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Are we too dependent on computers

Are we too dependent on computers essay Introduction Computers are great things and are very useful in everyday life but they create a certain distraction which just overpowers our will to stay away from the computer  What good is technology when the majority of its users usually as a crutch rather than a tool In our modern-day world computers are absolutely essential it is impossible to run away from these devices and we become so dependent on them that we just can't do things on our own now  for example, say you were doing some type of home ranking you couldn't figure out the answer instead of trying to understand the problem or asking a peer for help when you decide to go on Google and math way Quizlet, etc to find the answer. Computers have controlled the role in so many ways that it's hard to imagine the world without them memorizing is the thing overtaking by time from so many people, aren't even able to remember their own passport numbers PIN numbers or even the

Essay on Why I Want To Become an IAS Officer

Essay on Why I Want To Become an IAS Officer

Essay on Why I Want To Become an IAS Officer


Every child has an aim and wants to achieve it; similarly, I want to become an IAS officer.

All of us see dreams and it was my father who encouraged me and told me the benefits and their importance.

I really liked it, because I myself want to do something for my nation. I will be an IAS officer one day because I have a true determination.

Duties of an IAS Officer:

It is not only a job profile; it's a kind of responsibility and one should really be capable of bearing those duties. They have the responsibility as per the area they choose.

But their main motive is social reformation and development. Either it is the development of a society, a group of people, a school, etc.

An IAS officer can make new rules for a certain area for its development. Suppose you feel there should be a school nearby, you can suggest the government and can help people.

Similarly, it depends on the area you are posted. If it is a public sector then you will get the opportunity of social work; whereas if it is at the central level, one has to work with the government in making new rules and policies.

Different ministers have a group of IAS officers under them, and these officers advise them. And they play a very important role in the development of the nation.


It is not a post, it's a responsibility and one should be ready mentally, that's why the IAS exams are so tough.

Because they really have to deal with different types of situations and have to get a solution at any cost.

If you really have that X-factor to bring change in your society, it is not a big deal for you.

Essay on Why I Want To Become an IAS Officer

Having an aim in life is helpful in many ways. It gives us a sense of Direction. Everybody should have an Aim in life. Young students have dreams of becoming a doctor, engineers & Scientists. 

But I have always wanted to become An IAS officer & help the people. As you all know, competing in IAS is very difficult. 

So, even from now, I am putting my efforts to study well. I am motivated by my parents A lot. One should have a thorough knowledge of world events & current affairs. 

I read the newspaper daily. I read so many books like Geography, history-related Books & general knowledge books. I regularly prepare to achieve this goal I want to become an able & Honest administrator. 

My aim is to serve the nation. I hope I will become an IAS officer one day. Once you are an IAS, no one Is above you, not even Politicians. The IAS officers hold the highest ranks in the government offices.

Speech on Why I Want To Become an IAS Officer

Dreams transform into thought thoughts assert in action, these are the most inspiring and wonderful words of our dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who made a wonderful definition of a dream 

He reminds our dreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping but dreams are those when you don't sleep before fulfilling them 

At a very early age my dream was to do something big in life I don't have a successful career and for this, I had to set an aim

It is quite essential for everybody to get them to establish professionally and successfully, my aim in life is to become an IAS officer there are many reasons behind the decision.

The first reason is service to the nation I want to contribute nation's progress by becoming an IAS officer. our country needs not of dedicated honest and hard-working officers at the central and state level post

Most of the resources are wasted in corruption mismanagement and other unfair practices by becoming an IAS officer I want to ensure honest and dedicated service towards the nation

India is an urgent need of youth who are determined for the sake of the nation is officers are generous and they are eligible to lead any department 

Be it education or health or finance or environments IAS officer is responsible for the maintenance of law and order, revenue administration and then an administration in the area under him 

This is the significant sweetness of this career that attracted me towards it I will try my level best to achieve this long-cherished dream in my life. 

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