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Becoming by Michelle Obam book review

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Becoming by Michelle Obama book review

Details of Becoming by Michelle Obam book

  • Book Name: Becoming 
  • Authors: Michelle Obama
  • Pages: 448
  • Genre: Memoir
  • Publish Date: 13 November 2018
  • Language: English


Becoming by Michelle Obama, In this book, Michelle Obama's where she has talked about her life right from her childhood to the time when she became the first lady of the United States this book gives an insight into the major decisions challenges and events of her life

So Michelle Obama came from a working-class family that lived in the south side of Chicago in a cramped apartment so even though she had humble beginnings she made the most of whatever resources 

she had and she always performed to the best of her capabilities she was always somebody who wanted to excel in whatever she did and this is the quality that she displayed in every aspect of her life be it 

As a professional be it as the first lady need as a mother or as a wife and this is something that we get to read about time and again in the book 

one of the best things about reading becoming was that it humanized Michelle Obama for me I mean I was aware of the fact that I was reading about the former First Lady of the United States that I was reading about somebody who held this formidable and powerful title 

but at the same time, I also felt like I was reading about a girl who came from a humble background who was extremely hard-working who went on to have a successful career of her own and who went on to witness and experience some phenomenal and spectacular things in her life 

one of the challenges that she talked about was something that a lot of people face she was extremely successful professionally she was making a lot of money but the job that she was doing at the law firm was not something that she found fulfilling

Now this is something that so many people go through in their life she was never inclined towards politics and she never wanted her husband to join politics because she was always very off it this again makes her super relatable 

she has talked about how their lives became glaringly public once Barack Obama became the president of the United States they did not have many private moments left to themselves every action and everything they did was scrutinized by the media 

she has talked about all these aspects of her life in great detail the language of the book is crisp not even once does the pace of this book drops even though this is nonfiction this seems like a very interesting story because of how to articulate Michelle Obama has been.


Throughout the book, Michelle Obama has not missed her words if she felt like criticizing somebody a certain section of the society or certain individuals she has not held herself back so she has been unapologetically honest in her opinions about whatever she felt 

Another question that comes to mind is that does this book get political the answer to that question is yes, very much so I mean that is to be expected Michelle Obama was after all the wife of the president she was the first lady it's not possible for the book to not get political but personally for me as a reader it did not have much impact on my reading experience 

One of the big plus by reading this book was that I agreed with a lot of things that she talked about she has talked about the importance of education especially for girls and also the importance of healthy eating for children and she has talked about how during her time as the first lady she tried to bring about changes in these directions and how she used social media in order to forward these messages that were very very motivating to read about 

she also talked about the importance of giving a healthy environment to a child convincing the child that he or she deserves to achieve all that there is to achieve in this world and one of the most endearing moments in this book was whenever she talked about meeting young school girls particularly young school girls of colour 

she talks about how she always saw herself in them and how she saw the potential and then that even they could achieve what she achieved that was again very inspiring to read about 

while reading this book I came across a lot of emotional moments in book some moved me because they were so heartwarming some made me emotional because they were really sad to read about.

Bottom line:

So overall I had a great experience reading this as far as I am concerned I totally recommend this book to you you should not do this out on this because it's very well written articulately honest and gives out a lot of good messages and overall is a very motivating experience to read 

So I have shared my thoughts on becoming by Michelle Obama do let me know in the comment section if you have read this book and if you have been pen do you plan to read it I am really looking forward to your comments.

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