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10 Lines on Laddu in English


10 Lines on Laddu in English

1) Laddu is a popular sweet in India. 

2) It is a traditional dessert.

3) Laddus are mainly made with different types of flour, ghee, oil, and sugar or jaggery.

4) They are often made of gram flour (Besan).

5) It is usually round-shaped.

6) There are different varieties of laddus like besan laddu, motichoor laddu, coconut laddu, temple laddus, etc.,

7) Laddus are served on special occasions like festivals.

8) It is also given as prasad to devotees after having the darshan in the temple.

9) The world-famous temple of Laddu is Sri Balaji or Tirumala Laddu.

10) Laddus are delicious and nutritious.

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