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Junk Food vs Healthy Food Essay

Shot Junk Food vs Healthy Food Essay Food is the essential part that is needed to carry life and all its processes. Food gives us energy to do all the work and its processes. While food is very important, what is really important cannot be simply Food, it's Healthy Food. Healthy Food is the one that gives the right amount of nutrients to keep ourselves fit and active. e.g. Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Rice, Pulses, eggs, meat, etc. are all Healthy Food. Healthy Food not only gives nutrients but also -Improves our concentration -Helps in digestion Helps us to grow more healthily prevents Aging and also Protects us from any diseases. Junk food lacks the nutrients which are needed for our body to remain fit and active. eg.-Burger, Pizza, Pasta, Wafers, cold drinks, canned foods, etc. are all Junk Food. However, Junk food makes us feel satisfied due to its taste, but it results in many problems in long term, like Obesity which is fattiness in us. Laziness is having a sleepy feeling.

Clean India Green India Essay In English

Clean India Green India Essay In English

Clean India Green India Essay In English 

"India is a green country
Please make it a clean country
Give your effort to maintain India's beauty
Because it's our responsibility & duty"

India is a big country. It enjoys a special place in the world. These traditions are rich when Sri Narendra Modi become the prime minister of India, he felt that the people of this country must be inspired for cleanliness to crowd them.

Clean India and Green India are the two sides of one coin i.e sustainable development in India. Clean India or Swatch Bharat Abhiyan was the dream of the father of the nation. 

The main objective of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan is to reduce or eliminate open defecation through the construction of individual clusters and community toilets, Establishment of an accountable and transparent mechanism of monitoring the work of the government. 

The conclusion from the goals and objective we have seen above is that Clean India Green India. It is the duty and strong sense of responsibility of the citizens to make India clean like a mirror. 

Clean India Green India Essay In English 

Clean and green makes a perfect scene what you guys think about it isn't it a perfect scene and we Indians are the ones who can create this perfect scenario by keeping our surroundings clean come on Indians it's time to welcome our clean India 

Since the existence of humans, there is an interrelationship between humans and the environment in an attempt to live a satisfactory life we keep on snatching from the environment as much as possible and utilizing all the natural resources and this led to an increase in pollution dirt garbage etc.

If we have disturbed the environment then it's our duty to improve the quality of nature and to keep our surroundings clean and clean 

What does the clean and green India mean, the title save its meaning itself there is a good thing there is a good saying that"cleanliness is next to godliness"

We need to keep our India clean and I am really happy with the initiative taken by our respected prime minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi who has started Swatch Abyan on the 2nd of October 2014 which aims at cleanliness. 

Hygiene has always been important in our life but during this corona period we actually understood the importance and value of cleanliness 

Everyone says that take part in swatch Bharat Abhiyan,  we say that India should be a clean country we say and sing but what do we actually do about this 

we use plastic bags or thermophiles which are really harmful we throw it anywhere we want in the rivers in the gutters in the nalas etc and as a result, water does not get away to flow and the flood comes

Today many rivers are just overflowing with dirt and garbage who is throwing this dirt and garbage in the rivers 

We people we all are polluting our own motherland nobody is saying you could take the rooms in your hand and start cleaning all the roads and the streets

but at least we can clean or we can throw the garbage in the dustbins so let's make the right choice and use dustbins 

cleaning upcountry can not be the sole responsibility of these sweepers do we citizens have no role in this Gandhiji once said that "be the change you want to see in the world be the change you want to see in the world"

 but can it be done alone absolutely not cleaning upcountry is our own responsibility and we citizens have to make our nation clean and green clean and green India scheme is only possible with the complete cooperation of everything 

So let us follow the three-hour mantras which are 

  • reduced means reducing the waste
  •  reuse reusing the waste 
  • recycle recycling the waste 

Let us avoid the use and throw type of particles such as canned coal rings tetra packs etc. you know America is the largest producer of electricity from solid west japan has now developed the projects of production of threads papers from banana feelings if other countries can do it then why can't we

Cleanliness is really a good habit and we all should definitely follow it swatch the Bharat Abhiyan is a great start to make India cleaner and greener 

If all the citizens come together and participate in this mission then India will soon become the cleanest nation 

Hence let's put our hands together to make India a clean and green nation clean and beautiful India is our own India India can do it I think we all people of India can do it. 

Clean India Green India Essay In English 

Climate change refers to the long-term changes in global temperatures and weather patterns, the cause of current climate change is largely human activity 

Human activities like the burning of fossil fuels deforestation increase in livestock farming intensive usage of fertilizers wastage transportation and many more are the causes of climatic change

It is important to understand the concept of climate change so that we can prepare for the future students need to know the change in the climate and how it is affecting our mother earth 

Scientists are raising their voices against environmental pollution and climate change 

Global warming and climate change will adversely impact the poor particularly in developing nations like India, developing nations like India cannot afford to take care of its effects 

In India, the legislative executive and judicial branches all have a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a nature-friendly environment 

  • Our country should improve energy efficiency in households industries and organizations 
  • We should concentrate more on the use of renewable energy sources like wind solar and biomass dependence on coal should decrease 
  • India should aim at the expansion of public transportation and invest in electric vehicles
  • Regulation should be set in controlling industrial emissions
  • New laws should be made regarding the deforestation policy illegal deforestation should be controlled 
  • Government should plan for an increase in the forest area you 

Clean India Green India Essay In English 

Making India clean and green is a dream of all the citizens With this Clean India Green India mission, we focus to keep our India clean and also concentrate to stop deforestation and increasing the number of trees in India. 

The best way is that we should start the cleanliness drive from our room, kitchen, house and society. The demand of the time and situation is to protect the environmental beauty and purity of the 

surroundings. Sustainable development is not possible without a green environment and a clean climate. The government also plays an important role in making India clean and green. 

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched by the Prime Minister of India in 2014 is a good start to make India cleaner and greener. The government must create a forest belt near every city and town. We should 

also take some basic steps like carrying a recycled bag when we go out of our house and not throw garbage flat here and there. Composting at home reduces the 

volume of garbage sent to landfills. There is a need for change in the mindset of people and also to find the right method for disposal of waste and implement it. What we need is not only the new plans but also their strict implementation. 

If the environment is not healthy, we cannot remain healthy. Once our India becomes cleaner and greener, it will be beneficial not only for us but also for future generations too. Let us work together to achieve our aim of a clean and green India. 

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