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Oil Conservation Towards Healthy essay

Oil Conservation Towards Healthy essay

Oil Conservation Towards Healthy essay

Oil is liquid gold, one day it will cost you gold if you don't conserve it every bit. 

what is mean by oil cinservation?

oil conservation means that oil better afficent use with regard to the economic sense of view social or environmental cost and benefits resulting in the high attainment of energy that we use efficiently with the protection of the environment.

The rate at which the humans are using fossil fuels are oil is not only consuming them for the future generation, but also for your environment alarmingly. 

Like all other resources, oil is one of the most precious ones used by us every day. Oil is used for different purposes on the basis of their property as edible oil, petroleum, kerosene, EtC. These are all equally essential in our lives, making human lives better and inconveniences less 

day by day the population is touching the sky in which the oil resources are also being consumed on a higher average. Due to such fast consumption. The amount of such resources is decreasing as these take a lot of time to form, keeping in mind the time they take for the formation this is a prime responsibility to conserve them for tomorrow. 

Practicing sustainable transport by replacing it with vehicles running from petroleum will also put a good impact on the environment wiping out the nomination of pollution from society. 

what is the real danger behind it? 

The real danger is that it is exhausting Earth's resources because we are using them thoughtlessly. our environment is being affected due to the combustion of the fuel by the automotives, this combustion of the fuel of the automotives causing smoke, which is released into the environment, which depleats the ozone layer once the ozone layer gets depleted, the UV rays enter, 

what UV rays can cause harm on earth?

They can damage the crops, they can cause skin irritation they can do eye diseases and many more are that in effects. These UV rays are changing ahead dreadfully. We are creating emissions that deplete the ozone layer by U.S. fossels fuels recklessly. It is high time that we do sustainable development. 

what a sustainable development?

sustainable development means, The development that takes place without consuming the resources for the future generations to have a great environment isn't an easy task, but small steps taken by you, me and others can make a great and huge impact.

How reckless use of oil results and unwanted consequences?

Global warming burning of fossil fuels has damaged us. A beautiful balloon to such an extent that reclaiming it to its pristine purity and beauty is a possibility. Man, the foolish creature fails to see that his very existence depends on this balloon.

It is a known fact that carbon dioxide, a gas released when fossil fuels are burnt, is one of the primary gases responsible for global warming. The present temperature of Earth has resulted in the melting of polar ice caps, flooding of low-lying areas, and rising sea levels. 

If such conditions continue, our planet Earth might face some serious consequences in the near future health hazards besides damaging the environment, air pollution caused by the emission of gases produced in burning the fuels can result in asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, and lung cancer long-term exposure may increase respiratory infections in general people, natural flora and fauna get infected with the toxic emissions that further complicate the ecological imbalance. 

But in a national economy, India is one of the largest importers of oil from foreign countries. A major chunk of our national funds gets spent on oil imports, according to a danger spent one hundred eleven point nine billion United States dollars on oil imports in 2018 19. 

If we had some other alternative fuel for oil, we could have saved so much of our funds and spent on other developmental activities. 

Ways to conserve oil

1.plant bigger gardens to have less, more space.

2. electric and solar powered cars are being made

3. walk, bike, carpool, or take public subways, buses whenever possible 

4. use a GPS to find the fastest way to get somewhere without using too much oil. 

5. visit the service center of your vehicle when they require the oil and gas in their cars and also they require gas in their car dealers change in their coolant. 

6.Everyone should check the spark in the plug, fuel-injected, and exhaust checking cortile.

7. If people have two vehicles and that requires both vehicles to transport many things in their cars. Then they should purchase only one because it can manage everything in a single car that will save much of the petrol and diesel for future utilization. 

8. Incorrect gear can consume more than 20 percent of the petrol and diesel by which people should drive the car in the right gear for saving much of the fuel. 

9. Carpooling is also the best way to conserve oil and gas when the car has to park in some area almost all day.

Oil Conservation week is celebrated every year from 4th of January to the 10th of January by the people worldwide in order to increase the awareness all across the world regarding to the importance of conservation of the petroleum products

 the celebration for oil conservation goes whole week by the contribution of (P.C.R.A)D Petroleum Conservation Research Association, as well as oil industries under the leadership of Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry. 


we should conserve oil resources or practice using sustainable transport or solar energy so that the resources could be conserved for tomorrow.

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