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10 Lines On Christmas In English For Children And Students


10 Lines On Christmas

10 Lines On Christmas In English For Children And Students

1) Christmas is celebrated on 25th December.

2) It is the birthday of Jesus Christ.

3) Santa Claus brings gifts for children on Christmas.

4) People invite friends and relatives to their homes during Christmas.

5) People decorate their houses with Christmas trees, colorful balls, ribbons, and lights.

6) Cakes and gifts are distributed on Christmas.

7) On Christmas day people greet each other for Christmas.

8) Churches are decorated with lights during Christmas.

9) People sing carols in praise of Christ.

10) Christmas is the festival of love, happiness and care.

10 Lines On Christmas In English

1. Christmas tree is very important for Christians. 2. Christmas tree shape like a cone. 3. It is normally on every Greentree. 4. It plays a very important role in the culture of Christmas. 5. On Christmas Day, the Christmas tree is decorated with lights, candles, gifts, toffees, and toys. 6. It is an artificial tree. 7. Christmas tree is considered auspicious by Christians. 8. A Christmas tree is seen at the home of all Christians during the Christmas festival. 9. It is believed that keeping a Christmas tree in the house keeps negative energy away. 10. On Christmas day both are natural and artificial Christmas trees used.

10 Lines On Christmas In English for 8th to 10th Class Students

  1. Christmas is a festival of Christians which marks the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on the 25th of December every year worldwide.
  2. Jesus Christ was born to mother Mary on this day in Bethlehem. In Christianity, Jesus Christ is believed to be the son of God.
  3. The festival of Christmas has surpassed religious boundaries and is celebrated by everyone irrespective of their religion and nationality.
  4. It is celebrated globally with great enthusiasm and happiness.
  5. This festival is loved and cherished equally by grown-ups and kids. All houses and churches are cleaned before Christmas.
  6. They are beautifully decorated with buntings and flowers for Christmas celebrations.
  7. People decorate a Christmas tree at their homes with colorful balls, ribbons, and red socks. Religious people visit the church and light candles to worship Lord Jesus Christ.
  8. People invite friends and relatives to their homes during Christmas. They distribute gifts, exchange Christmas cards, organize feasts, and sing Christmas carols on occasion.
  9. The kids get a lot of presents and new dresses. They also bring gifts and sweets from 'Santa Claus' dressed in fluffy red and white costumes.
  10. Christmas is the festival of love, happiness, and care. It is about sharing and helping the needy. This festival teaches us to live a noble life of prayer, love, and sacrifice.



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