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Argumentative essay on school uniforms

Argumentative essay on school uniforms

Argumentative essay on school uniforms

Children should wear a uniform always makes a lively debate many citizens believe that uniforms exploit the right of freedom of expression and hence should not be part of the school system

but uniform has many practical advantages where did the uniform helps the student to get ready for the world of work people like nurses soldiers police officers railway staff and store assistants often wear uniforms to work

uniforms are cost-effective for the middle class and poor families and maintain equality among all students despite their social status, there are many reasons why the uniform policy is a good idea it encourages discipline in the student's bodies we have and it helps students to resist peer pressure on by new and trendy clothing, as a result, it also helps to improve school grades

To start with uniforms help to maintain discipline in school, most parents say that children look neet and nice when they wear uniforms, the school uniform policy also ensures that children dressed appropriately to school and that most school people will come in school and have not over revealing clothes which are over outlandish or over revealing

school uniforms help administrators to identify strangers which can threat student safety uniforms also tend to decrease the influence of gangs and gang wallets universe make it difficult to sneak in weapons and make it easier to ban school gang colours and gang symbols

In Long Beach California the first school district to have a widespread mandatory school uniform policy the initial results considering the school uniform policy the drops in crime was high and the rate of discipline was going up, assault went down by 67% while vandalism went down by 82%

robbery and the school went down by 35% overall crime rate went down by 73 per cent after the first killer the school uniform policy was in place looking at these drastic improvements one can say that school uniform policy does encourage a discipline

Uniforms help to avoid peer pressure middle-class students often report peer pressure to buy expensive clothing cliquish exaggerated behaviour by differences of what students can afford and kids worried appropriately and appropriately sexualized clothing that's not even conducive to studying. President Clinton's endorsement to the use of school uniforms during his State of the Union address in January 1996 highlighted the importance of uniforms

concerning student safety he said and I quote "if it means teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets then our public schools should be able to require students to wear school uniform uncool"

uniforms often helped increase student self-esteem because they know they don't have to be part of a school stage show, dressing alike also helps children to understand that what matters is on the inside and not the outside school uniform policy should be made mandatory in all school as it helps to avoid peer pressure

lastly, uniforms also help to improve academics if there are no distractions in class about brand name clothing expensive jewellery children can pay more attention to classes and lectures and instead they cannot concentrate on who's wearing what and whom children are not we're worried about going for shopping to buy new trendy clothes and they have more time to study

it regards to all the schools that have mandatory school uniform policy long beach California it has been noted that the crime rates went down and the score of all students picked up, uniforms definitely helped improve student grades ultimately more and more schools are implementing school uniforms each year

school uniforms break equality discipline avoid peer pressure and improve academics uniforms avoid excessive spending on clothing and help save money for the families, 

uniforms have also helped to improve attendance lower crime rates and avoid the formation of gangs and groups in school, just like everyone is equal in the eyes of law and we should every student should be equal in school premises, school uniform policies should be made mandatory in all schools.

School Uniforms Pro/Con

The United States Department of Education reported in this school year of 2017 to 2018 that 12% of public secondary schools required uniforms 20% of elementary schools required them and 30% that included elementary and secondary require uniforms

I myself went to a school from fifth grade till graduation that required uniforms our colours were white navy blue and yellow and every day we'd see those colours walking through the hallways, my experience with uniforms helps me relate to a lot of the points I'm going to be talking about.

first of all, uniforms help unite students during the adolescent ages kids tend to compare each other a lot and this can often go through the form of clothing what the what schools dress code students wear and just the overall fashion of the school of clothing at that time can cause some children to be bullied

Implementing uniforms in the school system will eliminate this type of bullying the New York Times states in an article called Dress for Success written in 1997 that making kids wear uniforms helps them prepare for the real world one day where they will have to wear uniforms or at least dress businesslike.

kids reported that when they wore uniforms they felt more respected by their peers because everyone was wearing the same type of clothing uniforms can also create loyalty for the school just as athletic wear can create loyalty for a team we all know in the state of Wisconsin what the colours green in yellow mean and nobody's gonna forget that in the same way school colours can help create loyalty for the school especially when everybody's wearing them every day

so we know how uniforms can help the school students how can they help the teachers and parents well for one I have a little brother and I know my mom has a lot of hard times getting him ready in the morning because he doesn't want to wear that shirt with those pants or those shoes because it doesn't matter it doesn't look cool enough 

he goes to a school that has uniforms now and during school days he knows that he has to wear those clothes and it saves time for my mom and for him for students who dressed it saves time for them as well and helps the morning preparation go faster

it can also help teachers because when teachers take their children on field trips they can find their students a lot easier in crowds they know what colours to look for and they know what type of skirt 

Or what type of polo shirts to look for in a crowd and that way they can make sure that all their students are on one spot and that no one wandering off. so these are the ways that uniforms can be helpful how can they be hurtful well

uniforms can hinder creativity in students in a study done by the University of Nevada in 2013 90% of students that had to wear uniforms reported that they did not like it at all uniforms don't let kids self express themselves just like kids compare each other 

they also pay attention to others wear because they see it as a form of expressing someone's personality and when there are uniforms it's hard to do that through style or through colour choices because both of those are controlled by the uniform

if a school wants but an environment and a culture that really encourages creativity and expressing themselves then uniforms may be the first might not be the right thing for that school, how do you uniforms Bergen parents and teachers

well for one uniform can be very expensive everyone knows there are different classes of families in every school and the lower-class families sometimes might have a hard time paying for those uniforms because those uniforms are required to be bought from a certain company

they can't just go to a secondhand store and buy whatever clothes are cheapest for their child they have to buy those at specific clothing items there are like sales done at schools where parents can sell the clothes that their children about grown but there's no guarantee that someone's going to find the right size at those sales

they can also uniform can also burden teachers and other staff members of the school because they have to enforce these uniform policies they have to make sure that their rules are followed 

And if someone's not following the rules then they have to write a little pink slip or send them to the principal's office if necessary they have to make sure that this idea of uniforms is being followed and taken seriously

so we know that uniforms can help the students by uniting them it can help the parents by making preparation easier in the morning and can it can help the teachers by helping them keep track of their students and parents 

it can also hurt students by hindering their creativity and it can burden parents by creating an extra unnecessary expense and sense of belonging it can hurt teachers and other staff members by creating extra beauty for them during the school day

overall schools and members of the school board have to take all of these pros and cons into accounts when deciding whether uniforms are right for their school they have to decide what is best for the child and make their decision based off of that.

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