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Essay on Guru Purnima

Essay on Guru Purnima

Essay on Guru Purnima

The entire full moon day of the bright half of the month of Ashada in the Hindu calendar is called Guru Purnima and Vyas Purnima. India is a country of festivals where all festivals are celebrated with great joy and gaiety. Guru Purnima is celebrated by people of Hindu Buddhism and Jainism. Guru Purnima also has special significance in Sikhs.

A Guru is one who leads us from the darkness of unconsciousness to light like the light. Any human being can achieve salvation and God only through Guru. Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full Purnima month of ashadh ( June July).

This day is celebrated in honour of the Gurus. On this day special programs of Puda recitation are organized in temples and ashrams.

'Word Guru' means that direct us in the darkness of ignorance into the light of comprehension. "Gu means darkness ru means light"

People do Bhandara and much more in the name of gurus. On this day, all the people and gurus go for a bath in the holy rivers of the pilgrimage site. After that, they spend three to four months there.

It is believed that this time is the best time to receive an education because at this time there is neither too much heat nor too much cold. Every person has some guru in his life who guides them. Guru is ranked higher than God in texts

In ancient times, when someone received education from the Gurus, the Guru used to initiate and honour them on the day of Purnima. Worshipping the Guru on Guru Purnima gives us all the fruits of his problems. On the day of Guru Purnima, the best gurus in literature, music etc.

Are honoured by the government. Guru Purnima is also known as Ved Vyasa Purnima as this day marks the birthday of great sage Vyasa Ji, the creator of the four Vedas. Guru has a very important role in our life.

They should be given full respect and pay tribute. On the day of Guru Purnima, there is a law of Guru Puja. On this day, people receive the blessings of their gurus and honour them in different ways. Due to having 10 Gurus in Sikhs, they also celebrate Guru Purnima with great pomp.

We should celebrate this day every year to say thanks to the gurus and respect them. By following his words, he should show himself to be an ideal person, which would be his greatest gift. Guru Purnima is a festival of great joy.

His renunciation is indicative of the greatness of the Guru. The greatest sacrifice and service you can see in the life of a Guru. He regularly imparts authentic and true knowledge to his students even in the most critical of situations, 

which is true even though the teacher ie Guru himself has not been able to reach any major position, but he has given training to thousands of his students studying administration and other services.

He tries to donate more and more knowledge to his disciple by keeping pace with his experience and current circumstances. In today's time, many people keep on tricking students day and night by moving beyond the limits of tricks, formulas, and studies in order to market their education or increase their strength.

Such people claim to take our education system forward, but as a result, their teachings remain only a rote creature. On the other hand, qualified and trained gurus give the full benefit of their experience to their disciples. An ideal teacher has full control over his subject,

which is rarely seen in the fake gurus of today. It is not that the whole teacher is making the world a means of selling knowledge. The passionate teachers are still increasing the pride of the country in various fields by providing quality education to the children in their schools.

On the day of Guru Purnima, in the morning, after cleansing the home, after bathing every day, get ready by wearing clean clothes. By laying the white cloth on a slab at a holy place of the home, 12-12 lines ought to be made on it. 

Then we ought to take the pledge to worship together with the mantra'Gurpuranparasiddhyayartham Vyasapoojana Karishye'. Now, by worshipping his guru or his image, he should devote Dakshina based on his ability.

Guru Purnima - A Day of Grace - Sadhguru

As soon as you have entered this space which you call as an individual, from here, your evolution is no more natural. It has to be aware. If you do not become conscious, there will not be any progress in here onwards. Monkeys can progress, a person cannot progress. He can simply progress consciously. Somewhere, character trusted your intellect.

Nature thought that with all the intelligence that you have, any way you will decide on the higher, not the lower. But you've been attempting to conquer character's trust but it is not possible. Does not matter how many methods you indulge yourself, somewhere something longs for something larger, is not it? Yes?

You fill yourself with riches and filth and what but still, the longing isn't gone. So as soon as the longing gets intolerable, you seek. When you search, can't you seek that which is on your own by yourself? You can but it's an unchartered route.

As it's an unchartered path, if you go by yourself, you know what happened to Columbus? He wished to come to India and landed up here (Referring to America). It was an unchartered path, is not it?

Simply by accident, he landed in this continent. We are only hearing about people who landed someplace. Do you know how many never landed, anywhere? Yes?

Thousands of sailors who put forth never landed everywhere. If you go on an unchartered path without any guidance, this is what's going to happen. Now that Columbus landed here, just see how simple it's out of Europe to America. Why? Now it is a chartered path because of the guy, isn't it?

Likewise, you go into a guru since he landed. Now, using his experience is a fantastic thing. Can't I do it? Not that it's impossible. You might just do it at a minute also, you know? You may just land up there.

We don't understand. However, 99% of those people will just get lost and washed off. That is the reason why a guru has arrived. A guru is just a gadget. Guru is not a person.
This has to be understood. 

Just when you begin to experience me as something more than an individual, just then I'm your Guru, till then I am not. Guru Poornima is important since - one thing is of historical importance since this is the day Adiyogi turned himself into a Pro after the summer solstice.

This original full moon has a certain impact. It is generally considered as a day of grace and that is the day the first Guru opted to teach. So, it is a considerable reminder for us, for each human being on Earth,

because everybody lives in their own limitations of the body, brain, social structures and strictures - all kinds of things. It is for each human being, it's important to know that there is a means to be beyond these things. That is the reminder of this Guru Pournami. 

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Essay on Guru Purnima


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