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Essay on Environmental Pollution for Students and Children


Essay on environmental pollution

 Essay on environmental pollution 

pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment pollutants can be natural such as volcanic ash they can also be created by human activity such as industrial pollution 

Pollutants damage the quality of air, water, and land when we think of environmental pollution it typically comes in seven different types they are these include air, water, land, radioactive thermal, sound, and light pollution. 

pollution kills plants and animals humans are also regularly hammered by pollution long term exposure to air pollution for example can lead to chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, etc 

Due to environmental pollution causes an imbalance in the environment the problem of global warming and climate change is one of the most worrying effects of environmental pollution 

the important way to reduce environmental pollution is to practice three hours concept namely reduce, reuse and recycle other three ways to reduce pollution are by reducing the usage of motor vehicles reduce forest fires reduce the burning of wood limit industrial activity afforestation, etc.

Essay on environmental pollution 

Pollution is by far the most rapidly growing problem of modern technological society.

Pollution implies the addition or release of such substances in such concentrations in the environment which tend to deteriorate the use to which such components of the eco-system are put, and which tend to impair the normal physiological and biological systems of the associated biota, including man.

These include such chemicals or substances which do not form part of the natural cycles but are gradually building up in the environment.

Man is an essential part of the highly complex web of living organisms which we can call the biosphere and, therefore, harm done to any part of the biosphere would reflect on human welfare.
The condition in India is pretty serious. It is no longer, feasible to ignore the alarming nature of India's environmental conditions. Seventy percent of all the available water in India is polluted.

During the last decade, there has been a five-fold increase in the incidence of blood cancer and lymph node cancer. Nearly 53 percent of India's total land area is subject to serious environmental degradation.

Deforestation, siltation, water, air, noise pollution, and insanitation-all these are posing a serious threat not only to the quality of life in India but also to its basic survival.

There are many diseases that are transmitted through water. Examples are typhoid, cholera, jaundice, etc. According to an estimate, more than 80 percent of Indians suffer from water-borne diseases.
Man is poisoning the biosphere. Nobody can save him from this danger unless he himself becomes alert.

It is the responsibility of the international community to protect the environment from pollution. It is gratifying that some action is being taken, though belatedly, in our country to identify problems connected with the environment.

The environment (Protection) bill 1986 passed by Parliament in May 1986, would enable the coordination of activities of various regulatory agencies, the creation of authority with adequate powers to protect the environment, and "deterrent" punishment to those endangering it.

It is hoped that with the strict implementation of the bill, the needed efforts to protect our environment would be forthcoming.

Essay on environmental pollution ( 200 words)

A clean environment is gifted by the nature to nourish the life on the earth and the environment is the natural surroundings that help us to grow a clean environment is very much necessary for our healthy existence on the earth.

 A healthy environment depends on the good habits of human beings and the circumstances we create,

 contamination of our environment by pollutants is known as environmental pollution in the modern bald environment or pollution has become one of the biggest challenges affecting the environment and human lives 

it causes a lot of health problems not only among humans but also among animals, due to the Industrial Revolution the environment has been polluted to such an extent that now it has become a global issue 

the major factors causing environmental pollution are human-generated fossil fuels production and combustion pollutes the air use of pesticides pollutes the soil and water, littering of plastics pollutes the oceans and water bodies, deforestation leads to air pollution etcetera 

there is a global leader to take immediate measures towards restoration and preservation of natural resources before they get damaged up to the point of no return we need to follow all the measures implemented by the government to check harmful effects of pollution 

we should reduce the use of vehicles save water for following organic agriculture system etc to stop pollution people need to be consistent our under meant for the future generation.

Essay on environmental pollution( 250)

The environment forms a very important aspect of human life as it provides us essentials of life that is air, water, and food but excessive man-made activities like industrialization, construction, and deforestation have led to environmental pollution 

environmental pollution nowadays has become a serious ecological issue and a threat to mankind as well as the ecosystem, environmental pollution is when human activities introduce contaminants in the environment causing irreversible changes in the environment.

the types of environmental pollution are specific to causes and components of the environment environmental pollution is classified into groups depending on the natural components as follows air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution 

the main pollutants are industries because industries emit harmful gases in the atmosphere which cause air pollution industrial effluents are also discharged into water bodies causing water pollution other pollutants to include smokes from vehicle combustion greenhouse gases emission, for example, carbon dioxide which is high in India 

Air pollution has resulted in harm to human health and destruction of the ozone layers in the atmosphere water pollution has caused the death of aquatic life and acidification, soil pollution has resulted in unhealthy soil that is unbalanced soil pH which does not favor plant growth 


environmental pollution has become a great concern to save our planet we need to adopt various measures to reduce environment pollution some of them includes planting trees reducing the use of non-renewable resources proper disposal of wastes etc, it is the responsibility of every individual to save our environment from getting polluted.

Essay on environmental pollution ( 500 words) 

pollution is an undesirable change in the physical and chemical aspects of the atmosphere various types of human activities are responsible for different types of pollution

pollution are different types as follows air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and soil pollution 

air pollution: air contains a number of gases but oxygen is one of the most valuable gas for the survival of organisms

 organisms receive oxygen in several forms for example terrestrial organisms receive oxygen from the atmosphere directly through the respiration process 

aquatic organisms will receive dissolved oxygen for their survival air becomes polluted by various several factors 

factors of air pollution emission of gases from industries automobiles and domestic into the atmosphere as follows 

1: carbon oxides co,co2 

 Source: incomplete combustion of fossil fuels transportation industry home heating smoking and CO 2 is an important greenhouse gas 

2: nitrogen oxides- no (nitric oxide) and no2 (nitrogen dioxide)

Source: Motor Vehicles and Industry burning fossil fuels, nitrogen oxides can react with other gases in the atmosphere to form nitric acid hno3 acid rain 

3: sulfur oxides (mainly sulfur dioxide) 

source: combustion of coal oil and electric power generations formation of sulfuric acid h2so4 by reacting with other gases in the atmosphere leads to acid rains 

4:volatile organic compounds 

example: methane,  benzene, propane, and chlorofluorocarbons CFCs 

Source: motor vehicles evaporation from gas tanks industry and various household products 

5:toxic products 

lead and Mercury are considered toxic compounds secreted by human activities 

Source: metal processing waste material incinerators coal combustion accidental spill and mining sakes

6:photochemical oxidant

The ozone layer is depleted (O3) due to mixing with the gases (emitted from Motor Vehicles) and with the sunlight 

Air pollution effects on humans 

air pollutant the respiratory and diseases in humans examples of air pollution-related diseases 

1 carbon monoxide forms carboxyhemoglobin (HbCo) rather than oxyhemoglobin HbO2 which prevents oxygen transfer to body parts 

2. Cardiovascular diseases 

3 severe irritation to eye, ear, nose, and throat 

4 chronic bronchitis 

5 emphysema 

6 cancer 

7 lead absorbed and accumulated in blood, bones, and muscles leads to the following problems.

damages organs kidneys, liver, brain, bones, and reproductive organs behavioral disorders memory problems mood changes and lower IQ in young children, high blood pressure and increased heart disease 

8 mercury absorption leads to mutations and brain disorders like mental retardation etc 

Effects of air pollution on other animals and plants wild and domestic animals probably affected in the same way as humans

Plants damaged by ozone sulfur dioxide and acids ozone weakens pine needles and makes them more susceptible to insects and diseases 

sulfur dioxide surprise growth acid damages leave and also removes nutrients 


1.planting more trees 

2.regular pollution check to your Motor Vehicles have to take proper control measures during the processing of materials 

4.prevent combustion of fossil fuels process leads to co2 concentration not exceeds more than 0.03 percent 

5.create awareness on effects of air pollution should be taken while transporting liquid petroleum and diesel etc 

7. use compressed natural gas CNG for public transport 

8. stop using air coolers and refrigerators so it leads to stop emission of chlorofluorocarbons and other harmful gases into the atmosphere.

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