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Should State Colleges Are Free To Attend Persuasive Essay

Should state colleges are free to attend persuasive essay

Should State Colleges Are Free To Attend Persuasive Essay

Have you all ever thought about how expensive universities are and how much it costs you to attend a university even a community college imagine saving thousands of dollars on tuition and fees for college and avoiding student loans and having to pay back loads and loads of interest on them?

Here you are paying thousands of dollars for an education only to get a great job and pay back all you owe how would it feel to be able to attend a State University free of cost, what type of education be the same how would the universities pay for anything without collecting tuition and fees from students.

Institutions of higher learning are not the easiest thing to pay for all of us have had an experience with a college or university and figuring out the financial aid for our education we must crunch the numbers and come up with a solution as to how to pay for our education

we are constantly being told to further our education so we can get a better job with better pay we invest so much money in our education that when it comes time to start our careers the money we earn from our good-paying jobs goes directly back into the student loans are paying off our education.

  • what if state universities were free to attend?
  • would all be attending state universities?
  • would all be educated and have an equal opportunity to the same education?

As a college student myself paying for college tuition through student loans I know how much it would help financially if state universities would have free tuition and admission I currently attend a private university at a community college and I had to take out government loans as well as private loans to be able to pay for my college graduation.

I had to do a lot of my own research to be able to choose a university that would accommodate my needs as well as able to afford I,t I also had to do a lot of research on where and from whom I would apply for student loans

free tuition and admission to state universities will improve enrollment in institutions of the art of higher learning not only will it give a better opportunity to those who cannot afford higher education but it might give our world a higher living many people will be educated and be able to fill jobs this could eventually lead to less poverty in the world

Therefore I will explain the benefits of free tuition and admission to state universities I will begin with the affordability of offering free tuition and student loan debt for public and private universities some pitfalls to free public universities and finally some ways we can make this possible, to begin with, the cost of free tuition and current debts that the students have.

According to the Washington Post, the Occupy the Student Debt campaign is calling for free public higher education and to write offensive existing debt, so students would be forgiven of that debt that they owe on their student loans

but making public colleges free costs an estimated thirty billion dollars a year we must also take into consideration the long-term effects and the long run The estimated student loan would not be anywhere near the 1 trillion that we right now

So if we offer free admission and tuition to public universities we would be actually saving our government a whole lot of money because we wouldn't have that student debt in our modern world the cycle that we go through is to go to high school get a free college education so we can get a good job and with this good job, we have to pay for our education and the interest that we owe on the student loans that we had originally used to pay for bachelor degrees.

According to the Washington Post, these steps weigh down not only the holder but the entire economy students now graduate with a burden that forecloses choices more and more are forced to work forced to return home to live marriage becomes less manageable

public interest work is less affordable and as Pam Brown an organizer of the Occupy student Debt campaign put it the debt makes this very individual we can't afford to help someone else how can we afford to help anyone else when we're paying off our own debt. Now that we have established that we can afford to make public universities free, let us look at 

Public universities private universities and what can come from both

Private universities would have to compete with the free cost of public universities but diversity is done in a society according to the Washington Post free public colleges might slow the rise of private college costs as it would have to compete with the free offerings of public schools

just because the state university would be free to attend college does not mean that you have to attend that university if a student would like the feel and education of a private university with smaller class sizes and a smaller faculty-to-student ratio then he or she does have every right and opportunity to pursue that type of education

the cost of private education is going to rise in comparison to anything public where the rise in education comes with an increase in a better-educated society and a better workforce not only young people but older people as well can become successful businesspeople, who are engaged with the computing community and not be burdened by debt

the idea of public education has been around for a while we currently have a public education system for grades kinder through 12th grade, and free public universities we also create it'll also create a better assurance for troops coming back from war to be able to get an education and eventually move on to a better job. Now that we have seen the roots and benefits of free education for all let us look at

The downside to tuition-free universities

The quality of education is a big question university still need money to operate and function to the best of their ability considering that students will not have to pay to get an education where would the money come from, it is only less natural from what to think that certain advanced classes students would have to pay for classes that include labs special equipment and any additional materials that may cost the student

this is only because as mentioned earlier the university needs to be able to provide the equipment and resources necessary to conduct an advanced class like this, so let's say a chemistry class an advanced chemistry class that requires so many a lot of lab materials and equipment where would the university get money to pay for all of this although this is a great idea for pushing students to continue their education it is only the start to getting them into college

another program should focus on helping students complete college not just start Paul Atwell a professor at the University University of New York Graduate Center who studies the sociology of education said

" State lawmakers should focus on where to spend State dollars to increase the number of students who actually graduate from college "

then there is also the idea of transportation for students even though these public universities are free how will these students be able to attend class if they have no means of transportation this is something that would have to pay for but this is only a small cost in comparison to the cost of tuition for a four-year university

Atwell also had the idea of using public dollars to support counsellors and advisors that will help students not only begin college but actually finish and graduate with degrees in Hanan

there may be some downsides to this movement but they are small in comparison to the ways that we can make this work, free universities are not only not as difficult as shocking as they sound according to Forbes magazine the idea of using volunteers to teach classes would help with free public universities colleges can blur the distinction between faculty students town and young.

Online classes advantages

In an online environment, there is no limit on the number of classes that can be taught and no reason to restrict class offerings to only those taught by paid employees this is called crowdsourcing who better for teaching a topic

that somebody who has a love and a passion for that topic the advantage to crowd surfing is that the best tend to come forward and lead the way so somebody who is completely passionate about English or Shakespeare or Hamlet wouldn't be the best person to teach that class

wouldn't they be the people that are most qualified per se to be able to get all that information out into the world and into the and be that knowledge to those students one way to reduce the cost of higher education is to make everything automated and an automated trading system is more accurate less time-consuming and it's cheaper

Even when automated grading is impossible reducing the cost of grading is possible by our outsourcing grading to different countries such as the Philippines in addition to using an automated system the university can be an online university, there are currently some colleges and universities that are just based on online courses but students still have to pay tuition for them

If tuition became free the online option would probably become even more popular this option allows students to work with whatever schedule they have and still be able to attend school and finish with a degree, this would probably work best for working families mothers fathers people who already have a family and they would like to go back to school and finish their degree so that they can provide even better for that family

Online classes will see an increase in enrollment because those who truly want free education and cannot afford it will do anything and make any time to complete these classes and take advantage of the free University, now that you have seen an overview of the idea of free state universities it is time to wrap it up and leave you with a few ideas

How you can encourage and add to the possibility of it is now in your head as you can see our society can clearly benefit from a better-educated community it is possible to make this available in our world today with all the technology we have at our fingertips

Although there may still be some kinks to work out free tuition sounds like a saving grace to us college students buried in student loan debt I'm sure there are also more ways to put this plan into action but starting with some volunteers in an online class that sounds very reasonable

I know we will be paying more attention to legislation and keeping a close eye on a bill to make this free public university pass to quote corporate sponsor the great aim of education is not knowledge but action as students must take action for the next generation and maybe even our own children

So that they may have the opportunity to attend University with much more ease than ourselves and not have the burden of debt weighing on their shoulders I hope you take this into consideration and think about it.

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