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Fun facts about Brazil | learn about this cool country! |

Welcome to essay on fest in this blog we're going to take a look at Brazil one of the most biodiverse countries there is from a program that lets prisoners shorten their sentence through reading to the most decorated FIFA World Cup teams.

Fun facts about Brazil | learn about this cool country! |

10 Fun Facts About Brazil

Number Ten Fact

Brazilian inventions like almost every country Brazil is no different when it comes to inventions that revolutionized our world meet Fatah Brazil beat all was an immunologist credited for the discovery of the polyvalent anti o FIDIC serum in 1903 as well as the developer of anti scorpion in 1908 and anti spider serums in 1925 Beetle has been directly responsible for saving the lives of millions of people worldwide since the inception of his patents 

Do you know anyone who drives an automatic transmission vehicle you can thank Brazilian inventors Jose Brasada DP and Fernando Lille Lemos for that one as they developed the first automatic transmission with hydraulic fluid in 1932 a patent they would later sell to General Motors who implemented the New Age technology to their vehicles in 1940

Number Nine Fact

biodiversity and wildlife Brazil is widely considered to be the most biodiverse location in the world since 60% of the Amazon rainforest is located here which accounts for one-tenth of all species on earth freshwater fish live in abundance over 3,000 species have been documented to live in surrounding streams and the Amazon River 

which is the second-longest river system in the world only behind the Nile River by some 258 miles there are also a high number of endangered species in this area one of the last places they may call home such creatures include the golden tamarin and the Lear's macaw

 Number Eight Fact

Brazilian football Brazil is among the most decorated football countries in the world or soccer for you American readers Brazil's national football team has been part of the fédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA for short since 1923 

They have also been the most successful national team in the history of the FIFA World Cup in total Brazil has won five World Cups and has taken second place twice Brazil is also the only team to have won on four different continents Europe South America North America and Asia

Number Seven Fact

incentive programs while in prison in the early summer of 2012 Brazil began offering inmates in its penitentiary system the option to reduce their sentences by reading certain books and writing a well-thought-out essay on each the program was dubbed redemption for reading and allows for criminals to shave as many as 48 days off their prison stay per year 

Inmates are given up to four weeks to complete a book of their choosing and write out a paper on it another unique incentive program to shave time off of your sentence can be found at the Reynaldo da Silva prison in Santa Rita dos a Buch I hear inmates have the ability to pedal stationary bicycles that power street lights in a nearby city in exchange for reduced sentences 

Number Six Fact

The 1932 Brazilian coffee Olympic expedition in 1932 the Summer Olympic Games were held in Los Angeles California and marked quite a historic period in Brazil's history at this time the country was battling the great depression which was sparked through a chain reaction from the United States economic disasters because of this Brazil could not afford to send 

its athletes to the games until a kill two birds with one stone solution was proposed competitors were sent on a ship filled with coffee and were told to sell it along the way to help fund the trip the vessel te de kisi took the athletes to the Port of Los Angeles where they were to disembark sadly 15 of those hoping to compete in the games were required to stay on board because of a $1.00 per person fee

they could not pay although not a single medal was won it's still an unforgettable story interestingly enough travelling by the rest of the athletes on the lake Sea was seventeen-year-old swimmer Maria link she became the first South American woman to compete in the Olympics and is regarded as one of the greatest of all female Brazilian athletes.

Number five Fact

Famous Brazilians we can't make a blog about Brazil without mentioning one of the greatest footballers to play the game Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima popularly dubbed as just Ronaldo or by his nickname the phenomenon Ronaldo is only one of four players to have won the FIFA World Player of the Year award

three times or more another athlete that hails from Brazil that we'd be naive not to mention is in Dana White's own words one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time Anderson Silva Silva currently holds the longest title defense streak in the UFC history which ended in 2013 with 16 consecutive wins and 10 title defenses other famous Brazilians include YouTube stars brothers Roca and a plethora of football stars including Nevada rinaldin yo the ankle Costa Tiago Silva and Keppler Pepe 

Number four Fact

Popular tourist attractions one thing is for certain if you ever decide to visit Brazil one day you'll have more than enough tourist attractions to gawk at while you're there amongst the more popular attractions is the Christ the Redeemer statue which is classified as one of the new seven wonders of the world 

this statue stands at some 30 meters or 98 feet tall and is located in Rio de Janeiro facing Sugarloaf Mountain another popular tourist attraction is the Iguazu falls with the highest peak at 269 feet or 82 meters equals ooh falls is 102 feet or 31 meters higher than the Niagara Falls located on the United States Canada border other popular tourist attractions include the Amazonia National Park or some of the most beautiful beaches in the world including Copacabana via de Porco sand Lopez Mendez 

Number three Fact

Brazilian cuisine has been heavily influenced by that of Africa and Europe one of the more popular of all ingredients first used in brazil is acai and cassava Brazil also introduced the world to the cashew one of the most popular of all Brazilian meals is feijoada 

which is considered by many to be the country's national dish feijoada is made by mixing black beans with pork and beef and sometimes adding rice in the mix to make for a rich and filling stew traditionally the dish is prepared in a clay pot the best thing to wash down a hearty Brazilian meal with is the country's national cocktail caipirinha it is made with cassava which is a sugarcane hard liquor a fruit most commonly lime is almost always added and the only way to enjoy a true caipirinha is on the rocks 

Number Two Fact

Dolphins helping humans since the Year 1850 or so in Laguna Brazil bottlenose dolphins have been doing something rather unique for the fishermen found in that area without any formal training from humans a select number of dolphins are helping fishermen with their catches the dolphins round up the fish and alert fishermen with signals as to 

when and where nets should be thrown certain dolphins have apparently taught themselves to work as a team with artisanal fishermen creating a win-win for both the marine mammals and humans since this mutual symbiotic relationship has been occurring for over 160 years that means that the traits these dolphins possess have been passed down from generation to generation 

Number one Fact

 world records a video about Brazil would not be complete without the mention of some of the Guinness World Records that the country holds in 2008 Joaquim Gonsalves decided to celebrate Guinness World Records day by baking the largest loaf of bread in the city of said atiba 

it waited for amazing 3463 pounds or 1570 kilograms that's enough to make approximately 30,000 sandwiches in February of 2012 Terre Zina Brazil was home to the largest Parade Float according to the Guinness World Records with an estimated 40,000 attendees the town witnessed 343 floats in a breathtaking six-and-a-half-hour parade that stretched 7.3 kilometers or 4.5 4 miles long.

what was your favorite fact about Brazil do you know of any other interesting trivia about Brazil let us know in the comments section below and be sure to follow us, just like this if you enjoyed this blog be sure to give us a like and share it with all of your friends.


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