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Independence Day Speech For Students in English

Independence day speech for students of class 1 or 2 Good morning, honourable chief guest, principal, teachers and my friends. I wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day.  Today we are honoured to address him on the 72nd Independence Day. A day when we remember all the glory of our nation.  As we remember the struggles, rebellions of Indian freedom fighters and the efforts of our Indian freedom fighters.  In my view, freedom is a very precious gift of Indian freedom fighters.  I would like to thank you once again for your attention and for giving me the opportunity to speak before you. Jai Hind, Vande Mataram:-- Also read:  15 August Poem in English Independence day speech for students of class 1 or 2 Many congratulations to the honourable Chief Guest of the day, Respected Principal Sir, respected teachers, parents, and all my dear friends.  I wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day. Everyone present here knows the reason for coming together in such a

Paragraph on International Mother Language Day | 10 Lines Essay & Speech


Paragraph International Mother Language Day

Paragraph on International Mother Language Day

The term mother language refers to the language a child usually learns at home from parents.

Mother tongue can often be referred to as first language or native language.

International mother language day ( Matribhasha Diwas) is celebrated every year on the 21st of February.

The main purpose of the day is to raise awareness of mother language cultural diversity and multilingualism around the world.

The day was proclaimed by the general conference of the united nations educational scientific and cultural organization(UNESCO) in November 1999.

It is an initiative to promote preserve and protect all languages used by people of the world.

My mother language is 'Hindi'. My first words were in Hindi and I hope my last words are in Hindi too I speak Hindi at home.

Speaking Hindi makes me comfortable and happy. I feel that there is no other language that is better than my mother language.

In my country culture and language are linked we cannot understand a culture without first learning our mother tongue.

Hindi is not only my mother language it is also the national language of my country.

Speech on International Mother Language Day

"International mother language day is honored every year on 21st February. The key purpose of celebrating this day is to promote awareness of language and cultural diversity throughout the world"

 21 February is the international mother language day that has begun to celebrate from 17 November 1999 when UNESCO declared 

The day includes a glorious background story in year 1952 Bangladesh was colonized by Pakistan and it was called East Pakistan at that time the Pakistani rulers declared that Urdu could be the state language of Pakistan

That means even the east Pakistani people that is Bangladeshi people also need to speak Urdu in the government offices universities and other official places 

Many people of Bangladesh sacrificed their lives demanding the rightful recognition of the Bangla language on 21st February 1952 

The decision was revoked by the Pakistani government and announced Bangla alongside urdu the national language of Pakistan

This is the first and only life sacrificing for the language in the real history of this world 

More than 188 countries celebrate this day as their mother language day and also pay respect for those who sacrificed their lives on 21st February 1952 

The introduction of the mother language will not only promote linguistic diversity but also enhance language-based education.

10 Lines on International Mother Language Day

  1. 21st of February is celebrated as international mother language day every year. This day is our glory we feel proud of this day
  2. The 21st of February is a red-letter day in the history of Bangladesh 
  3. On this day our valiant sons laid down their lives for the mother tongue 
  4. The Pakistani rulers tried to establish Urdu as the state language 
  5. Our sons protested this and some of them were brutally killed on the 21st of February 1952 
  6. At last, Bangla was established and the 21st of February has become a language day 
  7. It was first announced by UNESCO on November 17, 1999, since then it has been celebrated every year.
  8. Bangladesh remembers her brave sons on this day. We offer flowers to the Shaheed Minar.
  9. Different sociocultural organizations arrange different functions 
  10. Every year this day is celebrated with respect and solemnity.

Paragraph on International Mother Language Day

Mother tongue is a language that we mostly speak learning the mother language is important for one's personal social and cultural identity.

Mother tongue is the first language it is also referred to as native language mother tongue makes it easier for children to speak up and learn other languages.

Mother language is related to culture in other words it is the medium through which people preserve their culture and keep their traditions alive.

International mother language day (Matribhasha Diwas) is observed every year on 21st February to promote linguistic cultural diversity and multilingualism around the world.

21st February is declared as international mother language day by UNESCO as many had sacrificed their lives for their mother tongue in Bangladesh.

my mother tongue is 'Hindi'.  Just like everyone else i respect my mother tongue my mother language holds a very special place in my heart to me Hindi is the most beautiful language.

I love watching Hindi movies my language allows me to express myself better than any other language. I feel comfortable when i speak in my mother language. I love my mother language.

Paragraph International Mother Language Day

The International Mother Language Day is commemorated every year on 21 February. The day highlights the accessibility to education in the mother tongue, it hinders the learning of inhabitants, as well as their access to heritage and cultural expressions.
"Among my most prized possessions are words have never Spoken." - Orison Rega Cand
The history behind this day is, in the year 1952, Bangladesh. (East Pakistan) saw a massive language movement in Dhaka as the people stood up for theist sights.

They initiated the Vast movement became after the independence, the government of Pakistan declared that Urdu will be the national language.

The decision did not go Davon well with the people who were living in East Pakistan as their mother language was Bangla.

They raised their voice and asked for acceptance of the Bangla language as one of the official languages.

The college students of Dhaka first protested in the year 1952, and it was in the year 1956 that the Pakistan government agreed to make Bangla one of the official languages.
After the strong struggle, on February 29.1956, Bengali was made the second official language of Pakistan.

In the year 1971, Bangladesh became a free country, and the language Bengali also became its official language.
In 1999, UNESCO presented the topic of mother language and the issues that the people in Bangladesh faced at the UNGIS and since after the year 2000, this day has been observed across the globe.



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