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Speech on Mother Mary in English

Speech on Mother Mary in English Good Morning everyone, today I am presenting a speech on Mother Mary Mother Mary whose name was Maryam. She was born about 2000 years ago.  Mary was a resident of Nazareth, a city in the Galilee region of Palestine.  She belonged to a Jewish family.  Her father's name was Joachim and her mother's name was Saint Anne.  Maryam was very innocent and sincere.  She always wished the Lord to do good to everyone.  Maryam was engaged to Yusuf. ' She was a very pious soul so by blessings of the Lord she was blessed to be a virgin mother.  It was all a miracle and then on 25th December she gave birth to a son who was named Yeshu.  Yeshu was Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ was sent to the Earth to serve the poor people.  SUBS Jesus Christ was considered the son of the God of Father.  Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity.  Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was known by the names Mother Mary, Saint Mary, Virgin Mary, Virgin Mother etc. Also read:

10 Lines On World Aids Day for Students and Children


10 Lines On World Aids Day for Students and Children

1. World AIDS Day is celebrated on the first of December of every year.

2. World AIDS Day was first in 1988.

3. AIDS is a virus-caused disease.

4. HIV, when it enters the human body, damages the individual's immunity system completely.

5. AIDS causes severe infections taken medicine and proper treatment might kill the patient.

6. AIDS is not curable, but its effects are controlled through medicines and treatments.

7. Society very wrongly treated AIDS patients because of certain superstitions.

8. The awareness spread by the to guide people about AID kaks mail. of World AIDS Day is and health problems which if not facts.

9. Several NGOs are working towards uplifting the conditions of AIDS patients and helping them.

10. Around one million people die because of AIDS every year.

Set 2 - 10 Lines on World Aids Day for School Students Set 2 is helpful for students of Classes 6, 7, and 8.

1. Since 1988, World AIDS Day is day in December.

2. AIDS causes gradual and persistent decline and eventual failure of the immune system of the body.

3. The AIDS disease was first identified in 1981 by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

4. The majority of cases of AIDS transmission, but it is not the sole way HIV is transmitted.

5. HIV is transmitted when an infected person's blood and body fluids like semen or vaginal fluids get into the body of a healthy person.

6. HIV can be transmitted because of sharing needles be it a medical mistake or during tattooing or during taking drugs.

7. During pregnancy, chank of C HIV can also get HIV transmitted.

8. The highest numbers of people affected by AIDS belong to the the continent of Africa.

9. There are specific minor symptoms of AIDS within a few weeks of HIV transmission, but the significant symptoms start showing after a few months or years.

10. Almost 32 million people have died since the breakout of the AIDS epidemic.

Set 3 - 10 Lines On World Aids Day for Higher Class Students Set 3 is helpful for students of Classes 9, 10, 11, 12, and competitive Exams.

1. The ability of a healthy to fight against diseases that cause illnesses is lost when that person becomes HIV positive or has AIDS.

2. HIV attacks the lymphatic cells which are resilient substances present in our blood.

3. Around 2.5 million Indians are suffering from AIDS at present.

4. AIDS is not a curable disease yet, but constant research is being done for vaccine discovery or for finding other remedies to cure this fatal disease.

5. AIDS medicines and anti-retroviral therapies that control the effects of HIV are very costly.

6. One of the social evils of Indian society included looking down upon AIDS patients and considering discussions about HIV taboo. constant research or for finding other remedies.

7. The HIV-positive patient initial symptoms, but it is not until later when the disease reflects on worsening their physical condition.

8. The lack of education about the use of blades or needles and safe coitus contributes highly to the spread of HIV.

9. International organizations (like WHO), government campaigns, and several NGO initiatives are constantly working for making people aware of AIDS and HIV.
10. On World AIDS Day, free medical camps, counseling, and treatments in hospitals and clinics are conducted for providing support and care to AIDS patients.



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