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Why honesty is important in a friendship

Why honesty is important in a friendship

Why honesty is important in a friendship?

I see the role of honesty being within relationship it being a linchpin to trust and respect because without it you can't develop that those two elements you can't be honest where you fear to offend and you can't respect an individual that actually deceives you on a regular basis you know and that's just a founding element

if you don't have these elements you don't have a relationship but at the same time in a relationship you have to have that measured response of care and consideration and that is something it's it's not necessarily a blanket policy issue of necessarily for me to sit down and say you have to be absolutely honest but it needs to be discussed it needs to be communicated and that is another you know vital absolutely vital

communication skill is that blew the answer but the the notion of communication being an essential relationship skill is you need to be able to communicate 

these things within a relationship and that also fosters a degree of trust honesty and respect is that when you can be honest and be truthful and yet still be respectful and consider the individual on how you care and hold that individual went in the manner in which they regard it is you know really truly the underpinnings of a relationship 

the idea of honesty and an intimate relationship is obviously it is going to be a more intimate raw exposed you know a completely naked vulnerable element of your psyche your awareness your sense of self will be exposed 

you know you can put up a social front publicly but in a relationship that that public facade is stripped away they're going to get to know you and there will be this raw vulnerability that that you expose yourself in a healthy relationship and you can tell when a relationships starting not to be in a healthy level 

when it's starting to be an inflection point into an unhealthy nature is when that honesty is evaporating when that honesty has been turning to transgressed when there's been a violation of trust respect and you don't have that open dialogue that sense of communication no matter what form it takes is is stripped away

if you're not willing to tell me the truth and I'm not willing to tell you the truth then maybe we're not really friends so, I feel like a lot of the times it's hard for people to tell the truth because they just don't care enough and I know that I am so guilty of this but what I mean is that you're friends with someone and you see them doing something that you know is not beneficial for them 

or you know is bringing them down the wrong path and you don't say anything and sure you can say oh you know it's not my place to say anything or they're not gonna listen but really what it is is that you just don't care enough to be honest with that person if you really cared about that person's well-being and if you really cared about your friend 

then you would tell them the hard truth I am pretty much talking to myself because I know that I have a hard time being honest with people sometimes and I don't mean that I lie but I mean that when I know that there's something that needs to be said or I see something being done wrong 

I hold my tongue because I care more about my pride than I do about their well-being I'm afraid that they're going to reject me or I'm afraid that they're gonna shut me down that they're not gonna listen that my efforts will have been done in vain and honestly that's kind of just part of being human obviously

There's a time and place for saying certain things you don't want to go up to someone when they're in the middle of a midlife crisis and tell them off because if they're not in a position where they're ready to hear that or they're ready to listen what you're saying will be falling on closed ears 

I think so many times it's come to the point in my life where I realize I am NOT being a good friend if I'm not able to be honest with this person if I'm not able to tell them that they're hurting me or they're hurting people around them why am i choosing to keep that label of friends around us 

the way that I see friendship is that you are meant to sharpen one another there's a famous proverb that says as iron sharpens iron so one friend must sharpen another and I believe that's what friendship is made for it's for two people to build each other up having this person tell this person that there's something wrong with them


when they don't see it and vice versa if you are willing to say something to someone you have to be willing to be vulnerable and also take in honesty yourself that's just my opinion on what friendship is how do you define friendship let me know in the comments below because I want to start a discussion coming from high school

where I felt like I got along with everyone well and I would consider everyone my friend going through university and realizing that I really only have two friends and then finishing university and really seeing who my friends are I think that that my perspective on what friendship is has changed but in the good way

 anyone who has gone from high school to university especially if you've moved away for university or college then you know very well what it's like to find out who your real friends are and find out who your not so real friends are the ones that don't keep in touch the ones that don't speak to you the ones that don't make an effort

 even friends that are remotes the ones that are immediate the ones that are around you willingness to be honest and willingness to take in honesty are two big factors that I believe makes a real friendship and of course there's trust and effort included under all of that but I really believe 

if you're not willing to tell me the truth and I'm not willing to tell you the truth then maybe we're not really friends and so that kind of concludes my I don't know my random thought rants it's something that's been lingering in my brain for a while and I wanted to talk about it

 so let me know what you guys think in the comments below if you agree if you disagree I know that I am guilty of not telling my friends the truth and of course that has resulted in some broken friendships and I'm also guilty of not being willing to take in the truth 

I mean sure on the surface I'll take it in but it's really hard for me to digest it and chew it up and break it down and like really comprehend it but that's just part of being human I guess and that's part of growing up.

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