in online study, you can just ignore the notifications. Why are you getting distracted? It's up to you.

I disagree because there is often background noise at home that cannot be completely stopped. What if your mom calls you from behind? You might turn off your camera and attend to whatever is needed, and you might not be paying attention. Sometimes people play games on their mobile phones while attending classes.

Regarding affordability, online studies are more economical. Nowadays, if you take offline classes, the fees can be 9999. For PCSD, the costs are about 90,000, and for IIT coaching, the fees can be 50,000 to 55,000. Affordability is a significant advantage of online studies. If you want to study, you will do so offline or online because your mother will not disturb you during your study time. Your mother wants your bright future, and everyone at home can accommodate your study needs.

However, what about relatives who come to our home? We never know when they are going to visit. When relatives come, your mother will tell them that you are busy with your work. Relatives don't come every day. If they do visit, you can manage your time around their visits. In online classes, the sessions are recorded. In offline mode, classes are not usually recorded, although some places do provide recordings for students to study later. This means online studies are better if recordings are provided.

Good morning, everyone. I am Brain Fatima, and I am in favour of offline studies. Offline studies are important because we learn by doing things, which is essential for our physical, mental, and spiritual growth. They help us to improve our development and never hurt us in any way. Online classes run for three to four hours, and afterwards, you are free to do what you want. In the morning, you can sit with your mother while she prays, so your spirituality also grows.

It doesn’t mean that when you are studying online, you are on the phone 24/7, watching recorded videos. After taking a class, you can repeat the material yourself, which is a form of self-assessment. However, not every child does this. In school, everyone learns prayers together, fostering unity. In online mode, students might not focus on prayers because teachers don’t always require cameras to be on.

You mentioned unity, but studying is just one aspect of creating unity. After studying, many other activities promote unity. Students who take online classes don’t just study all day. They attend parties, and go to temples, mosques, and other places, promoting unity in various ways.

In offline classes, students learn multiple subjects and participate in curricular activities. In online mode, students might miss out on these activities due to connectivity issues and fewer students in a group. If we talk about basic education like playgroup, offline mode is common, but the fees can be 36,000 per year, which some parents cannot afford unless they have high-paying jobs.

In village areas, the Internet is becoming more accessible and affordable. Even if someone is an auto-rickshaw driver or holds a humble job, they can often afford a phone. However, parents might lack the knowledge to use online modes effectively. If a family has multiple children, they might not have enough mobile phones or know-how to manage online classes. This can lead to children getting distracted by other modes like music.

For families with multiple children, providing phones and paying high fees simultaneously can be challenging. Therefore, while online studies have their benefits, there are practical issues that can make them less accessible for some families.

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