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My Dad My Hero Essay in English

Essay on My Father In English

My Dad My Hero Essay in English

  1. My father is the real hero and ideal person of my life
  2. His name is _____
  3. He is honest and dutiful.
  4. He is a very kind person.
  5. He is also very intelligent and loving.
  6. He always helps others with their problems.
  7. He is a very honest person and also very famous in his office.
  8. My father has a lot of patience.
  9. He supports and guides me in all my problems.
  10. He always understands my feelings and sorrows.
  11. He has always taught me good manners.
  12. He spends time with me every day and asks me about my school activities.
  13. He plays with me every weekend.
  14. He is the most beloved father in the world.
  15. He is a very special person in my life.
  16. I love my father so much.

10 Lines Essay on My Father 

1. My father is my real hero and the best person in my life.
2. He is the one whom I look upon for all my dreams and desires.
3. He faces all the difficulties of life without letting come on us.
4. He helps me in my studies and solves all my problems.
5. He sacrifices all his desires so that we can live happily.
6. My father is the one whom I reach when I am not able to handle things in my life.
7. My father is my first teacher who teaches me all the manners and ethics of life.
8. He is the one who guides me in every decision of my life
9. He is also much disciplined and does not tolerate any mischief.
10. My father is my hero because he is the one who introduces us to the happiness of life. 

My Dad My Hero Essay in English in 250 words

My father is my best friend in this world. My father is my hero, my best friend and a great role model in my life. My father's name is Mr.____. 
He is forty years old. 

He wakes up early in the morning and exercises regularly. He always goes to the office at the right time and teaches us to go to school at the right time. He says that time is money.

My father is the head of our family. He loves all family members. He showers unconditional love to all members of the family. He helps me with my studies, tells us stories and play with us. 

He also helps my mother with many things at home. He likes to cook in his spare time. He respects my grandparents a lot and teaches us to take care of them.

My father is an ideal person. I share everything with him. He supports me whenever I need him. He taught me how to behave, how to talk, meet, eat, drink and how to reach. 

His life is a practical example to me to adopt and follow the most desired value of life. He inspires me to be a better human being. He is very kind and polite to the poor. I love my father. I am very grateful to him for all that he does for me. 

My father is my hero essay in English

My dad is a real hero because he was the most special person in my life his name is Mr Pawan Kumar he is a civil engineer by profession his 47 years old. He is a very good athlete and an artist he has won many awards for being a good runner and a painter he tries his best to keep our family happy.

He works hard to make money for our family he loves me a lot and always tries to cheer me up whenever I am in a sad mood he has always taught me good values and not spoiled me by buying me all things that I wanted but at the same time, he has gifted me many things that I always wish to have my dad has always tried his level best to make me a good human being.

I am his only son he is very careful regarding what I eat he is always insisting I eat healthy stuff such as foods and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals 

he is an extremely loving dad I always enjoy spending time with him and learning new things with him he has taught me to swim to date I have won many swimming championships my dad helps me in my studies too.

He doesn't allow me to take tuition instead he personally sits with me to get my problems solved it is because of his help I perform well in my studies my dad is the most precious gift of God to me he is a loving father and the most gracious person I have ever seen in my life

He wants me to become a good human being like him that is why he always teachers mean to differentiate between wrong and right he's my best friend I can discuss everything with him without any hesitation things that I fail to reveal out to my close friends 

I can easily discuss them with my dad whenever I need his help he is always available for me he's like a hero to me he's a funny cool adventurous and smart human being 

I have learned a lot of things under my dad's guidance which education fails to teach the most important lesson that dad has taught me to be disciplined and hardworking in life, these two things are the key ingredients to achieve success in life 

he has taught me what life is all about he has shown me the way to achieve the success he has shown me the opportunities that exist in front of me but at the same time he has left the decision up to me in terms of which path to choose he is very confident that his efforts to make me a good human being will never go in vain seeing his confidence in me someday 

I want to make him proud. I thank God every day for giving me such a loving and caring father I also wish to see him in good health for the rest of my life.


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