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Essay on honesty and trustworthiness

Hello guys how are you all welcome to Today we'll be talking about the importance of trustworthiness and honesty oxford dictionary defines honesty as being truthful sincere and free from deceit.

Essay on honesty and trustworthiness

Do you think that trustworthiness and honesty is exclusive to Islam indeed Islam emphasizes the significance of trustworthiness but trustworthiness is valued by everyone regardless of faith and the hadith the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) reminds believers that our Muslim is the one in which others are safe from his hand and tongue 

Meaning that Muslims should not speak ill of others and should not harm others several verses in the Quran highlight the important quality of truthfulness the important question to be asked however is this how does Islam builds honesty in Muslims. 

Islam builds honesty in the person through several ways Allah orders the Muslims to be honest in all cases in all deeds and words to himself and others he shows the Muslims rationally that honesty is the best policy even on a practical basis.

Allah promises the honest person generous rewards in the world and in the hereafter he threatens the dishonest person with severe punishment for his dishonest behavior a lot develops the habit of honesty in the Muslims through actual practice for example through fasting and prayer.

So Islam builds a habit of honor seeing the Muslim through direct instructions through rational arguments through reward and Punishment and through practice in universal ethics the three dimensions of honesty are truthfulness sincerity and frankness

Last but not least a sincere person does not act conceal the truth or stay silent with the intention of creating beliefs or leaving impressions that are untrue or misleading truthfulness means not intentionally misrepresenting a fact intent is the crucial distinction between truthfulness and the truth itself being wrong is not the same thing as being a liar all the honest mistakes cancel damaged trust.

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