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It Starts with Us PDF by Colleen Hoover


It Starts with Us PDF Download

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It Starts with Us PDF by Colleen Hoover  

Details of It Starts with Us Book pdf 

  • Book Name: It Starts with Us
  • Authors: Colleen Hoover
  • Pages: 352
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: 18 October 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review 

It starts with us pdf by colleen hoover I would love to hear your thoughts on the book and what you would like to see what you're expecting anything it ends with us or it starts with us related leave 

As I'm filming this the price is 13.99 for paperback and 11.99 for kindle both options are available for pre-order 

So definitely go pre-order this book if you haven't there's a few other options as well I think target might have it uh barnes and noble books a million potentially 

So you can shop around I just chose amazon because it said I would get release day delivery so this book will be delivered to me on the 18th and I am so excited about it so that's the important stuff also obviously we know that this is a part two or a sequel to it ends with us

Which I wanted so bad there haven't been many books by colleen hoover that I've read and finished and been like almost unsatisfied with the ending 

Because I wanted to know more I hate when that happens I understand you have to cut it off at some point but I feel like colleen usually does a really good job at wrapping everything up 

Just kind of like you know giving you the main things that you want even if you would like more she gives you the main things and you feel like fulfilled and satisfied I did not feel that way with this book I wanted 

So much more and to see that we're getting more just makes me beyond excited so here is your last and final warning for avoiding spoilers I'm about to talk about some so please do not continue watching if you have not read this book yet 

So here's what we know um well everything that I just said plus here's the cover the cover is absolutely beautiful I think it's gonna go fantastic or it goes fantastic with this cover they're different enough but also give you the same type of vibe so I was pleasantly surprised by the title and the cover 

I wouldn't change a thing I think that they did a great job with that we also know that she says she's not done with the book so there's no physical copies 

There's no arcs which are advanced reader copies which are books given out to people with social media followings and others to review 

The book ahead of time that hasn't been a thing yet because she said the book is not done um which is kind of insane to think about I have never thought about the timeline of books being published

But they already have a release day but the book isn't done yet so I wonder what that means like how much of it isn't done maybe it's just final edits maybe she still has some major plot line changes

I can't imagine that that is still in the works I feel like it's got to be final editing and like printing and manufacturing the book is what's left that's what 

I'm assuming at least but she says it's not done um but on amazon I saw that it says the book has 352 pages on it 

I don't know where they're getting that number do they know that for sure are they just putting in filler numbers I have no idea there's also a weight on the book too which I thought was interesting 

But she says it's not done so who knows if that information is accurate the book also has the tagline I don't know if that's the right word that I'm looking for but it says every ending has a beginning so this makes me 

So excited because I can only imagine the places that she is going to take this book like I said I do have a list of things that I would like to see and that I hope to see in the book 

I'm going to talk about later but let me know what you guys want to see in this book look specific or general just just let me know she said we're getting more lily in atlas 

Now hopefully you have read this book and you have stopped watching if you have not read it ends with us yet I warned you uh that's that's all I can say is I gave you multiple warnings 

But we're going to get more lillian atlas which makes me so happy because that is what I needed that is what I wanted I felt so unfulfilled even though this whole entire time I'm like okay like come on like we we need atlas back in here like 

Lily and natas team lillian atlas um and then we find out at the very end that you know they do sort of reconnect but we just don't know how far that goes or where that progresses 

I am so excited for more lillian atlas she did say that it is a sequel with prequel vibes which makes me think she commented that on a social media post and that makes me think that we're going to be seeing some stuff that has already happened from atlas's perspective 

But also a continuation of where the story left off at least that's what I'm hoping for she said we were going to get atlas's perspective and lily's we only got lily's perspective in it ends with us so I don't know if that means the whole book is dual pov or if we're going to get snippets of both but from what I can tell 

I would predict it to be mostly in atlas's perspective so that's sort of what we know as fact or like what she has suggested or hinted towards now I do want to read you the goodreads blurb this blurb is on goodreads 

It's on barnes noble all of the like uh retail websites so it says before it ends with us it started with atlas colleen hoover tells fan favorite atlas's side of the story and shares what comes next in this long anticipated 

Sequel to the glorious and touching number one new york times bestseller it ends with us so there she hints at atlas's perspective but also she commented on a social media post saying that we would be getting both lily and atlas's perspectives in this new book 

Now I'm gonna go over some things that I would like to see from it starts with us like I said I obviously have no clue what is in this upcoming book nobody does besides miss colleen hoover and her editors 

But what I would like to see is obviously more lillian atlas which is what she said we would be getting I was team atlas pretty much from the beginning I know a lot of people kind of were super hardcore rile 

Then really started to change and feel more like team atlas I definitely thought that ryle was an appealing character at the beginning but you know as the story progresses you start to dislike his character more and more 

I although I did like his character in the beginning to a certain extent I definitely was rooting for atlas the entire time 

So I am extremely happy to see that we will be getting more lily in atlas she did mention she commented on a social media post I don't know what her exact words were 

I tried to go back and find her comment but I couldn't but she basically said that she wouldn't be justifying ryle or like glorifying him or redeeming him in this new book 

If that makes sense it was something along those lines um which I'm very happy to hear because obviously having read the book ryle is definitely more so a villain in a sense and he did things that were not okay 

So I'm glad to see that she said she's not going to be redeeming him as a person in this next book so that makes me very happy um I am curious about where ryan will be as far as involvement goes because we know that ryle is the father 

So he definitely has some sort of involvement um but I don't know if he's going to be like actually physically involved like is he going to still be a part of their lives in the future like I really want to know how that's going to go 

So I really hope that colleen goes into detail and kind of explains that dynamic of the family as a whole now that's assuming that lily and atlas become a family so that's pretty much all I have to say about ryle 

I do want to know what his involvement is going to be but other than that I don't really care about his character so much um I'm mostly here for lilly and atlas I'd also love to see alice's perspective on the restaurant scenes 

So this is where I'm hoping that she does like you know retells parts of this story even maybe before or things that weren't mentioned in this story 

But the same timeline as this story from atlas's perspective but then also gives us more like farther in time than what this goes 

So I'd love to see his perspective on the restaurant scenes because I feel like those were such pivotal moments and I have to show you guys something really quick speaking of bibs so I'm gonna be right back 

So I got this sweatshirt as a christmas present and I just had to share this with you guys this is from the brand backstitch burton emily burton is the owner I will have backstitch burton linked down below in the description box 

If you guys loved it ends with us which I'm assuming you did if you're watching this video you're gonna love this sweatshirt 

So my friend kristen and my amazing friend gristin got this for me for christmas but she had emily make it for me and emily is actually coming out with an entire it ends with us collection for her clothing line and here is the sweatshirt 

So she had this logo kind of created and it says bib's restaurant we have the chicago skyline and then it says chef atlas corrigan and this is just the cutest thing ever

I am absolutely obsessed with it on the sleeve here it says better in boston which if you know you know that makes me so happy I am obsessed with this sweatshirt you guys need this sweatshirt like 

I said she's coming out with a few other things that she hasn't released yet but I saw a sneak peek of a potential flower shop sweatshirt if you know what I'm saying 

So I can't wait to see her new collection um but definitely go follow backstitch button on instagram for more updates and go check out her website she has a few different collections right now but this sweatshirt is absolutely fantastic I'm obsessed with it 

So thank you to kristen for getting this for me for christmas and thank you to emily for creating such a beautiful masterpiece 

I want to see the progression of the relationship between him and lily and the baby I in in my dream world they would get married maybe even potentially have more children together

I don't know how far this book is going to go in the future if at all but this is what I'm hoping for I would love to see lily and atlas married I would love to see them with more children or just you know a children or not a children a family as 

They are now uh but those two things would make me so so happy um and other than that I'm trying to think of what else could potentially be in this new book I would love to see the ending scene of it ends with us 

From atlas's perspective I would also love to see the scene where he takes lily to the hospital from his perspective and know like what is going on in his mind like I can only imagine what he is thinking just based on 

Who he is as a character and who we know him as but I would love to see those pivotal moments from his perspective and then the continuation like I mentioned so please let me know what you would like to see from it starts with us.



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