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Essay On Freedom Struggle Of India | Indian freedom struggle essay pdf


Essay On Freedom Struggle Of India

Essay On Freedom Struggle Of India in 150 words 

The fight for Indian independence is an important development in Indian history. Freedom fighters were those men who selflessly laid down their lives for the freedom of their country.

In the year 1600, the British invaded India with the intention of trading products like tea, silk and cotton and gradually started ruling the land. And gradually it started creating anarchy which made people its slaves.

India went through some of the toughest times to gain independence from British rule and in 1857 the first movement against the British was launched.

In 1920, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, the non-cooperation movement was started to awaken the Indian independence movement.

Many freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Rajuguru, Chandrashekhar Azad sacrificed their lives for the attainment of freedom.
Also, the Indian National Army was formed in 1943 to drive out the British from India.

The British soon agreed to a settlement and decided to exit India, which finally came into force on August 15, 1947, and attained independence.

Essay On Freedom Struggle Of India 

Our flank weaves so high which reminds the history of freedom struggles and sacrifices of our freedom fighters 

The freedom we enjoy today has taken many lives due to the freedom fighters we are living in a democratic and independent country 

They fought for the protection of people from the injustice exploitation and cruelty of the British. 

India got its independence from British rule in 1947. before 1947 many parts of our country were under the control of the British.

Other foreign countries like Portuguese and french also had control over some of the regions of India.

It was not easy for us to fight and expel foreign rulers from our country, many people have played a significant role in raising the national movement, the struggle for independence lasted for decades 

The freedom fighters of India played an important role in getting the independence of our country 

The freedom movement against British rule started with the first war of independence in 1857, the Hindus and Muslims together began this revolt 

Mangal Panday  is considered the hero in modern India because he had played a pivotal role in beginning the revolt against the British 

Freedom movements were intensified in our country after the establishment of the Indian national congress in 1885. 

the leaders of the Indian national congress were quite influential and inspired many people in our nation, they became role models for many of the nationalist's

Many other freedom fighters had fought for the nation and sacrificed their lives, finally, we achieved our independence on August 15, 1947, from the British and later from France and Portuguese.

we achieved independence through the efforts of our freedom fighters although they varied in their ideologies their contribution to India's freedom struggle has been immortalized in the minds of every Indian, I feel proud of my country and happy to live in this nation.

Essay on freedom struggle of India in 200 words

Freedom fighters play a very important role in making any country independent. These are people who put their whole hearts and lives to liberate the country. 

There have been many freedom fighters in India like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey, Rani of Jhansi, who laid down their lives for the independence of the country. 

All those who directly or indirectly cooperate to liberate the country are called freedom fighters. 

Some freedom fighters were warm and full of guilt and had to choose the path of violence to make the country independent, on the other hand, many freedom fighters were of calm nature and liberated the country by following the path of Non-Violence and truth.

It is due to freedom fighters that our India is free and we are citizens of an Independent India. 

It was from his thoughts that a wave of revolutions ran in the country and every person Indirectly played the role of a fighter. we should all respect these great people wholeheartedly and never forget their sacrifices for the country. 

Freedom fighters have faced many tortures and hardships and we have got this freedom in exchange for their blood. 

Some freedom fighters become famous, Some names remained anonymous. but they all got us freedom, due to which even after death, they are still alive in our hearts. their name is written in history with golden letters. 

Essay On Freedom Struggle Of India in 330 words

" Our flag does not fly,

because the wind moves it,

It files because last breath of 

each soldier who died 

protecting it" 

"Freedom is our birthing and its protection is our responsibility". Life is meaningless without freedom. A person who is submissive can neither be happy nor free and also unable to fulfil his desires. 

The life of birds and caged birds flying freely in the open sky can be distinguished from the lifestyle of the people of an independent and solve country. 

In the same way, our country India got freedom from the long term slavery of about 200 years from the British colonial powers. Ans the freedom that we get after a lot of struggle increases the Importance of that freedom.

Freedom is the open window 

Through which pours the sunlight

of the human spirit and Human Dignity.

The history of India is thousands of years old, it has faced many foreign invasions in its thousand of years of history their grip on India in the 18th Century. we realized slavery for the first time.

Because gradually the British exploited us and started harming our culture and civilization, and got our Mother India in slavery in the British Fetters. But then the freedom fighter started the struggle for Independence against the British.

The Indian Freedom Struggle is one the most significant progress in the history of India. As we all know how to British tightened their grip on India and started trading goods like silk, Tea and cotton in our country and thus they went on hollowing out our country.

To get freedom from this terrible rule, India went through a very difficult phase and Mangal Pandey ....  Similarly, from time to time, there were many movements that helped India achieve Independence, Such as the Civil Disobedience Movement, Dandi March, Quit India moment etc.

After a long saga, our country become Independent on 15 August 1947, which emerged as a unity and it is said that- A nation that is organized can neither break nor break it.

Therefore, the freedom we are breathing today, that freedom has been possible only by our martyrs. we should respect this valuable heritage of ours.

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