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My Vision for India 100 Years Paragraph 150 words, 400 words

My Vision for India 100 Years Paragraph

Essay on My vision for India @ 100 years Paragraph 150 words

Introduction: India is a developing country that needs many things for development. India is going to complete 100 years of its independence and sovereignty, which inspires Indians to think big and make them strong. Body After 100 years of independence, my vision for India of 2047 is to be strong like the freedom fighters who fought for our country and lost their lives in making India an independent country. My vision for India in 2047 is to be self-reliant in every decision so that gaps can be bridged in such a way that no one has to struggle to find a home and earn a living. In the year 2047, India should be known as a superpower and not a country that is not only known for its culture but also for its valour and defence capability. The literacy rate should touch an all-time high percentage and people should become as humble and knowledgeable as our ancestors were in different eras. My vision for India in 100 years is to see that every family gets the resources they deserve and no one is sleeping without food shelter or clothing. Conclusion My vision for India is to develop in all areas and sectors like co-education, farmers, malnutrition

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My Vision for India 100 Years Paragraph 400 words


On 15th August 1947, India got independence from British Colonialism and became the largest democratic country in the world. "Unity in Diversity" is the main essence and strength of India. Independence Day awakens a feeling of patriotism in the hearts of every Indian. In 2047, India will complete its 100th anniversary of independence.

Now, in 2022 India is going to celebrate its 75 years of independence. At this happiest moment, I would like to share my vision for India @ 100 years. India is yet a developing country but by 2047, I want to see India as the most developed country. To make India the most developed country we have to work on many things.

Food, shelter and clothes for everyone:

By 2047, we have to make India a place where every family should get a sufficient amount of resources and nobody should sleep without food, shelter or clothes. When people get their basic needs then only they can work for the progress of the country. So, to make India the most developed nation first we have to work on the basic needs of people.

Corruption free India :

Corruption is one of the major reasons that is hindering the growth of the nation. For the progress of our country, we have to fight against corruption. To stop corruption first we have to limit our wants and needs because corruption is the result of our greed.

Education and employment opportunities :

The Indian Government is working hard to promote education. But still, the percentage of illiteracy is high in our country. So, I think as a responsible citizen if each one of us teaches an illiterate person it will bring a big difference in society. It should be our target that by 2047, every Indian should understand the importance of education and education should be mandatory for all children.

Along with education, people have to work on employment opportunities as well. There are many educated people in India who are not getting their decent job because of corruption or any other reason. So, by 2047, we have to make India such a place where deserving candidates will get the job first.

Conclusion :

To fulfil our vision for India we have to work together with peace and harmony. I also promise to contribute my best to achieve my vision and to make India the most developed country.

My Vision for India 100 Years Paragraph 400 words

India is a country of diversity and has diverse linguistic, cultural and religious threads and over the past 75 years, India has developed significantly in sectors including agriculture, infrastructure, technology, health care and education. During the pandemic, India has shown that it can deal with adversity. India has not only launched the world's largest self-made vaccination campaign but is also selling it to other countries. Through Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, the government aims to remember the faith of every citizen in India and this essay is my vision for India for 100 years. "Sight is what is in front of us. Sight is what lies ahead" is the old saying. India is an ancient civilization and a very complex society. India follows the principle of 'unity in diversity and people of different castes coexist peacefully'. , speaking different languages, eating different food and following different customs.

For me, a dream for India is not about having a huge economy or a powerful army. It is about establishing a proper democracy and providing fundamental rights to every citizen of India, regardless of their status, caste and colour. The India of my dreams is free from corruption, communalism, casteism and all forms of exploitation.

A country that is not deprived of basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing, education and health, where the government focuses on agriculture, irrigation and building infrastructure like roads and railways, which is free from child exploitation and labour, Where people should be aware. sanitation, pollution control, waste water, electricity and other facilities.

The India of my dreams is a country where a woman is not attacked every 16 minutes, where all castes can eat from the same plate and all genders and preferences are accepted, is a free country. Between now and 2047, almost 25 years from now, wake up the pandemic to wake the nation Change for that much-needed metamorphosis if India is to reach its destiny, which it began with An attempt on 15 August 1947. Let us pledge "Shatabdi Sankalp" to take forward India's growth story during the next 25 years. The year 2047 will be a historic moment in the 100 years of India's independence and today marks the beginning of a series of milestones to establish a more glorious future.

India is changing – fast and running. As Swami Vivekananda said, "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved". Let us all help make ideas come true and collectively help build a better tomorrow.


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