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Where Did The Game Of Cricket Originate Essay

  Where Did The Game Of Cricket Originate Essay  Introduction: Cricket, a game that has captured the hearts of millions around the globe, boasts a rich history that dates back centuries. Its origins are deeply rooted in the quaint fields of rural England, evolving over time to become one of the most beloved sports worldwide. Ancient Beginnings: The earliest traces of cricket can be found in 16th-century England, where it was played by children in the picturesque villages. Historians suggest that shepherds may have used their crooks as the first cricket bats, aiming to knock a ball made of sheep's wool between natural landmarks such as trees and gates. This simple pastime gradually gained popularity and became a communal activity in rural communities. Evolution in England: As the game gained momentum, cricket evolved from a casual pastime into a more organized sport. In the 17th century, it found a place in London, where matches were played in open spaces. The emergence of cricket c

Top 3 Best Robotics Classes For Kids


Top 3 Best Robotics Classes For Kids

Top 3 Best Robotics Classes For Kids

Robotics classes for kids are one of the best things that you can do for your kids as a parent. Robotics will bring the desire for knowing more and makes the kids curious. It will give your kids many benefits that will enhance their daily life in terms of mental and physical development at an early age and prepare them for the future. So, here we will be mentioning the top 3 online robotics classes that are providing quality classes. Stick to the end of this article to have a piece of strong knowledge of robotics classes. 

Why Take Robotics Classes?

The main reason for taking robotics classes is that it is fascinating. While learning about machines through texts and videos could be a boring thing for many kids. This is where robotics classes fit perfectly for kids because it gives them a hands-on experience. It will get them to know how things work. Robotics classes also help build skills such as problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and it keeps them entertained along with teaching. 

Top 3 Best Online Robotics Classes For Kids

Here is the list of the best online robotics classes. There is no specific age to get started with exploring robots, but the classes mentioned in this article will be beneficial for children above the age of eight. 


Robokidz is one of the best platforms that provides robotics classes for kids. They know that technology like this will blow up in the upcoming few years, and that’s why they are giving more attention to this. These classes help kids develop computational thinking, design mindset, physical computing, adapting learning, etc. Their course named Auto boot focuses on teaching kids coding from completely scratch, empowers them to develop their robot and run it live. 

When a kid jumps to another level from primary to intermediate, he/she gets exposed to more exciting and challenging levels. They will learn to create projects based on automation, such as monitoring temperature, automatic toll booth, and many more. 

Skyfi Labs

Skyfi labs have three levels of robotics classes. They provide personalized teaching to their students. 

  • The 1st one is Robotics Starter for the 8+ age group. Here your child will learn to get started with robotics. For this age of the group, they have maintained safe kits.

  • The 2nd one is a Robotics Explorer for the 10+ age group. Here kids go deep in robotics. Kits may give shape to the crazy ideas. 

  • The last one is Robotics Champion for the 14+ age group. Skyfi Labs claims that here your child becomes a champion in robotics.

So, choose the course that fits your kid perfectly.

Junior Engineer

Junior Engineer is a specialized platform in teaching robotics and strives to provide the latest knowledge of robotics. They ensure a world-class curriculum and well-established session plans for their students. They believe in promoting efficient knowledge about STEAM education through robotics and encouraging kids to be more hands-on and mind. 

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