Problems faced by women in india Essay


Problem faced by women in india

Problems faced by women in India essay

So first of all, if you take what are the problems faced by women in India? 

So India is a country where women are given the status of goddesses I believe so and you people also believe in that. However, the problems they have to face just show the opposite of this concept on hand. They worship them as goddesses. And I'm on the other hand, they abuse them endlessly and considered them as inferior.

Indian women always had some problem or the other to face in society. People evolved and sought. The problems of women also evolved. They did not go away but change from one to another, and they kept on going. 

We needed to realize these problems and act on them as fast to help our country thrive to problems faced by women in India. While in the early days there were some big issues like safety system, widow remarriage, Devadasi system and more, while most of them are not violent.

Now there are new issues that women face now. They must not be the same, but they are as severe as early ones. They hinder the growth of the country and make the women feel inferior. 

Firstly, violence against women is a very grave issue facing women in India. It is happening almost every day in every walk of life in various forms. People turn a blind eye to it instead of doing something. 

Domestic violence happen more often than you think further, there is also the related harassment, marital rape, genital mutilation and more. we also have the issues of gender discrimination. Women are not considered equal to men, but we do live in a society where women are equal to men. 

They face discrimination in almost every part of life and every piece, whether a workplace or even the little girl, becomes a victim of this discrimination. So the man's life is just unjustified. Moreover, there is also lack of education and the gender pay gap.

Women in rural areas are still denied of education for being a female. Similarly, women do not get equal pay as men for doing the same work. On top of that, they also face workplace harassment and exploitation. 

So every citizen and government must try to make it a safe place for women to be in. They must make more stringent laws against people who commit crimes against women. They must also be implanted properly to ensure everyone takes them seriously. 

Opportunities must be provided equally for men and women in every part of life we must encourage women to give their best. It does not matter whether it is a medical field or sports. The opportunities must be equal. Moreover, education must be stressed upon gravely. 

It must be a compulsion to educate every girl and women for a better future so that women, the world could be a better place to live in. We must join hands to protect and safeguard our women in our country. It will help us to thrive as a country and make the world a better place.

Therefore, each one of us must be ready to treat women as equal counterparts. We must help them at every stages and more than that, empower them to make their own decision. After that, these issues can be eliminated. So women did not face discrimination in the name of gender. 

So coming to the point, the Indian women face a lot of problem and the top crime list is the rape. So in the year 2012, the brutal rape and murder of a 23 year old physiotherapy student grabbed international headlines.

So this was about who was being raped while she was going with her boyfriend. And the government caught the rapist and they hang them only in the year 2020. 

So there is a gap of nearly six years between them to hang the rapist. And this is not the first rape case in the last rape case. But there was, again, another rape case, like a 27 year old victory doctor was murdered, was raped and murdered in the southern city of Hyderabad on November.

So last year, in January, an eight-year-old girl named ASIFA was raped and murdered in Jammu, and Kashmir was brutally raped and murdered. A Muslim girl was allegedly kidnapped, confined, using sedatives and repeatedly gang rape in temple. 

So people believe that a temple is a holy place. And I don't believe how this rape occurred in the temple and there are a lot more cases and small babies being raped, six month old child being raped, two year old girl being raped, schoolgoing kids being raped.

Recently also there is a new case about April. She was born to a mature mother. And that girl, what did she do to society? She has to live, but she has been brutally raped and killed. And rape is being at the topmost crime of our nation. 

Like our nation doesn't take any of the things so seriously and they don't punish all the rapists and the Pollachi gang rape. Nearly hundreds of girls lost their life, but all the rapist, a walking super crowd lifting up their heads and walking in the streets.

But all the raped girls are dead and they are gone. And how many feelings do that particular girl's parents have? 

Seriously, even so ashamed, we should be so ashamed to live in a society where rape is being the most oppressed crime and that the government isn't doing anything about all the rape cases. 

So this is not a safe place for women because the man doesn't understand the girl's problem. So we girls being one is a girl. We face hell a lot of problem and our problems are compared to the burning car, just the fire which burned so great and these men, they look at us, they just hear all our problems, 

but they don't undergo any of our problems and they don't give moral support. And that's why we lag back in everything. Every family has a girl child living in them. So like the girls are now safe in the house. But I say the parents should pampered optical child saying my dear child, it is time that you go out and face the world.

If you have any problem, don't be afraid to come and tell me I'm there for you. These are the words that the youngest of the girl child in each family is wanting to hear. Like if she walks out if she has any problem. If you say these words, she'd be so happy to come and give up. 

I have this problem and like you will be her first hero to fight for her. But in this current situation, none of the girl children are being open to their parents. So that is the first mistake which occurs the home. 

why does The rape occur in India alone?


like of men think that women are the weakest of all. But I don't think so. Women are the more strongest because they give birth to a new individual. 

And during the time of the apple or giving birth to a young one, all the bones, like the number of bones, the human body, like Loonatics Bone, is being fractured and cracked at the time, the same amount of pain a and of course no one can anawat that pain.

So girls are being the sole strongest and women are just equal to men. And people think of girls as goddesses, but they really worship them as goddesses. 

There is the first question. So if you take for example, Mahankali was a girl who took the avatar to kill the attraction of like men think that girls are being so weak. So silent we don't speak. Blah, blah, blah. Exactly, exactly, but girls emotions and her words are so strong and she's just equal to Mahankali and she has all the avatars within her, just that a woman doesn't speak up.

It is not that she doesn't say anything or she is just like a cow shaking her head to whatever you see. But a girl is most drunk, never play with the girl's feelings and never touch a girl's emotion

because she's strong, both physically and mentally. If all the women join hands together in this world, we could defeat all the sugar and all the demons and devils fighting for women. So united we stand, divided we fall. we can't stop the rape cases all at once, but eventually join hands we could stop the increasing amount of rapes in India. 

So everyone please take care of each and every woman in your family because she is yours and she is yours treasure, one you loose your treasure you have nothing to left and the world without out women means.

So each and every woman should be happy and save in your hands and that is up to society and the people who should respect women and women respect is most need in among everyone, kindly do respect women and please do respect there feelings.

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