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10 Lines on Geeta Phogat for Students and Children in English

  10 Lines on Geeta Phogat in English 1) Geeta Phogat is an Indian female wrestler. 2) She won India's first-ever women's wrestling gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2010. 3) Geeta Phogat was born on 15th December 1988 in the Bhiwani district of Haryana (The land of Wrestlers). 4) Her father is Mahavir Singh Phogat. He is a former wrestler. 5) He is a recipient of the Dronacharya Award. He was the coach for Geeta Phogat. 6) She started her successful wrestling journey in the commonwealth wrestling 2009 championship. 7) Geeta Phogat was the first Indian female wrestler to have qualified for the Olympic summer games. 8) She was successful in many other championship competitions like the Asian wrestling championship. 9) Aamir Khan's film Dangal is based on the story of Geeta Phogat and her sister. 10) Geeta won the Arjun Award in 2012. Set 1 is helpful for students of Classes 1,2, 3, 4, and 5. 1. Geeta Phogat is an Indian anku tyle wrestler and the oldest daughter of

10 Lines on Village Fair

10 Lines on Village Fair

10 Lines on Village Fair

  1. A village fair is held every year to celebrate a festival or season.
  2. Last week, I went to a village fair with my friends.
  3. There was a great rush at the fair.
  4. Men, women and children were wearing new clothes.
  5. There were many stalls. Hawkers were selling different things. 
  6. Children gathered at toy shops.
  7. People were eating sweets.
  8. Children were enjoying a ride on the merry-go-round.
  9. Everybody looked happy.
  10. We enjoyed it very much.

10 Lines on Village Fair

1. A village fair is like a festival for villagers.

2. It is held in on special events

3. A village fair is the gathering of children, men and women at one place.

4. There are many stalls at a village fair.

5. People can buy and sell things at a village fair. 

6. There are many shows at a village fair. 

7. People watch these shows with great interest. 

8. Different food items are also there for people. 

9. A village fair is usually a get together of people for some days. 

10. People visit the village fair with their families. 

11. Village fair has also some disadvantages. 

12. There is noise pollution in a village fair.

13. Despite this we can say a village fair is a place for joy and entertainment. 

15 Lines on Village Fair

  1. A village fair is a very important matter for villagers.
  2. Most of the villages arrange one or two fairs every year.
  3. A few days ago. I have visited a fair near our Village with my parents.
  4. The entire place was so many crowds.
  5. Lots of people gathered there.
  6. There were so many stalls that were selling toys, bags, cosmetics and other interesting stuff.
  7. People come fair to buy and sell different types of products.
  8. People from other villages came there.
  9. Kids went there to buy their toys.
  10. I bought a few toys for myself.
  11. There were also merry-go-rounds. We had a joy ride in them.
  12. There were some food stores too.
  13. The foods were really tasty there.
  14. Overall that was a really good experience for me.
  15. I love to visit village fair

 10 Lines on Village Fair

1) There are many fairs and festivals in India every year. 2) The fair of Durga Mata also takes place near our village. 3) I also went to see the fair with my friends. 4) There was a lot of crowd at the fair. 5) The shops were decorated at the fair. 6) Many women were buying bangles. 7) The children were buying toys. 8) Many children were buying balloons. 9) I enjoyed the fair. 10) In the evening we returned home after seeing the fair.

 20 Lines on Village Fair

1. Fairs are quite common in villages
2. They are organized at various festivals.
3. The villagers take part in these fairs.
4. A big fair is organised on Durga Puja in my village.
5. This fair goes on for nine days.
6. A big stage is decorated.
7. On this the idol of goddess Durga is placed. 
8. Many small shops and stalls are opened.
9. The people from all the nearby village takes part in this.
10. They bring their articles and sell them there.
11. The villagers visit these fairs in the evenings.
12. They workshop goddess Durga.
13. Then they visit all the shops. 
14. The women buy bangles, clothes and ornaments.
15. The children buy toys.
16. We can also see hot samosas, jalebis and pakoras being sold there.
17. People eat many things and enjoy. 
18.  I like visiting these village fairs. 
19.  Everybody looked happy.
20. We enjoyed it very much.

Short Essay on Village Fair

A village fair is a popular event in the countryside The fair is a festival for the villagers. The villagers have a great attraction to the fair.

The fair is held in an open fairground in the village. The children gather around a merry-go-round and joy rides.

A large crowd can be observed in front of the circus tent. Hundreds of stalls are set up in the field.

The stalls are well arranged in rows. They sell toys, pots, pans pitcher dolls, balloons.

There are shops to sell oil cakes, 'alu kabli," "fuchka, Jilabi' etc.

Children flock around the balloon sellers. It is a social meeting ground of the village people the rich and the poor.

Essay on Village Fair

Fairs are the most popular form of entertainment in the countryside. People who work hard throughout the year in their field definitely need some rest and entertainment.

It is a fair that provides them with a respite from hard work and gives them an opportunity to enjoy themselves to their heart's content. They forget their care.

Leaving their daily labour, they throw themselves into the fun and frolic of the fair. Children and women have a special interest in fairs. For them, that means there will be shops, entertainment and perhaps a theatre. Fairs have become a distinctive part of rural life: some are held to commemorate the memory of the saints; associated with other seasons. I remember going to a fair when I was fourteen years old. I still have clear memories of that glorious time. It was held at a place halfway between our village and the nearby town. One morning my friends and I left our house and started on the road towards the fair.

We were still a short distance away when we heard the beat of drums and the sound of bells. We picked up our pace and reached the fairground in no time. What a sight it was! We found ourselves in a large crowd of people, all in their finest coloured clothes. They were in high spirits.

They laughed and shouted, sang and danced. no one was standing; Everyone was walking as they wanted, they were walking again. The children crowded around a toy-seller who was sitting on the ground with his toys spread out in front of him.

He was announcing the names of the toys and their prices in the voice of the songs.

A little further ahead was a merry-go-round. The happy, excited cries of the children filled the air. Nearby a juggler was showing his trick. While he was standing there, we heard a loud shout, "Come one, come see the miracle of all wonders, half-man half-demon, come and see".

We turned and saw the announcer standing in front of a tent. We went inside and saw "wonder wonders". In the evening there are sports Kabaddi, wrestling and running. As the contestants matched their skills and strengths in the arena, their supporters shouted and encouraged them.

At the end of the game, the President of the Zilla Parishad distributed the prizes. It was almost night when we returned home, we were tired and dusty, but we were happy.

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