Essay On Freedom Struggle Of India


Essay On Freedom Struggle Of India

Essay On Freedom Struggle Of India

“Our Hag does not fly because the wind moves it. 

It flies because the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it"

Freedom is own birthright and its protection is ou responsibility". Life is meaningless without freedom. A person who is Submissive neither be happy nor free and unable to fulfil his desires. 

The life of birds and caged birds flying freely in the open sky be distinguished from the lifestyle of the people of independence and save the country. 

In the same way, our country India got freedom from the long term slavery of about 200 years from the British colonial power and the freedom that we get after a lot of Struggles increases the Importance of that freedom. 

"Freedom is the open window, Through which powers the Sunlight of the human spirit and Human Dignity." 

The history of thousands of years old it has faced many foreign invasions in its thousands of years of history Brutish lightened their grip on India in the 18th century, we realized slavery for the first time.

Because gradually the British exploited us and started harming our Civilization, and Slavery in the British Fetters. But then the freedom fighters started the Struggle for Independence against the British fetters.

The Indian Freedom Struggle is one of the most significant progress in the history of India. As we all know how to British tightened their grip on India and started trading goods of all know how to British India and lightened their grip started like silk, Tea, and cotton in our Country and thus they went on hollowing out our county.

To get freedom from this terrible rule, India went through a very difficult prase and Magal Panday started the first moment against the British in 1857, who were Indian Soldiers Mangal Pandey Similarly from time, there were many movements that helped India achieve independence, Such as the Disobedience Movement, Dandi March Quit India Movement etc.

After a long Saga, Our Country became Independent 15 August 1947, which emerged as a unity and it is said that  A nation that is organized can neither break nor break it. 

Therefore the freedom we breathing today freedom has been possible only by Martyrs. We should respect this valuable heritage of ours.

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