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The handmaid's tale pdf download | Summary | Book review

The handmaid's tale pdf download

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The handmaid's Tale Book Review

Details of The handmaid's tale

  • Book Name: The handmaid's tale
  • Authors: Margaret Atwood
  • Pages: 311
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Speculative fictione, Tragedy, Feminist science fiction, Dystopian Fiction
  • Publish Date: 1985
  • Language: English

The handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood, so the genre of the handmaid's tale is dystopian, and since the genre is dystopian a lot of unpleasant things are going on in this book.


The story is taking place in the republic of Gilead the u.s government got overthrown and a new totalitarian state was formed which is called Gilead 

The entire social structure has changed and definitely not for the better for one woman have been stripped of all their rights and they have been divided into certain categories.

So there are the wives then there are the aunts there are the handmaids there are Marthas and so on and everything has been banned for everyone.

All the handmaids are stripped of their names as well, so the purpose of the handmaids is to basically breed only fertile women are made handmaids they are allotted to powerful men who are commanders.

These commanders have to impregnate these handmaids this particular handmaid who narrates this story is called offered off is basically of and Fred is the name of the commander that she is allotted to so that's why she's called offred and similarly other handmaids are also named in this fashion only.

The story is divided into two parts you can say one part is the night part and the other part is the events that take place during the day as narrated by offered

During the story we also read about offred's flashbacks as she talks about the time when things were the normal first thing that I have to say is that it completely lives up to its genre which is dystopian 

A good dystopian novel is supposed to terrify you to the core and that's exactly what the handmaid's tale does, so one thing that happened with me while reading this book was that during the first hundred pages 

So of this book this novel was giving out information very very sparingly it was almost as if it was holding information back that frustrated me a bit. 

You do understand what's happening the information does come out but the book makes you wait a bit for that so while reading this book 

What I experienced was horrid fascination which is that I was horrified by the events in the story but at the same time I could not put this book down because it had that kind of grip on me also, there were moments in this book where sometimes I felt hopeful but sometimes then I would get dejected 

There are some really disturbing scenarios in this book and in fact, there were some situations in which I felt like I was being stifled while reading those scenes because they were written so convincingly.

Character development:

The nature of the story is such that each and every character that you come across will elicit a reaction from you as a reader because the circumstances are so abnormal that when you read about different characters and their reactions you can't help but be impacted 

I felt that offred was a good choice for the narrator of the story because her character is that of a woman who wants to break out of the system but she has also you know succumbed to it she is not that brave she is not that fearless 

Another character that stood out for me was Moira she's completely the opposite of off red she is very rebellious and she does not feel scared of the system both these women represent very different personalities 

There is dictatorship everything has been banned basic freedom has been snatched from people women especially but does that stop people from having desires does that stop people from resisting 

these are the kind of questions that are tackled in this book and how people behave how characters react to different situations all of that is a very very important part of the narrative of this story

The handmaid's tale also has a sequel which came out in 2019 the sequel is called the testaments and it also won the booker prize for 2019. the handmaid's tale was published in 1985 and the sequel came out in 2019 my god what gap.


I must say it was a great experience reading this book and it is brilliantly written there are certain popular books that everybody can go for this is that popular book that only those people should go for who do not get overwhelmed by the negativity and the depression in a story 

I've been reading for a long time and I am really able to detach myself from my reality while reading the book but then I'm also able to come back to my reality 

So if you're somebody who gets extremely overwhelmed by what you read and if you are not in the best state of mind right now then don't go for this book.



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