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Leadership Essay for Students and Children in English

  Leadership Essay for Students and Children in English Leadership is defined as 'the process in which an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal'. The goal is achieved through mutual cooperation and harmonious behavior. A leader infuses a sense of positivity and directs others to reach a specified goal. Psychologists have devised various theories over the years to explain the traits of a leader. The researchers listed some of the traits of a good leader: intelligence, extraversion and accommodation, openness to experience, general self-efficacy, and conscientiousness. It has been hypothesized that a person with these qualities results in a good leader. Another theory states that great events lead an ordinary person to emerge as a leader. Then there is a third principle that emphasizes that leadership is a change or a process. Anyone can become a leader by learning leadership skills. A leader is one who not only stands up for his cause but also tak

10 Lines on Noise Pollution in English for Children and Students


10 Lines on Noise Pollution in English for Children and Students

10 Lines on Noise Pollution in English for Children and Students

1. Noise pollution is a worldwide issue that needs to be resolved.

2. Noise pollution occurs when the amount of noise exceeds the average value of the environment.

3. Unnecessarily honking and loud music is the reasons for noise pollution

4. Heavy machines that are used in industries and Construction work are also contributing to noise pollution.

5. Due to noise, we become habitual of listening to loud voices, and the chances of deafness increase.

6. Noise pollution also harms animals and birds.

7. In order to reduce noise pollution, the government has banned the use of horns in Vehicles

8. We should avoid listening to loud music

9. Machinery should be repaired from time to time so that their noise gets reduced.

10. Noise pollution is one of the reasons for high blood pressure.

10 Lines on Noise Pollution for Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  1. Noise pollution is a problem of modern life. 
  2. It is causing much concern all over the world. 
  3. The sound pollution is mainly caused by the use of electric horns by cars. 
  4. Indiscriminate use of microphones during religious festivals, social functions, and political gatherings brings about sound pollution. 
  5. The effects of sound pollution,n are dreadful. 
  6. It increases blood pressure, heart disease, deafness and madness. 
  7. Noise pollution disturbs people in their sleep. 
  8. It disturbs the students in their studies. 
  9. The use of electric horns, loudspeakers, and crackers must be controlled. 
  10. The government should take adequate measures to tackle sound pollution. 

10 Lines on Noise Pollution for for Classes 6, 7, and 8. 

1) The propagation of noise from different sources such as loudspeakers, transport vehicles, etc which has a negative impact on our health. 2) Noise pollution can badly affect our ears and can lead to deafness, either partial or full, especially in older people. 3) Noise pollution creates trouble in residential areas also, sounds from loudspeakers, vehicles, construction in nearby places, shouting while playing outdoor games, etc. 4) It is also responsible for affecting our nervous system; there have been several mental ailments that occurred to people due to this. 5) Average noise level increases up to 97.60 decibels against the recommended level of 50 decibels by WHO for residential complexes. 6) Experts say that the level of noise pollution is higher in developing and underdeveloped countries than in developed countries. 7) It also creates problems in concentration in schools and colleges; besides, roads are worst affected by noise pollution. 8) Students of either schools or colleges also feel the problem due to noise pollution; they do not become able to concentrate on their studies. 9) It also increases the chance of heart ailments, the blood pressure of a person can either increase or decrease due to noise pollution. 10) Noise causes serious health concerns in children; it hampers their physical and psychological growth and development.

10 Lines on Noise Pollution for Classes 9, 10, 11, 12, and Competitive Exams

1. Noise pollution or sound pollution refers to the dangerous and unwanted level of disturbance caused by noise. 
2. A sound more than 85db is said to be a damaging level of sound that, over time, can cause hearing loss. 
3. Noise pollution is caused by industries that use heavy equipment like compressors, generators, mills, etc. The construction of roads and buildings is also a factor. 
4. An increase in road traffic has also caused noise pollution due to needless honking. 
5. Poor urban planning causes many fights as they are competing for the same resources. 
6. The use of firecrackers during festivals is also a source of noise pollution. 
7. Noise pollution causes hearing impairment, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, fatigue, lack of sleep, and increased stress. Animals suffer behavioral changes and loss of hearing. 
8. Soundproofing, establishing silent zones, and rules laid down to prevent making noise are some ways to avoid noise pollution. 
9. Others include discouraging needless honking, turning off appliances when not in use, and planting trees as they absorb sounds. 
10. International Noise Awareness Day is witnessed every year, usually on the last Wednesday of April. It was celebrated on April 29 in 2020. 

10 Lines on Noise Pollution in English for Children and Students

1. Noise pollution is man-made pollution. 2. It is also known as “Sound Pollution". 3. It is caused due to high and loud voices in the environment. 4. Loudspeakers, and vehicles are responsible for noise pollution. 5. Various machines in the factories also generate a lot of sounds. 6. Other causes of Noise pollution are - air traffic, sounds from households, shouting, parties, crackers, etc. 7. Mental illness occurs in people due to noise pollution.
8. the humans as well as animals. 9. People can't sleep even at night time due to noise pollution. 10. Planting more trees will reduce noise pollution since plants absorb the voice that passes through them.

10 Lines on Noise Pollution in English for Children and Students

1. Noise pollution is a serious environmental issue. 2. Noise is usually an unwanted sound.
3. Noise pollution is also called sound pollution.
4. sound pollution is mainly caused by the use of electric horns by cars.
5. The use of firecrackers during festivals is also a source of noise pollution. 6. The effects of sound pollution are dreadful.
7. Increases blood pressure, heart disease, deafness, and madness. 8. Noise pollution disturbs people in their sleep.
9. It disturbs the students in their studies. 10 The use of electric horns, loudspeakers, and crackers must be controlled.

10 Lines on Noise Pollution in English for Children and Students

  1. Nature has given us pollution-free earth but now it is affected.
  2. Modern times are under many problems and noise pollution is one of them. 
  3. Generally, It means harmful or annoying levels of noise. 
  4. The sound of Loudspeakers and motor horns are the main cause of it. 
  5. It causes deafness, loss of memory, nervousness, and mental disease.
  6. Noise not only interferes with communication but also affects the mind and health. 
  7. According to the WHO, Sound levels less than 70 dB do not damage organs. 
  8. It is high time to make immediate and sincere efforts to stop noise pollution. 
  9. The government has a big role in checking noise pollution.
  10. It may be controlled through awareness and education.

10 Lines on Noise Pollution in English for Children and Students

1) Noise is another word for sound
2) It usually means it is not wanted
3) Noise is perceived by our ears. Noise can damage our ears
4) Noise pollution is also called sound pollution
5) Some of the main sources of noise in residential areas are loud music, construction, transportation (buses, rail, airplanes), etc.,
6) Noise pollution can even cause permanent deafness 7) It can also contribute to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, etc.,
8) Noise pollution affects animal's communication and hearing 9) To reduce noise pollution, close the door when using noisy machines, use earplugs, and stay away from a noisy areas
10) Notify authorities about the disobedience of Noise rules.



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