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My Vision for India 100 Years Paragraph 150 words, 400 words

Essay on My vision for India @ 100 years Paragraph 150 words Introduction: India is a developing country that needs many things for development. India is going to complete 100 years of its independence and sovereignty, which inspires Indians to think big and make them strong. Body After 100 years of independence, my vision for India of 2047 is to be strong like the freedom fighters who fought for our country and lost their lives in making India an independent country. My vision for India in 2047 is to be self-reliant in every decision so that gaps can be bridged in such a way that no one has to struggle to find a home and earn a living. In the year 2047, India should be known as a superpower and not a country that is not only known for its culture but also for its valour and defence capability. The literacy rate should touch an all-time high percentage and people should become as humble and knowledgeable as our ancestors were in different eras. My vision for India in 100 years i

9th Sanskrit Trimasik exam 2021 solution | कक्षा 9 संस्कृत पेपर त्रैमासिक पेपर सलूशन 2021


कक्षा 9 संस्कृत पेपर त्रैमासिक पेपर सलूशन 2021

9th Sanskrit Trimasik exam 2021 solution | कक्षा 9 संस्कृत पेपर त्रैमासिक पेपर सलूशन 2021

About Quarterly Exam :- 

Friends, as you all know that your quarterly paper has started from 24th September and friends today we are going to talk about this, now this question is also arising in the mind of other students. How many of these would be there? Appear in the main exam or not, friends we will talk about it later, now let's talk, here is the complete light of all the subjects of the quarterly exam, yes friends, in such a situation, the students are very worried about the monthly exam. 

On Google, you keep searching and searching for the complete solution of all the subjects, so friends, I thought about the same, why not provide you the complete solution of all the subjects at one place, so friends, I have here all the class and all about the same. 

Classes are given. I am providing complete solution of quarterly exam of subjects, so you don't need to go anywhere, so now let's see complete solution for your upcoming exam.

Class 09 Sanskrit Quarterly Paper Complete Solution

Will the numbers of your quarterly papers be added in the main examination - Friends, in such a situation, the question is also arising in the mind of the students whether the numbers of these examinations will be added in the main examination or not, friends, in today's post we will discuss this topic. are going to do.

Yes friends, let me tell you that as you must have known that the 12th examination result of the last year 2021 which was determined on the basis of the tenth and tenth class examination results, will be determined on the basis of its previous classes and class 11th had gone.

The 9th exam result was determined by these exams, so it won't be hard to say that quarterly exam numbers can be added to your IX and XI exams, but class X and XII friends can't say anything. Their numbers will be added or not, but friends it becomes necessary for you to give this exam because it will strengthen your inner strength, 

so I hope now you understand whether you should give quarterly exam or not and what is their importance. Everything must have been understood, so let us now know the complete solution of your upcoming topic.

कक्षा 9 संस्कृत पेपर त्रैमासिक पेपर सलूशन 2021

त्रैमासिक पेपर 2021

कक्षा - 09

विषय - संस्कृत 

निर्देश :- 

  1. सभी प्रश्न हल करना अनिवार्य है

  2. 1 अंक के कुल प्रश्न - 5 (प्रत्येक पर एक अंक ) 32

  3. 2 अंक के कुल प्रश्न - 10 (प्रत्येक पर 2 अंक ) 20

  4. 3 अंक के कुल प्रश्न - 04 (प्रत्येक पर 3 अंक ) 16

  5. 4 अंक के कुल प्रश्न - 04 (प्रत्येक पर 04 अंक ) 16

  6. आवश्यकता के अनुसार स्वच्छ व नामांकित चित्र

प्रश्न 01 - सही विकल्प चुनकर लिखिए - 

1. वृक्षस्योपरि प्ले सन्धि: अस्ति ?

(अ) गुण संधि:

(ब) दीर्घ संधि:

(स) वृद्धि संधि:  

(द) अयादि संधि:

उत्तर - गुण संधि:

2. अधोलिखितेषु व्यंजन संधि: अस्ति ?

(अ) तदनन्तर:

(ब) पावक:

(स) कपीश:

(द) इत्यादि:

उत्तर - तदनन्तर

3. कक्षा + अभ्यन्तर: इत्यस्य सन्धि पदम अस्ति ?

(अ) कक्षभ्यन्तर: 

(ब) कक्षाअभ्यंतर:

(स) कक्षोभ्यंतर:

(द) कक्षाभ्यंतर:

उत्तर - कक्षाभ्यंतर:

4. एकैक: पदे संधि: अस्ति ?

(अ) गुण संधि:

(ब) दीर्घ संधि: 

(स) वृद्धि संधि:

(द) अयादि संधि: 

उत्तर - वृद्धि संधि:

5. मनोहर: पदस्य संधि विच्छेद: अस्ति - 

(अ) मन: + हर:

(ब) मनो + हर

(स) मनस् + हर:

(द) मन + हर:

उत्तर - मन: + हर:

प्रश्न 02 - सही जोड़ी चुनकर लिखिए - 

  1. सरस्वती

  2. आम्रम् 

  3. पवन: 

  4. तटे 

उत्तर - 

  • वाणी

  • रसाल:

  • समीर:

  • तीरे

प्रश्न 06 - श्लोक पंक्ति पूर्ति कुरुत -

1. प्रियवाक्यप्रदानेन ……...।

2. गुणेष्वेव हि कर्तव्य: .........।

उत्तर - 

1. सर्वे तुष्यन्ति जन्तवः।

2. प्रयत्न: पुरुषै: सदा।

प्रश्न 07 -  कवि: कां सम्बोधयति ?

उत्तर -  वीणां

प्रश्न 08 - स्वर्णकाक: कान् अखादत् ?

उत्तर -  तन्दुलान ।

प्रश्न 09 - कुम्भकार: घटान् किमर्थ रचयति ? 

उत्तर -   जीविकार्थ ।                

प्रश्न 11 - अधोलिखितानां शब्दनां विलोमशब्दं पाठात् चित्वा लिखत ? 

1. पश्चाद् ……….

2. हसितुम् ………

3. अध: …………

4. सूर्यास्त: ………

उत्तर -  

  1. पूर्वम्।

  2. रोदितुम्।

  3. उपरि:।

  4. सूर्योदय:

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