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Essay on relationship between sociology and education


Essay on relationship between sociology and education

Essay on relationship between sociology and education. 

Before understanding the relationship, it is very important to understand the meaning of education and sociology. 

Education means to nourish or to bring up education means to draw out the best in the child. And it involves a process of modification of behavior, socialization, social efficiency, cultural isolation, adjustment to environment, harmonious development all down the government of the personality.

So it means that education helps in the old on development of the child, the things which are already enduring the child tell it to nourish, to polish the qualities of the child. So it is very important that personality of the child must be developed as a whole. 

what is sociology?

 Sociology can be defined as the study of man and its environment in relation with each other. It is concerned with social interaction, social relations or institutions, social groups, social structure, social change and other social phenomena I already made.

Relationship between sociology and education

  • sociology and the concept of education. 

Education is a social process which helps individual participation in social consciousness means education over you about what is happening in the society, what changes are coming in the society. It develop individual participation in those changes so it conscious who it aware you about these social changes, 

  • Sociology and the aim of education

The main aim of education is to develop social quality, social feeling, social activities and social efficiency and prepare the individual for democratic living. Yes, you are a social human being. You have to survive in the society. So it is very important that you should learn the principles, norms or ethics of the society.

Some of the examples like education for citizenship, if you want to be a good citizen, you have to follow the rules and regulation of your country, then education for democracy. If you are living in a democratic world, you must know your rights and duties. 

Education efficiency means it develop the quality of education in you. It develop or it inculcate these skills regarding education in you, education for the use of leisure. If you are having a free time or how to utilize your own leisure time in some school curricular activities or other activities, or learning new skills. 

So education helps you to survive in this society. It inculcate the different qualities and different efficiencies in human being.

  • sociology and functions of education

assimilation of traditions. When you absorb the different traditions, when you accept the different different cultures with the help of education, development of new social patterns, you learn how your society is changing day by day, creative and constructive role. 

You learn to survive in the society. You become creative. You learn new things. What is latest happening in the society? So as a human being, as a citizen, you also play a constructive role in this society.

  • sociology and curriculum 

curriculum play a very important role. Curriculum is organized and designed to achieve the social purpose of the education. It is very important when your social needs are changing day by day, when your society is changing day by day. 

So curriculum also must be in this technological world. We are learning about technology if a person is not having literacy about technology. So it is very difficult for that person to survive in this ever changing society. So it is very important that curriculum must be changed according to the needs of the society.

For example, subjects like social studies, health and physical education, music and arts education subjects can be added and must be updated. According to these social changes.

  •  sociology and matter of teaching 

Project matter  We can use GroupM problem solving matter. I encourage cooperative learning, team learning. All these methods will help in the social development of the child. 

  • Sociology and discipline

Development of discipline require higher social environment. Discipline is a social feeling and this feeling is possible only when a man takes a part in social activities. So it is very important that man should participate in social activities. By participating in these activities. He will learn the discipline, how to behave in the society, 

  • sociology student and teacher

So teacher must know the responsibility towards society. Teacher must know the duties. Teacher must know the responsibilities toward the country or society. She should develop good things in the child related to good citizenship. She should develop the characteristics of good citizenship in the child so that all things must be reflected in the personality of the child.

  • Sociology and school

school is a place where we prepare students for future sociology believe their school is a real form of society. Here you meet with. Does your field group feel different, different types of student, so maximum time you are spending in the school? The school is the best Soufan Group and best for the student for the old on the of the child.

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