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Advantages and disadvantages of work from home essay

Advantages and disadvantages of work from home essay

Advantages and disadvantages of work from home essay

Nowadays a new way of working has emerged that is work from home. Work from home means employees are required to do their tasks from their homes. It is good for employees as they can work according to their planned schedule. A recent study about work from home says it is beneficial for the employees to do their work from their place as this will increase the productivity of employees. It is beneficial for the company also as it helps them to save a lot of money. Everything has its own merits and demerits.

 Advantages of work from home:

  1. Your place, your method of doing work

When you are doing work from home, you can choose any place where you want to sit and does your office work. People who are working from their homes have the advantage of establishing their office wherever they like.

You can design your place as you like. It is always a plus point for the employees to do work in a good environment and when they are working from their own homes what more can they ask for. By doing work from a place that offers you a very pleasant environment, it increases the productivity as well as the efficiency of the employees. A good working environment is essential. 

  1. Managing your time according to your will

Work from home offers a crucial aspect: your working hours. While completing or doing your task from your home, you have full control over your working hours. You can manage them and do your work according to your wish and on your time. You can do your work whenever you are in the mood to do it.

On the good side, we can say that when employees have open timing to do their tasks, it increases their productivity, and sometimes employees end up doing more than what is asked. While coming to the office employees need to think about what clothes they have to wear; also they face a lot of traffic and many other discomforts. But now when the employees are doing their work from home, they need not have to have all these problems. They can wear anything they want to and can start their work within a few minutes and are getting up ready. 

  1. Flexible schedule-

Employees can have their schedule as they like, and having your schedule is a big lex and kind of stress buster. You can enjoy anything anytime. If you are willing to do your work, you can start your work, and on the other hand, if someday or sometimes you are not willing to do your work, you can simply sit back and relax.

You can have your meals at any weird time of the day. You can also talk to your family members and friends without having a fear of completing your task on time. To increase your productivity, you can even take small breaks and catch up with your family members. This will keep your interest in the work you are doing.

  1. Enjoy your independence-

Enjoy your own company and be the best version of yourself is what work from home teaches us. When you are in need and don't find any co-worker by your side to help you, you become proactive and learn to handle things independently.

Work from home prepares you to be self-reliable. While doing the work from home, you may encounter some technical issues which you can't handle or deal with, and that is okay. You try to solve issues; you learn new things. You develop your new skills and abilities. Being on your own and independent is always good in your field. You can use these tips while Resume making for freshers.

  1. Extra focus on work-

When you are doing the work from your home, you cut yourself from all the unnecessary things that waste your time, like attending meetings or taking breaks frequently or indulging yourself in gossips, and many more things. When you do the task in your home, it creates a sense of responsibility as you are far away from your workplace and work desk, which inculcates in yourself a sense of authority as well as responsibility.

Also, when you are away from any work politics, then you will increase your productivity. Sometimes it becomes difficult to cut yourself from any embarrassing moment, and you had to choose between your co-workers and your boss. So, work from home is good for many people in such situations.


  1. You have some time for your own-

Another advantage of doing work from home is you have some time for yourself. You can manage your work and then take out some time to maintain your health. You can take proper care of yourself. You can go out for work and have some refreshments. You can be more inclined towards your work and cut yourself off from all the dirty politics of work and focus on your assignments.

Disadvantages of work from home: -

  1. The increased cost of telecommunication-

You have to attend every meeting that takes place in your organization, and you have to be attentive about such things. You have to long teleconferencing calls, update the status through your cell phones and also attend normal meetings. To do all such tasks, you require data, and this will increase your telecommunication cost. You are the one who has borne all the cost. When you do your work from the office, then such costs are none of your concern. 

  1. Communication issues-

Managing all your work from home can sometimes cause problems. Due to slow data connectivity, you delay your work. Also, sometimes you miss important phone calls and meetings. These small things can create big problems in your work. Slow or poor connectivity is one of the reasons for employees' decreased productivity. Due to this, some people lose interest in their work.

  1. No staff interaction-

When every employee of an organization is working from their respective homes and is not catching up, the employees lack communication. Doing work from home leaves the employees in no terms of communication. Employees start working towards achieving their personal goals rather than focusing on achieving Organisational goals.

When all the employees of the same organization are not focused enough to achieve the organisational goal then how can any organization grow and achieve its targets. So it's essential to conduct together and parties so that staff remain in touch with each other and they maintain coordination within themselves and work as an organization as a whole and not individuals.


  1. The developmental activities of the company are missed-

Work from home cannot be compared to a regular office as by doing the work from home employees miss many important occasions of the organization like attending birthday events, newsletters and inauguration of new technology and other crucial things.

Also, by doing work from home, employees don't get sufficient training and fieldwork. When any new employee joins the organization, he/she doesn't get proper training as well as a proper orientation session. New employees remain unaware of the Organisational environment and the co-workers.

All the employees should be there to enjoy the success of the company when the company launches any new product, service, or technology as it is the hard work of employees. But due to the new concept of work from home, employees can not enjoy that.

  1. Lots of distractions-

When you are doing your work from home, you will go through lots and lots of distractions. You can not focus on your work for 4 to 5 hours. Because you are sitting home, you will be asked to do many things which will not let you do your work correctly. There might be situations like taking care of kids and doing household chores or attending guests and other stuff, and by doing all such tasks, you forget to attend your meeting or important call. If you want to be on top of the leaderboard, then you have to maintain a proper schedule and do things in the right manner. Mixing up all the things and doing them simultaneously will do no good. 

  1. Laziness-

The major disadvantage of doing the work from home is that you become less active and become lazy. Laziness is a very bad part of doing work from home. You start to skip things and mix up your schedule. Laziness may also lead to many diseases. You should do your work properly, take a proper break, and have a good routine that includes regular workout sessions.


In the above essay, all the advantages and disadvantages of work from home are discussed. You can go through them and make your schedule so that you will remain productive while working from home. You can use these tips for Fresher interview tips as they might help in preparing the interview questions.

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