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why do we celebrate holi festival?

why do we celebrate holi festival?

Why do we celebrate holi festival

Holi is one of the most popular festivals in India, People consider this festival very grandly with their families and friends. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil and it's celebrated as a day of joy and love. 

This festival celebrated in the last full moon day of the lunar month at the end of the winter season, which usually occurs in February or March. On this festive day, relatives and friends gather in one place and paint each other and dance in joy.

People worship Sri Krishna and Radha during Holi and sing their songs. With no distinction between caste and religion, Many people all over the country participate in these Holi celebrations and observe the Festival in a great way.

  • Why do we celebrate the Holi festival?
  • What is the reason behind the burning of Holi that day?
  • What is the relationship between this color festival and Radha Krishna?
  •  How do people across the country celebrate the festival by following their traditions?

Why do we celebrate the Holi festival?

Holi is an ancient festival in India and was originally known as 'Holika'. The celebrations provide details of primary religious works such as Jaimini's pre-settlement and plot-receiver-sources. historians also believe that Holi was celebrated by all Aryans, but there was a lot in the eastern part of India.

It is said that Holi existed many centuries before Christ. However, the meaning of the festival has changed over the years. Earlier, married women used to perform a special ceremony for the happiness and well-being of their family and the worship of Purnima (Raka).

What is the reason behind the burning of Holi that day?

Holika Dahan also celebrated the burning of Holika, an asura at Kamadu Pierre. Many Hindu religions. For the tradition, devotees of Vishnu celebrated Holi's assassination by Holi Vishnu to save Prahlada in Multan, Pakistan, and thus became the name of Holi.

The story of Holika Dahan

According to Hindu mythology. Hiranyakashipu, who was a demon king for a long time, did penance, He received a blessing from Brahma which made it impossible for him to kill another. 

He prayed a groom that he would not die day or night, in or out of the house, on earth or in the sky by human or animal, weapon or power Brahma accepted him and provided for him the demon king Hiranyakashyap a groom With this, he became very arrogant and began attacking heaven and earth. 

He decreed that people should stop worshiping deities and that they should be worshiped only. Where Hiranyakashyap was arrogant His son Prahlad disagreed with his father and worshiped Lord Vishnu with great devotion.

As Prahlad did not hear even after Hiranyakashipu, who found out that he had warned him not to worship Lord Vishnu Hiranyakaship decided to kill his son. First, when he put poison in the face of Prahlad it became nectar.

Then with another plan, when he sealed the elephant ... nothing happened. Likewise, nothing planned for them nothing happened, Finally, when they ordered their son to sit in his sister Holika's cell, who was a ghost and aked a fire believed in worshiping Lord Vishnu with him.

He sat on the fire in Holika's cell at that time, Holika's shawl, which saved her from the flames, flew through the air and saved Prahlada Holika, whose cruel idea she had, died Was  Ban on burning, Holi festival is celebrated.

Later, Lord Vishnu sent the Narsingh Avatar (half lion, half-male presence) to kill Hiranyakashipu during twilight, not day or night, dragged him to the door-door GED [inside or outside] and placed him in the sky (heaven or earth) and then Hiranyakashyap was killed.

What is the relationship between this color festival and Radha Krishna?

The festival name Holi comes from Holika Women who are playing musical instruments around Krishna and Radha and throwing colors on them. there is a painting of the early 19th Century is available in Chitrashola School, Rajasthan. the picture shows that they playing Holi and the true love of Radha and Krishna are captured in the painting. Another story about Holi is Krishna's love for Radha.

The story of Radha and Krishna

There is one more story about Holly. When Radha addressed Shri Krishna with mischief, he had a very dark complexion Krishna complained to his mother about this when he decided to splash color on Radha, As soon as Krishna was with Radha, he showed the color in Gopikas and This caste celebrates the festival it turned into a Holi festival.

It is said that the story of Radha Krishna is one of the reasons for celebrating this festival during the spring season which expresses love. 

The story of Parvati and lord shiva

There is another story behind the Holi festival. When Parvati and Lord Shiva tried to marry when Kamdev threw a flower arrow at Shiva to dissolve his penance an angry Shiva destroyed Kamdev's body.

Then Lord Shiva opened his third eyes and turned Kamdev's body into ashes. Then at the request of Ram, Kamdev's wife Lord Shiva resurrected Kamdev. However, he will live only in a spiritual form that demonstrates love rather than the formation of a physical body. Because of this event, people set fire to Holi's festival day and were celebrated fiercely.

How is Holi celebrated in India?

On the eve of spring, millions of Hindus in India and other South Asia celebrate the festival of Holi to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Preparation of Holika Dehan

A few days before the festival, people start collecting wood and other combustible items for the bonfire. Combustible materials are then assembled at the colony, community center, park, or other open space according to the rituals.

The first day of the festival is celebrated as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi. After sunset, people gather around to recite the puja and then burn it. People even sing and dance around because it symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Celebration Of Holi

The second day of Holi is called Rangwali Holi, Dhulandi, Phagwa, or Badi Holi. It is the day when people playing with color and enjoy with each other. Children and youth play in groups of dry colors called gulal, pitches, water balloons filled with colored solids and other creative things. You can also see many people on the street, including drums and other musical instruments that dance and sing from one place to another.

Feast of the Day

Gujhiya is a special dessert that is made during Holi in every household in India. It is a hole filled with khoa (dairy products) and dry fruits. The traditional Holi drink is cold, which usually consists of vodka. Other face-to-face watering gulaks are gola, petal chaat, dal kachori, kanji vada, dahi sir, chhole bhature and various types of namkeen.

Place where Holi is celebrated the most India

Holi is celebrated according to the traditions of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, the people of South India worship the God of love Kamadeva, on Holi. 

To best understand the Holi festival in India, you must visit Uttar Pradesh and especially the areas closely associated with Sri Krishna, such as Braj, Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana, and Nandgaon. All of these places become quite touristy during the festival. 

Holi is celebrated in the city of Barsana, where women bathe men, and men run with their shields to protect them. When people sing and dance together it becomes more fun and interesting.

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How do people across the country celebrate the festival by following their traditions?

These are facts about the Holi festival

This Holi festival is celebrated in traditional ceremonial ways with a splash of color on others, a Holi fire, music, folk dances, and Radha Krishna's praise. 

Artificial colors used to commemorate Holi's festival are harmful to health. Governments are suggesting that people should use natural colors, so this is complete information about the festival of color. if you like this blog then please share this blog with your friends and families.

For more interesting information please follow us, thank you soo much good bless you all.


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