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Leadership Essay for Students and Children in English

  Leadership Essay for Students and Children in English Leadership is defined as 'the process in which an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal'. The goal is achieved through mutual cooperation and harmonious behavior. A leader infuses a sense of positivity and directs others to reach a specified goal. Psychologists have devised various theories over the years to explain the traits of a leader. The researchers listed some of the traits of a good leader: intelligence, extraversion and accommodation, openness to experience, general self-efficacy, and conscientiousness. It has been hypothesized that a person with these qualities results in a good leader. Another theory states that great events lead an ordinary person to emerge as a leader. Then there is a third principle that emphasizes that leadership is a change or a process. Anyone can become a leader by learning leadership skills. A leader is one who not only stands up for his cause but also tak

Here are the top 4 reasons to do an employment background check

Here are the top 4 reasons to do an employment background check

Employers conduct background checks for a variety of reasons. A variety of reasons motivate employers to conduct background checks. Employers conduct background checks for a variety of reasons. This year's HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report reveals the top four benefits employers realize from conducting background checks and how they add value to their organizations.

Do you need to learn about background checks? SeamlessSearch has control over the entire program, providing the clients with an individualized experience based on their industry, state laws, regulatory requirements, or internal policies.

1. Increased quality of hire

Sixty-seven percent of respondents said the quality of their hires improved as a result of background screening. 70% of respondents report finding inaccuracies on resumes after conducting background checks. 

In addition, respondents are finding misrepresentations more than once, with 74 percent citing that they find misinformation up to 10 percent of the time.In addition, respondents are finding misrepresentations more than once, with 74 percent citing that they find misinformation up to 10 percent of the time.In addition, respondents are finding misrepresentations more than once, with 74 percent citing that they find misinformation up to 10 percent of the time.

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) found in yet another study that job applicants who have committed negative acts in the past are more likely to have falsified their resumes.

2. Reduction of negligent hiring risks

Ninety-nine percent of respondents said that background screening reduced the risk of negligent hiring.

A negligent hiring claim may arise, for instance, when a worker causes harm to a co-worker or third party within the scope of his/her job and the victim claims that the worker has a history of or propensity to cause this type of harm, which the employer should have discovered if it had conducted its "due diligence".

The employer may be responsible for negligent hiring damages if this allegation is proven.

It can be expensive and damaging to your reputation to sue for negligent hiring. The average settlement of a negligent hiring suit is close to $1 million, although some cases have resulted in settlements in the tens of millions of dollars. One of the biggest challenges for business is cost containment. Background screening protects against detrimental negligent hiring claims, according to 24 percent of respondents to the Benchmarking Report survey.

3. Improved compliance with regulations

Benchmarking Report respondents rated regulatory compliance as the second most important business challenge, and 44 percent said background screening improved regulatory compliance.

Background screening providers with in-house compliance expertise and built-in compliance tools can enable an organization to meet industry standards and state and federal requirements, which can vary from state to state and job to job, adding additional complexity for employers.

It is possible for an organization to face costly fines, loss of privileges, or legal liability without an effective employment screening program. A background screening provider can help you implement a compliant screening program for your organization at every stage of the employment screening process, from background checks to completing electronic Form I-9 employment eligibility verifications.

4. Safer workplaces

According to the survey, 42 percent of respondents found background screening to be helpful because it improved workplace safety. Moreover, 16 percent of employers said screening reduced employee theft, 14 percent reduced workplace accidents, and 11 percent reduced workplace violence.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Management Association, 30 percent of business failures are caused by employee theft and three quarters of all employees steal at least once. Nearly 355,000 businesses will experience workplace violence in any one year, according to a study by the FBI. Background screening can be conducted by employers to increase worker quality and protect property and workers from damaging workplace accidents, violence, and theft.



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