Does Money Causes More Harm Then Good Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

Does Money Causes More Harm Then Good Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

• Introduction:- Money is the cause of most of the problems that plague modern society.

 • Money has an intoxicating effect that goes into the head of its beholder, making them arrogant, selfish and hallucinate in self-glory and pride.

• Money is the cause of discord in families and causes serious ailments.

• There is no denying the fact that 'Money makes the mare go.' However, being unduly obsessed with it, leads to corruption and crime, causing stress, ailments, and unhappiness.

• Money brings with it fair-weather friends, sycophants, scheming relatives professional rivals. Need to be on guard thereby making life uneasy and unpleasant.

Conclusion:- Money is essential to living. It is important to maintain the right balance for as we all know, 'Money can't buy happiness, but neither can poverty.'

"They are ill people who surf too much because they do nothing," - William Shakespeare says in his play 'Merchant of Venice'. It brings up the problem of extra wealth and security and stress, by accurately portraying the role of money in our lives, but not depriving anyone of life is not worth the trouble and life. It is not in today's physical world.

We set a monetary value for everything. So, in the words of Somerset Mogum, "wealth is like the sixth sense without which you cannot use the other five." Even today, although money is not the end of our existence and the existence of everyone, it cannot buy happiness, true love, friends, well-being and peace. This is the cause of most of the problems plaguing modern society.

There is no need to deny the fact that wealth brings prosperity, which has psychological and social aspects. A sense of security, confidence, and fulfillment, as well as an increase in social and political status, gives psychology viewers.

It has a drunken effect that goes to the head of the viewer, making them arrogant, selfish and sensitive to others around them. There is often such a great intoxication, especially among the wealthy. That they begin to drown in self-pride and arrogance.

The root cause of the problems plagued by society is that debate over it is considered a major cause of disagreement among families, even when siblings swear by enemies. Acquiring it by others in the circle of family or friends gives rise to basic and negative emotions such as violence, enmity, and hatred. 

In search of endless money. People are unhappy, stressed, invite serious illnesses like blood pressure, diabetes, lead to serious diseases like heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, and others.

The question that money plays in our lives, however, is no reason to deny the fact that 'money becomes a horse'. This is the biggest and most effective motivation for this. Ordinary men have become great and wealthy in their quest. Dhirubhai Ambani testified as a motivator for enriching the stories of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many more. Man's progress can be attributed primarily to his desire for wealth and wealth. Either.

However, money is involved in unforeseen corruption and crime, and it leads to everlasting punishment, which leads to stress, illness, and distress. MoneySuite brings a lot of smooth-weather and fair-weather friends with foster relatives. Besides them, there are also personal and professional rivals who need to be constantly vigilant which makes life uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Money is necessary to survive, but its endless search. Docs do more harm than good. It's for fun Dear friend's true friend and love of good health, which is essential to living a luxurious life. A buyer is not a commodity, therefore, it is important to maintain the right balance, as we all know, 'money cannot buy happiness, but poverty cannot.'


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