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Essay on conservation of natural resources


Essay on conservation of natural resources

Essay on conservation of natural resources

Planet Earth is warming up quickly as a result of human activities mainly the burning of fossil fuels examples of fossil fuels are coal oil and natural gas 

Humans depend on fossil fuels for transportation heating and electricity the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century saw a boom in manufacturing worldwide factories were created and mass production began so too did the burning of fossil fuels to run those factories 

Our dependence on fossil fuels has continued to grow along with our population as we burn fossil fuels they release greenhouse gases that trap in heat the major gases produced by humans are carbon dioxide and methane 

landfills and the meat industry create enormous amounts of methane every year as vegetation breaks down it releases methane this is why those landfills create so much every year also when vegetation is digested through cows and pigs methane is released

The size of farms has grown over the past 100 years and this is why the meat industry is responsible for producing tons of methane with that being said the greenhouse gas that is the leading contributor to climate change is carbon dioxide by volume carbon dioxide accounts for more than half of the greenhouse gases produced by humans.

The primary way Canadians emit carbon dioxide is through the use of transportation prior to the Industrial Revolution carbon was at a stable level for thousands of years approximately 280 parts per million right now 

The amount of carbon in our atmosphere is about 400 parts per million once released into the atmosphere some greenhouse gases may remain there for a couple hundred years that means that the fossil fuels our great-grandparents burn are still warming up planet Earth today.

When greenhouse gases are at a stable level this is a good thing as they help keep the planet warm this can be explained through what is known as the greenhouse effect the sun's rays shine down on our planet and some of this heat radiation is absorbed by various surfaces on earth.

Some of those rays are reflected off of the Earth's surface and the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap as heat and radiation in fact without these greenhouse gases our average earthling temperature would fall from 18 degrees Celsius to negative 15 degrees Celsius 

The problem is that for the last approximately 150 years we have been burning fossil fuels at a very high rate thus the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by about 40 percent thereby trapping more heat and warming up the planet.

Imagine you've parked the car for a few hours on a hot day when you return to the car and open up the door it's really hot this is a lot like what is happening on earth so basically we're enhancing the greenhouse effect we humans are damaging our environment in a big way so what does that really mean.

The human impacts on the environment 

Positive aspects:-

Advancement of technology have led us to a new era of generating engineering this is led to the increase of our production rates.

Another significant achievement from genetic engineering is that we can use cloning techniques to produce a population of organisms we are also able to research closely to diseases and develop the cure we also have manufactured pesticides, fungicides and herbicides to ensure a disturbed crop growth.

We have developed technology in such a way we can control greenhouses temperature humidity lighting even watering it automatically, also we now know how to use satellites to monitor crops.

Negative aspects:-

Increasing demand for land space have made us humans do a quite reckless thing which is the for station hundreds and thousands of forests have been cut down for housing industries and etc 

Humans also contribute the most to pollution the combustion of fossil fuels from our cars contributes the most to sulfur dioxide poop 

The sulfur dioxide which is often clouds along with water molecules and other gases sulfur dioxide will be condensed in clouds and at a certain point it will precipitate and rain down on the earth 

But this rain is pretty much different from the others the sulfur dioxide will reduce the pH of the water to less than 7 acidic when it rains down through the earth

It will cost several damages, such as the acidification of lakes and streams damage of trees and higher elevations and the corrosion of buildings metal statues and etc.

Another bad impact from sulfur dioxide pollution is that it induces the greenhouse effect light from the Sun will hit the earth and with the reflective nature of light it will bounce back to its source

But in this case it won't the pollution in the air serves as a film that covers the earth restricting light to bounce back this will cause the temperature of the earth to rise drastically causing global warming in the end

We have found pesticides fertilizers and other chemicals to promote crop health but no aside from killing harmful species this phosphate containing fertilizers will induce algal bloom.

In phosphate will be washed by the rain to water bodies and this process is not neutral vacation phosphate supports the growth of red algae as red algae goes rapidly they will form layers covering one another.

As photo synthesizing plants this algae needs light and the algae on the bottom is restricted to it this will cause the algae to die so what happens next

Bacterias eat up the dead hojae these bacterias take up oxygen in space and causes the fishes and other aquatic animals to suffocate and die I think that we are fond of doing is littering everywhere it's like you are leaving our footprints in the form of garbage 

Industries are also fond of dumping toxic waste to nearest water bodies this action does not impact the biggest on our credit animals no but on us human.

Typical food chain have the producer on the consumers 

This hexagon right here is the amount of chemicals present from the contamination now you see how it increases up the food chain well this process is called biomagnification.

Seaweed > small fish > big fish > Human

when this happens as humans have a high chance of getting diseases such as cancer.

So are you scared yet well don't be there are a lot of things we can do to save the environment and save ourselves by using public transportation bikes and equipped catalytic converters in our cars we can minimize the use of fossil fuels.

We could also increase the use of renewable energy such as solar geothermal wind hydroelectric and etc, 

We can also make use of laws to restrict public access to certain habitats to reduce illegal hunting and poaching 

Another thing that we can do is to educate people about the importance of conserving the environment 

Never ever litter or join or start community events which involves cleaning up your environment lastly you should raise awareness until elders why conservation is important.

Seven effects of climate change in your lifetime 

For many people just hearing the words climate change causes an immediate trigger response with random jabbering phrases spewing out of their face such as its natural each a liberal conspiracy and my fridge cold how global warming do a thing now but what both sides tend to agree on is that the planet is currently getting warmer and it will continue to do that during our lifetime 

so whether you believe this is caused by man the Sun or a secret fiery Jesus who lives beneath the ocean the important question is what will happen if it doesn't stop 

list of the seven effects of climate change in your lifetime.

Number seven:-  cold

When people think of climate change they imagine the whole world getting hotter evenly all over but this simply isn't the case and while some areas will experience a huge increase in temperatures others are going to see the exact opposite take place 

Many across the u.s. have experienced extremely harsh winters over the past five years and it is believed that this has been caused by the effects of melting sea ice on the Earth's jet streams jet streams are fast flowing air currents found in the upper atmosphere and for the u.s. 

The jet stream acts as a barrier between the freezing northern air and warmer air from the south changes to these streams were to blame for the unusually harsh winter North America suffered last year and may suffer again this year 

Hope you've got your mittens ready folks especially if you live in Europe because they're melting sea ice may bring about something even more dramatic a mini ice age changes in the Gulf Stream 

Coupled with forthcoming reductions in solar activity are predicted to create an 11-year temperature drop sometime between 2030 and 2040 lowering temperatures in Europe to levels not seen since the 17th century, when Britain's River Thames froze solid you know things are getting kind of messed up when we start to break rivers.

Number six:- Increasing sea level

Sea levels have continued to rise for some time now thanks to the continued melting of Earth's giant icey Fedora Antarctica but surely this is something we can leave for our grandkids to deal with right not really 

because scientists believe the collapse of the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet is pretty much unstoppable and by the end of the current century sea levels will have risen by 0.4 to 1.2 meters 

now obviously this is a gradual rise and isn't going to just suddenly kick in when the calendar hits 2100 so throughout our lifetimes we're going to see the devastating effects of higher seas all over the world this means many of Earth's coastal regions will become uninhabitable islands 

such as Keira bass and the Maldives could disappear and between 147 to 216 million people will see their homes submerged or put at risk with populations in China Vietnam Japan and India the worst hit 

Western nations will become exposed to as the US and UK are predicted to see millions of coastal inhabitants forced to move so not only are we going to have to resettle a whole bunch of folks we're also going to need to redraw basically every map we've got 

Number five:- mass migration 

With hundreds of millions of people fleeing their homes to escape the encroaching ocean future mass migration is inevitable but this won't only take the form of populations moving inwards as will also see mass migration involving non coastal countries to 

this is because as we said earlier the predicted increase in global temperatures isn't something that hits the whole world evenly it will affect some areas more than others and these areas are often poor and vulnerable already 

Imagine you've put sunscreen all over your body but missed a huge spot on the small of your back and that spot was already home to a nasty rash an open wound or two and several odd-looking moles 

you probably don't want to exacerbate the problem by exposing that area to more trouble but that's exactly what we're doing right now 

The Philippines Nigeria Vietnam Haiti Bangladesh and Malawi are just some of the at-risk nations who will see an increase in hot days and tropical storms and as their ability to create food drops and their economies start to flounder the world will see hundreds of millions of people flee their home countries to settle elsewhere 

Today we're debating whether to take in those who are fleeing from the horrors of war but over the next few decades you'll be introduced to a new phenomenon the climate refugee.

Number four:- more charity adverts on TV

Yeah this is literally the worst one on the list does it satin you to see sobbing children covered in flies staring forlornly at an empty sack of grain 

well get ready to have that image burnt into your retinas by television because populations which don't migrate will be forced to endure a food crisis like never before by 2050 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says rising temperatures will be responsible for a mass global decrease in food production 

Causing the number of undernourished children under the age of five to increase from 20 to 25 million once more those who had the least to do with the cause of global warming are those who will suffer its worst effects.

Number three:- increasing coast 

The World Bank estimates that the Earth's poorest countries will need around 100 billion dollars a year to help offset the impacts of climate change but what if your country elects a delightful far-right leader who says screw them we'll look after our own and refuses to pay out yeah right on you might say well that's fine.

I guess Johnny no conscience but don't get too smug because it's still gonna cost you all the same according to a recent study by next-gen climate and demos climate change will cost the millennial generation a staggering eight point eight trillion dollars over their lifetimes thanks to the environmental and health impacts of a much warmer earth. 

That means we can stay at home and get a sweet tan instead of going on that vacation we can no longer afford our parents generation 

so considerate the paper called the price tag of being young climate change and Millennials economic future was based on historical data taken from 166 countries over the past 50 years.

The study took into account the correlation between rising temperatures and the impact of this onic countries gross domestic product, accounting for an increased number of natural disasters rising sea levels and the desertification of certain parts of the world 

All of these factors greatly affect wheat and corn yields at home and abroad and by 2050 we could be dealing with an 83 percent increase in food prices and that ladies and gentlemen is why I'm eating as much food as I can now so I don't have to buy any later.

Number two:- more smack Less booze 

Corn barley and wheat are all used to create beer so when these crops become more difficult to grow they become much more expensive that means bye-bye cheap whiskey and auf wiedersehen cheap beer will also say au revoir to most varieties of French wine by 2050 and some varieties of Australian and Californian wine too 

As it will be nearly impossible to grow grapes in those regions if temperature rises continue as predicted see I'm all for having a reasonable discussion with those who disagree with climate change but when it starts to affect how easily I can get smashed by 10:00 a.m. 

Then we have a problem pal but as the earth taketh away it also giveth as an increase in carbon dioxide levels means that poppies will become far more potent than ever before no that doesn't mean poppy seed bagels will ever be more delicious it means that heroin derived from poppy seeds will become four times as narcotic by the year 2090.

Number one:- more sickness

An increase in temperature brings many unwanted side effects for the everyday person you'll enjoy sweaty earth eyes hotter car dashboards and a 200% increase in the melting us of ice cream cones 

but in addition to these horrific symptoms global populations will also enjoy increased levels of allergies lyme disease kidney stones and diarrhea 

many pollen growing weeds enjoy the conditions created by climate change and so called mega weeds which have already been seen growing in some nations will become ubiquitous the globe with pollen levels more than doubling by 2040 

but at least if you sneeze you might accidentally pee out a kidney stone at the same time because with increased heat comes dehydration one of the major causes of kidney stones and research by the American neurological Association suggests 

climate change is going to make taking a hot way is a lot more painful for millions more people every year with regards to Lyme disease the tick responsible for spreading this debilitating condition gets super horny in hot conditions and reproduction levels have already increased by two to five times in Canada and the US thanks to the recent increase in temperatures.

There ecoli bacteria is another organism which loves the hot weather and a study from the Journal of infectious diseases found that in some countries ecoli cause diarrhea increased by 8 percent for every one degree Celsius rise 

so if you thought the future of a much hotter earth was going to be all sunshine and rainbows you're wrong it's mostly going to involve you starving 

because you can't afford to eat freezing and winters burning in summers and watching charity ads as you sneeze and poop yourself to death while a tornado heads for your home sounds fun right.

let's save the environment shall we let's make this earth a better place.

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