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Independence Day Speech For Students in English

Independence day speech for students of class 1 or 2 Good morning, honourable chief guest, principal, teachers and my friends. I wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day.  Today we are honoured to address him on the 72nd Independence Day. A day when we remember all the glory of our nation.  As we remember the struggles, rebellions of Indian freedom fighters and the efforts of our Indian freedom fighters.  In my view, freedom is a very precious gift of Indian freedom fighters.  I would like to thank you once again for your attention and for giving me the opportunity to speak before you. Jai Hind, Vande Mataram:-- Also read:  15 August Poem in English Independence day speech for students of class 1 or 2 Many congratulations to the honourable Chief Guest of the day, Respected Principal Sir, respected teachers, parents, and all my dear friends.  I wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day. Everyone present here knows the reason for coming together in such a

Online education vs traditional education essay

Online education vs traditional education articles

Online education vs traditional education essay 150 words

Thousands of people to complete their education turn to online teaching to raise them to a higher level in their jobs and make them take qualifying courses or improve their level of education. 

It has implications in our society such as helping a lot of people who cannot get into the seat of education and has advantages such as giving us a chance to develop technology skills for teachers and students, and cons such as 

It is known that online education is not for all people, not for untrained educated or inflexible instructors, and there is a difference between online education and traditional education, and its types.

It is very important to say that learning is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. 

The textbook-equipped instructor is no longer the only source of educational experience. 

It is also known that information resources are everywhere, often separated from the learner by time and space. 

Online education defines the process of connecting learners to these distance resources. 

No one can deny that learning is a lifelong pursuit where training and retraining become strategies for both personal and corporate success. 

It is noted that there are a variety of online education solutions for every educational need. 

It is believed that while some believe that online education has come a long way and opened new avenues in education, some researchers are still questioning the value of learning through non-traditional methods.

Whatever the case, there are various opinions to consider and they are all true in their own right.

This discovery has been done to show people the difference between online education and traditional education. Many people prefer traditional education over online education.

Online classes vs traditional classes essay 200 words

Education system through the process of evolution has reached a greater sophisticated state now. In compliance with the developed countries of the world, our country is also advancing in respect of education system.

Actually to go with the world we have no other alternative but to take recourse to online system in education. Through online system students can learn easily, and to the point.
A successful education can be ensured through this process. In this process students have to be equipped with the basic knowledge of computer, laptop, Internet etc.

In the classroom online equipments must be provided. Online system includes a great number of types' of media that provide the learners and teachers with text, radio, images, animation and streaming video. It also provides them with knowledge of technology applications.

Through the online system learners can get all their necessary information. This information makes the students' learning perfect.

Online system hastens the education system. In a word, in the present context online system is the best one.

But in the context of our country online system has not been introduced in all educational institutions.

Most of the institutions are still running with the traditional education system. In the traditional person to person education system, learners are not assisted with computers, internet.

The students cannot enjoy the facilities of text, radio, images, animation, streaming video provided by the online equipment's. Consequently students' learning becomes difficult, imperfect and unpleasant. 

In this process even the teachers cannot get adequate information which they can impart to the students. So, to make education easy and successful, we must adopt online system. And in this respect government must take proper steps to realize it. 

Online classes vs traditional classes essay 300 words

The debate between online learning versus traditional learning grows rapidly this year 

Why because the health crisis made it even more relevant as employees in many countries were forced to work from home and students were forced to stop face-to-face classes 

So definitely all the learning activities had to take place online but is it a good substitute for traditional learning 

What is an online learning?

Online learning is exactly what it sounds like it takes place over the internet it is a form of distance learning it's interchangeable with the term e-learning an LMS or learning management system typically stores the training content which is accessible anywhere anytime 

What is traditional learning? 

Traditional learning takes place in a classroom setting there is a trainer or teacher who moderates and regulates the flow of information and knowledge 

Then the trainer or the teacher expects the trainees or the students to deepen their knowledge through written exercises at home

Nowadays technology is corporated in the classroom more and more however in face-to-face instruction scenarios the primary source of information is still the trainer or the teacher 

So what are the differences between online and traditional learning

If you are deciding between online or traditional learning it can be helpful to consider the following differences

For online learning of course it happens online while traditional learning happens offline 

You can complete your activities your homework or assignments anytime and any place an online while in traditional learning you have forced to a schedule and place 

For the online learning you have a flexible space you can work alone it supports an independent learning style and of course,, the primary source of information is online content 

While having limited interaction as to the traditional learning it has imposed case you can work together with your colleagues or classmates at hand you learn from and with each other 

The primary source of information is the trainer and have extensive interaction between trainers and colleagues 

Those mentioned are the obvious differences but there are also differences in terms of costs and participation rates 

Like providing gadgets paying for internet using online modules travel expenses hiring trainers or teachers and printing training materials or modules 

There any similarities 

Although there are more differences than similarities between these opposing learning methods what they have in common is that they are both effective

talking about its effectiveness we can say that online learning is more effective than traditional learning or vice versa it certainly depends on the learning topic and how its effectiveness has been measured 

but overall it seems that online learning is a full-fledged alternative to classroom training

There is good and ample evidence that students generally learn as much online as they do in traditional training or learning and the winner is 

we would love to call a winner but we can't it wouldn't be fair to either of the learning methods because both have their pros and cons.


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