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Essay On The Present Education System Has Outlived Its Use

The Present Education System Has Outlived Its Use

The present education system has outlived its use. Give your views for or against the statement.

  • Introduction - Need and importance. 
  • The outdated system was left as a legacy by the British. 
  • Over-emphasis on awarding degrees. 
  • A highly subjective system encourages manipulation. 
  • Large-scale distribution of degrees leads to corruption. 
  • Conclusion - Need to replace with a system which lays more stress on character building and vocational Training

"T" is education from the common mind. Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined" said Alexander Pope. Such is the importance of education in our lives. Thus any government must ensure, that there is a proper education system for its youth who are the future of the nation.

This should not only take care of the aspirations of the people but also cater to the growth and economic development of the country. The present education system has failed on both counts and hence has outlived its use. 

Unfortunately, we in India have still persisted with the system devised by the British, that enabled them to rule over this hapless country for over two hundred years. This system ideally suited them to meet their requirement of clerks and assistants, who could implement the dictates of their white masters. 

Thus this system enabled a handful of imperialist forces, to hold hegemony over the entire subcontinent. It is indeed a matter of shame, that even after more than half a century of our independence, we have still not been able to remove the shackles of this outdated system. 

This arrangement hence continues to produce, an army of graduates and postgraduates, who have no vocational training whatsoever, making them unemployable. 

Moreover, with the economic liberalisation and the current thinking of downsizing the government, there would be fewer employment opportunities. The over-emphasis on awarding degrees in a variety of subjects, from social sciences to music and dance is the root cause of disgruntlement in the youth today.

Thus after spending considerable time and money, he does qualify for a degree, which is unable to fetch him a job, making the entire exercise irrelevant.

Apart from preparing him for gainful employment, it does not even prepare him for life. The overemphasis on passing through theoretical examination, at the end of the year, leads to a highly subjective assessment of an individual's true potential and in-depth knowledge. 

Thus we find students resorting to selective cramming, to obtain excellent grades in the examination. Those with more ingenuity and muscle power, can resort to cheating and manipulating marks, reducing the system to a farce. 

This is but an irony, for instead of imbibing good values, it rewards those resorting to cheating and using unfair means. 

The government's persistence in having graduation, as the minimum qualification for government jobs, has led to the large-scale distribution of degrees. Some of which can be procured from dubious institutions. 

This leads to rampant corruption in the so-called universities that are the temple of learning. Thus making mockery of the system, that has indeed outlived its use. It is therefore imperative, that as we enter the new millennium, we replace the structure with a more humane, objective, forward-looking system. 

Where there is more stress on character building and vocational training. A system where the youth not only grows up with a healthy personality but also with wholesome knowledge for his own, as well as the nation's progress.

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