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Essay on Science and Technology for Students and Children

  Essay on Science and Technology for Students and Children (300 Words) Introduction: science is very important and essential for the world. we can say that science is the service of man. science is the wonder and miracle of the world. it is called the blessings and the curse of the world also. science is created with the cycle because we can see it in every invention of the world al mostly. the man of today eats science, drinks science, sleeps on science and goes and comes with the help of science. when the early man lived in the woods and caves of the jungle he discovered fire and thus gradually the safety matches were made. again he invented the wheel and the invention of the wheel made man's life easier Advantage: there are many advantages of science and technology. it has made many essential, needy and comfortable things as watch, fan, radio, computer, satellite, aeroplane, train, mobile, pressure cooker, pen, bicycle, bus, car, motorcycle, tractor, thrasher, harvester, telex,

Part-time Income Sources for Students

Part-time Income Sources for Students

Part-time Income Sources for Students

Creating a steady income stream was different before the digital revolution. I remember watching different ads regarding earning opportunities on my Spectrum TV in like online consultancy or call centre executive at Spectrum customer services 866 helplines. Those advertisements always ended with a number. but always wondered what was the science behind such earning opportunities.

Fast forward to 2021 and the face of earning opportunities has entirely changed. Today, you will find tons of ways to earn money on the internet. It is as if technology has handed us everything on a silver platter. No matter whether you are a student or a fresh grad, you can create a steady income stream as:

Online Tutor

The coronavirus pandemic forced schools to change their teaching practices. Most shifted to online tutoring to cope with the changes brought about by COVID-19. Online teaching presents tremendous learning opportunities. You could teach multiple courses in online education.

Start by advertising your expertise on social media. You can visit different tutoring websites to offer learning courses. Google Classroom is a great virtual platform for starters. You can teach students using video-calling tools like Skype and Zoom. Be confident, prepared, and presentable and you’ll start earning in no time.

Social Media Manager

Social media is the go-to for marketers and businesses when it comes to promotion. The pandemic has led to a surge in the demand for social media managers. Knowledge of the digital landscape can get you a part-time job as social media manager. Prepare yourself by learning about the use of social media. Equip yourself with knowledge about analytics and insights.

Social media is a powerful platform. It can influence user opinion about a product or service. Social media managers maximize engagements by interacting with potential clients. The goal is to create maximum leads. These leads go on to become actual customers. Handling social media is an important and in-demand skill.

Resume Writer

A professional-looking resume can make a difference. But how to create one? This is where resume writers shine. You’ll need to have a good command of language and strong writing skills to become a resume writer. Job seekers are always looking for professional resume writers. Improve your writing skills and you’ll be able to create excellent CVs for clients.

Data Entry Operator

This job does not require a degree or highly technical skills. Responsibilities include entering and managing data and maintaining records. Moreover, you will have to organize files. Data entry operators typically transfer data from one system to another. You should be able to type at least 100 words per minute if you want to earn some money as a data entry operator. The faster you type, the more you’ll be able to earn.

SEO Manager 

Companies need SEO experts to maintain their website ranking. Even tech giants like Google and Microsoft can’t do without SEO professionals. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic. SEO evaluators monitor website ranking and provide feedback on results.


As I mentioned above, the internet is flooded with earning opportunities. You can start earning as a blogger by registering on different websites. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are popular freelance hosting websites. You could pitch your ideas to different websites that pay per article. It is advisable to explore multiple platforms. This way you’ll be able to increase your audience as well as write on different topics. Moreover, you could create your website.

YouTube Creator

YouTube is the biggest social media platform not named Facebook. It is the largest video hosting platform in the world. It has billions of active users. Moreover, it provides tremendous earning opportunities. You could start your channel on YouTube. Create quality content and utilize social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. You’ll start earning after hitting monetization on YouTube.

Voiceover Artist

Studios and clients are always on the lookout for people with diverse voice acting skills. Think about all the favourite cartoons and shows you watched during your childhood. Many characters were voiced by a single person. I won’t be going into the details of who voiced who. The point is that voiceover is a lucrative career. You can make voiceover videos and upload them to social media. Who knows you’ll make it to the big league!



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