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Essay on Science and Technology for Students and Children

  Essay on Science and Technology for Students and Children (300 Words) Introduction: science is very important and essential for the world. we can say that science is the service of man. science is the wonder and miracle of the world. it is called the blessings and the curse of the world also. science is created with the cycle because we can see it in every invention of the world al mostly. the man of today eats science, drinks science, sleeps on science and goes and comes with the help of science. when the early man lived in the woods and caves of the jungle he discovered fire and thus gradually the safety matches were made. again he invented the wheel and the invention of the wheel made man's life easier Advantage: there are many advantages of science and technology. it has made many essential, needy and comfortable things as watch, fan, radio, computer, satellite, aeroplane, train, mobile, pressure cooker, pen, bicycle, bus, car, motorcycle, tractor, thrasher, harvester, telex,

Essay on why reading is important

Essay on why reading is important

Essay on why reading is important

In a world where entertainment is right in our hands, you may ask yourself what's the point of reading? 

In today's fast-paced world, reading is becoming a dying habit because there are faster alternatives to consume on social media. I read about a book a month so I'm gonna give you

My top 10 reasons on why reading is important and why you should reading

1. Reading is food for the brain. In my opinion, this is the biggest reason why reading is important. Just like how our body needs food to sustain itself and function optimally, our mind needs to keep on learning new things to operate at peak performance.

The best part is that you can read fiction and non-fiction to get this benefit. Studies have shown that reading has the capacity to change your brain structure which makes you more empathetic and enhances cognitive processes.

By studying more, you become smarter because you're consuming a lot of information and you keep your brain in top form.

There's this quote from Game of Thrones that sums up this point nicely.

"My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer, and I have my mind... and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its advantage."

~  Tyrion Lannister

2. You become better in conversations. Novels help expand your vocabulary that you may then use to express yourself. Your address will then be more refined and intelligent. 

Also, since studying widens your knowledge, you are empowered to participate in an interesting conversation. 

With the knowledge you gained from reading, you may add a unique perspective or sustain your argument.

In cases like this, reading non-fiction can be better because you can learn about subjects that appear more often in a normal conversation like technology. 

But there are also cases where reading fiction can be better like when there is a new popular movie out based on a book and you read the original source material.

3. You can get mentored by a successful person for a very inexpensive price. Consider how much a successful individual's knowledge is worth. People are willing to pay millions to have lunch with Warren Buffett. 

If you're a normal person like me, you do not have that kinda money. But with books, you can get mentored by a successful individual for less than $50.

A publication is literally the exact words, ideas, mindsets, advice, as well as the experience of the writer put into a group of papers. It is almost as if the individual is right there alongside you speaking to you. 

75 per cent of self-made millionaires reported they read at least 2 books a month. The knowledge you can get from studying is irreplaceable.

4. Reading improves your focus and concentration. In our fast-paced world today, our attention spans are really short. 

Reading a book can help fix this because when you read, your attention is only focused on the story and you may be fully immersed.

You might even achieve a flow state where you're 100% concentrated and forget about the world around you. 

Try reading for 10-20 minutes before work on your morning commute and you may find yourself more focused and productive at the office.

5. Reading opens your mind. As a reader, you will interact with different stories from different people with different ideas and beliefs. 

This helps open your brain and be more accepting of others as well as improve your ability to judge other people's character.

6. Reading helps relax you. When you're reading something good, your mind is more relaxed and the topic you are reading about might even bring inner peace. 

If you're reading fiction, as you may not be fed the pictures and sound like when you're watching a movie, you can experience the pictures and sound with your imagination. 

The feeling you get from finishing a book can be better than the feeling of finishing a Netflix episode.

7. Reading helps improve your memory. Whether you're following your favourite character through their journey or remembering tips on the best way to make more money, you will be using the memory area of your brain and keeping it active. 

When you should remember something important, it will be easier. Every new memory you create generates synapses or brain pathways and strengthens existing ones so memorizing will get easier.

8. Reading helps you make decisions better. When you are armed with all sorts of knowledge, making a choice can be easier since you find all possible options. 

It is possible to make educated guesses on how each choice will play out and pick the one you like best.

9. Reading can help you sleep better. It can be tough to sleep when there are a lot of things happening in your mind. Reading for a short time period can help push away what is bothering you internally. 

Also, we often use electronics late at night that doesn't help us sleep better because bright lights indicate our brain its time to wake up.

Reading a book instead can help but be sure to put it down once it's time to sleep.

10. You become who you are supposed to be. This is somewhat cheesy but by studying, you can change your character or beliefs. 

Books open up completely new worlds for us to grow and develop as a person.

Importance of reading essay

Reading is an important part of our life as we read something or the other every day. 

Many children love to read because they learn new things and enjoy a challenge, while other children hate reading because they do not understand it. 

Some teachers feel that parents do not help their children by giving them an educational environment.

Instead of getting a book to read or homework, children come home from school and watch TV or play video games. 

It is important that a school community creates an environment that values ​​and prioritizes reading by providing a library and encouraging children to read more as reading exercises a person's mind, concentration, vocabulary skills.

The writing ability of the child improves and the child's imagination develops.

Although I agree that many students are not doing very well in school, I disagree with teachers who say that parents do not give their children an educational environment because I believe we do our best. 

For example, as a parent, I will do my best to read and introduce new and exciting books to my children, but my job prevents me from doing so because I have other needs to take care of. 

Also, I didn't get a good education while growing up and I can't read and write properly because my parents didn't have money to send me to college, so I want my kids to get a better education than me. 

Many people say that parents should encourage their children to read more by bringing them to the community library, but what if we don't have the time or transportation to bring them? 

Some parents work very busy and barely see their children, while other parents have no way of transportation to bring their children to the library. 

Another claim that people make is setting up reading programs for children that will encourage them to read more. 

Although many people think that reading programs help students, it costs a lot to set up reading programs everywhere.

First, many parents should introduce reading at an early age by bringing it into the library, encouraging more reading at home, and reading to children for fun. 

Many people believe that "It is important to model the behaviour you want to see. Watching you read at home for pleasure as well as information provides your child a glimpse into the importance of reading in our daily lives." is" ("Reading: Birth to Age 5"). 

This demonstrates the importance of a good role model, which will help children value reading. 

If parents haven't had a good education, they can check with the local librarian or the child's school about literacy programs in the community. Parents can also ask their family members to teach and help them read better.

Secondly, parents should encourage their children to read more by bringing them to the library. Many will say they don't have time to bring their kids to the library because of their job, but most parents should take the time regardless or arrange a ride to take them there. 

If parents really do not have time to take their children to the library, they should encourage their children to visit the school library, another valuable source. 

The library offers a wide variety of books to choose from to read, and they will also develop a love for books, which will also instil a love for reading. 

Children who love to read will want to learn more about the things in the world around them and the way things exist.

Third, schools should establish reading programs for children to help them develop a love for reading and to help them learn to read. 

Although many people think that a lot of money is spent on reading programs, we use this money to give a better educational environment to the children. 

By giving a better educational environment to the children, their future is better and brighter. 

In 1971, standardized math and reading scores were levelled, and Washington D.C. In the U.S., only 12% of 8th-grade students were proficient in reading ("Waiting for Superman"). 

The reading program "develops children's knowledge and skills necessary for successful reading development and children's early language and literacy development" ("Reading"). 

If a child struggles with reading, these reading programs will help the child enhance his/her reading skills.

Our daily life includes reading books, magazines and documents. It is important to prioritize reading in schools and at home to help children develop their imaginations and improve their concentration and vocabulary skills.

Encouraging reading will help children get better reading scores on standardized tests, and it will also help children develop a love for learning about life around them. 

Reading is also fun because it teaches a person new things as well as brings out his imagination.

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