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Effect of bad friends essay

Effect of bad friends essay

 Effect of bad friends essay 


Life is a train station, and we as individuals, are the trains; people getting on and off at different times every day, every week, every month, every year.

 People will walk in and out of their lives in the identical kind of manner they board and exit a train. Some folks stay on for a long ride, while some only go to get a shortstop or two.

However, we're more affected than the ordinary train by people coming and going. As a train, you're just expected to power on and keep chugging along. 

It seems simple to go on without stopping, and it is tempting for us to try doing it, too but we are people, not trains.

It is actually not that easy. Sometimes it's hard to power on to keep going and chugging along... Sometimes we must stop and cool our engines a bit before we could keep going.

When someone who meant a lot to you gets away, it hurts! You can ignore it. But, ignoring the pain only prolongs it. And to confront it may cause you more pain than you have ever felt in your life!

But is it worth it to experience all this if you could finally find solace in the end? If it meant you could, Let it go.

 Letting go is one of the most difficult things in life. I am a firm believer that people come into your life with a purpose. And, once that purpose is fulfilled, they will inevitably leave.

Sometimes, people are in your lives for good reasons, and maybe it will seem that they leave too soon. But maybe it is the departure that is the true purpose, the real lesson that they have to provide you with. 

There are various sorts of letting go: the type of friends and significant others leaving, which of death. But death is to be discussed at a later date.

I have had to let go of a lot of people throughout my life, particularly since starting high school. I have been in and out of different relationships that have each dramatically changed me as a person. 

These adventures and people have shaped my values and beliefs, challenged what I thought to be true, and made me realize a few hard truths about myself and others.

The first man who changed me significantly was a boy. Let's call him"Jason" whom I talked to for about a year. He was one of the first people in my life whom 

I considered them poisonous; he was selfish, Illogical, and frankly only a horrible person! Regardless of what I said, he would disagree with me just because he could.

He would never admit when he was wrong; even though it made him look bad, he would ask for favors that would only help himself and would even allow me to go out of my way to perform them, despite the fact that I never would receive the exact same type of favor in return.

You might be asking yourself, "Why would I keep talking to this person? This is obviously an abusive bad friendship and not the way anyone ought to be treated!" 

Well, the reason I kept trying to talk to him was that he had been the first person to show interest in getting to know me deeper... Just like a true companion.

I never experienced that before. We would have great discussions, and he would be there for me when I was falling apart. My freshman year of college was the first time I had to face the possibility that I might have depression. 

Having him around felt great because it meant I had someone to help me up when I was down, somebody wanted me even though I had felt broken beyond repair.

I was so caught up with that feeling that I almost wasn't able to see how manipulative he really was and when I did, it crushed me. I had to distance myself and it hurt because 

I thought he cared but he was using me and taking advantage of my kind heart. I had never experienced a situation where I was the one who needed to end the relationship: What the lesson"Jason" educated me.

He's only one example of the people I've had to let go in my life The one thing I've learned though, is that if a person is compromising who you are as an individual, forcing you to change your basic beliefs without your permission, then you are better off without them.

If they make you feel guilty for being yourself, for disagreeing with their opinions that they take for a fact, for telling them how you feel? Then, they do not deserve to be in your life. Now, I know that letting people go is something that has to happen sometimes, and it'll hurt.

But, not as much as it would if you continue to associate with that person. In the long term, it's better off to distance yourself from those people rather than sticking around and letting them hurt. And, whatever you do, don't lose hope.

The correct individuals will come into your life, they might just not have found you yet. Therefore, if you recently realized the"buddies" you thought you had we're not good for you? That's okay.

Don't believe you're alone in this world, because you're not. Your people are on their way.

They might even be sitting next to you and you do not even know it. Don't be afraid to reach out and try to make new good friends. 

Though it's scary, and the fear of reduction is strong, the worst-case scenario is when they do not stick around, they were not meant to remain in your life, and that's fine.

You're narrowing down the possible chances for your true friends and family members. I hope these things help you realize that it might not be our fault people depart, after all, it might just be the people around you. You do not deserve to be treated as anything less by someone else because you deserve the very best!

And sometimes that best is only accomplished by allowing someone to leave your train station and letting them go on their way. And the thing that is not always realized is that is okay.

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